American Revolution Essay: Causes and Main Facts


Revolution in any country is a difficult time for society. Always there are some losses, hardships, and sufferings. Together with all this, there is also an element which unites all people. They become strong because understand what they are fighting for. Hope and need to freedom lead nation through all the way. In essay on the American revolution we would try to show you events that put the base to its beginning.

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Causes of the American Revolution

Actually there is no any bright cause that started the revolution. In fact there is a number of factors that influenced the decision of colonists to act in this way. The most obvious reason lay in a way how colonists were treated. The Empire saw American colonists as part of labor force that must serve as the crown demanded. Surely 13 colonies of America did not enjoy such situation.

1. Geographic issue. Two countries were separated by the ocean. The huge distance became the reason of freedom thinking. Thoughts of freedom filled hearts of people. They started see their advantages over Great Britain.

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2. American governmental body. The existence of such house of law itself meant independence. England enabled governmental body to collect taxes and gather army. Later all these permissions became integral rights of colonists. The conflict raised when England abridged the rights of colonists. By the way, the house of law bore significant leaders of the United States.

3. New commerce law. There was one British commerce law that put restrictions according colonies. Even though England took numerous benefits from mercantilism, the government decided to act like that.

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4. French-Indian war. There are several reasons why experts call it one of the causes. First is that England was in debt. Till that time Washington gained experience of being a commander. The last reason is that Americans felt like they were truly Americans. They did not recognize themselves as British colonists.

5. Treaty of Paris in 1763. This is how the war ended. It also led to the Proclamation 1763. In the Proclamation it was said that colonists were not allowed to cross the Appalachian mountains. Americans were not pleased with this law. They were trying to sneak over Appalachian mountains.

6. Quartering act became a continuation of a previous cause of the Revolution and influenced its beginning. According to the act soldiers could stay at people’s houses. It was a very unfortunate matter for society. Soldiers stayed at houses, they ate people’s food. Nobody knew if they would have enough food for their families.

7. Stamp act. We remind you one more time about the debt of England. It was an attempt of Empire to get money. The government of Britain taxed all paper products. Prime Minister of England insisted on this tax. He claimed that it was the payment for protection.

8. Sons of Liberty. Colonists got angry with Stamp act. They organized boycotts. For about 4 months the country could see severe protests. The main goal of this organization was to fight with taxes that were hanged by British government. Sons of Liberty resisted all new and insane laws and taxes of Great Britain. Samuel Adams led all participants of the group.

9. Massacre in Boston. The incident was known because of the fight between British soldiers and American colonists. During the scene 5 colonists died. Now think deeply. Only 5 colonists died but people called the incident massacre. It was about propaganda that “Sons of Liberty” spread. They tried to fuel hatred towards the Empire. They want people to see how awful and cruel British government was.

10. Tea act. That was not a wise decision made by British government. Anger raised among colonists after Massacre. The aim of the act was to support British Tea Company. Another objective was to reduce the income from illegal tea that was smuggled into America.

Colonists met new tax unpleasantly. People organized oppositions to prevent landing and spreading of tea.

11. Tea Party of Boston. The event became a logical result of Tea act. It was a kind of political argue against tax. People changed cloths and managed to throw in water all load of tea.

12. Intolerable Acts. British government was greatly mad with the case that happened in Boston Harbor. The Intolerable acts included several things: it forbade town meetings, they did not want colonists to come together; shut down Boston Harbor; all trials were sent to England.

Colonists felt that they were invaded. They started prepare to war. So, the Congress setup militias.

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13. Fighting in Lexington and in Concord. British army got an order to destroy the supply that American military possessed. The order was secret. Also, they had to seize leaders of “Sons of Liberty”. Both battles were accompanied by death. These were two first battles of the Revolution.

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We cannot forget to mention in the American revolution essay that people in America were uncertain about Revolution. Some of them still believed in possible peace between nations. But the fate decided differently. Surely, there are many disputes according the activities of “Sons of Liberty”. They spread propaganda and made people believe in what literally called lie. At the same time there were many organizations and people who claimed the country to fight against Britain. Among them was thinker Thomas Paine.

Thomas Paine came from Great Britain. He spent there much time working. When he moved to America, he started work as editor. He wrote articles that encouraged people to gather against the Empire. By the way, he had done a great career. More about essential career skills check here:

The brightest and the most influential work made by Thomas Paine was “Common Sense”. That was a pamphlet that helped most people to put an end to eternal doubts about Revolution.

The main reason of the pamphlet was to support colonists. It described in clear manner advantages of America and reasons why it should be independent. The work had a huge impact. This book belongs to the most influential books in the world. It encouraged soldiers and nation in their struggle. It fueled their spirit to fight till the victory.

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