Americanism Essay: A Huge Impact


The USA is a huge and amazing country. It has its special history which differs in many ways from others. The term “Americanism” has different meanings. It may refer to the English language, the ideology system, a kind of heresy, and the influence which has possessed America on the rest of the world. In Americanism essay we will discuss the last element.

The term itself is not a recent investigation. It was first mentioned at the beginning of the last century. Without any doubt, the influence of America on the nearest or the most distant countries is big. Why it happens? Who knows it, maybe dissertation writers online? Why America has become the very country which culture and business are so influential and popular? This is a tough question. There are several versions of answers on this issue.

1. The USA is a super country with super smart people and technologies. Its influence was an inevitable thing. America is a huge pizza with a mixed topping. Once it opened the door for people from all countries. The USA is the country of immigrants. Its population consists not of the native folk. Since America is the country of opportunities, it has become an attractive place for many people. Although the English language is the main language in the country, one can hear many people speaking in different languages. Such people have become the main source that has made the USA such successful and influential country. People have brought their experiences and talents to the foreign territory. This is not what our custom essay writing service UK thinks. This is just one of ideas.

The immigrants have put the firm basement for a new country with huge desires. Who is the founder of Facebook? Do you know what people usually prepare and construct the stage and light for Oscar ceremony? The immigrants move America. They have praised it. These people have made America the country which cuisine, technology, art, and other fields attract people from all the ends of the earth. This is the country of ambitions. Check more information about ambitions on this page:

That was the first variant and answer on the question. Let us proceed to the next version.

2. There is one American documental movie. It says about the purpose of the influence of the USA. The core of idea lies in its past. Europe with its long history has always been an attractive piece. It has provided competition between European countries and America which cannot boast about its chronicle of events. For these reasons, the government has plotted a wise idea. All people and especially the youth have always been fighting for a sort of freedom. America has decided to become the first country who introduces this freedom.

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Pop culture is the brightest example of freedom. Conservative Europe begun to lose the youth that was longing for more independence. Pop culture dictated new rules: you are free to do everything, nothing is forbidden. This factor has attracted people from other continents. The popularity and influence of America has grown. Music, songs, movies, and other elements of culture and media spread this idea. It was happily caught by all nations. Everything is very simple as well as the paper on what is the revision process.

These two stories have the right on existing. You decide which of them is trustful. Both variants are fair.

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How America Influences the World

1. Cinema in the USA indeed is the most influential movie industry in the world. Hollywood is one of the symbols of America draws attention of the world. Its actors and actresses are well-known and recognized everywhere. Hollywood is a dream for all people. It commands its own rules and standards. The government is hugely interested in the advance of Hollywood industry. American movies show the world how to behave, what to wear, and how to live. It dictates the standard of life. How should it look. The influence is incredible. Every person who is living on the planet knows about Hollywood. American movies take in most countries most of the air.

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Such companies as “Universal Pictures”, “Columbia Pictures”, “Disney”, “20 Century Fox” are the most notable in the world. Once a person appears on American TV or in a movie, he/she becomes a world star and celebrity.

People need the USA movies and television. Their popularity is the result of a big need. American TV programs are broadcasting around the globe. Such representative of American music as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Eminem have received a world-wide recognition. Their albums are sold with incredible speed.

American automobile industry also has made a huge contribution to the world.

2. American brands such as “Nike”, “Coca Cola”, “Pepsi”, “McDonalds”, “Apple”, and many others literally have broken in the lives of other countries. All these brands are the symbols of Americanism. They are dominating on the USA market as well as in the rest of the world. For these reasons, some national brands are greatly suppressed by the weight of American labels. Some of the biggest computer companies have been founded in the USA. Such communication systems and applications as “Twitter”, “Facebook”, and “Tumblr” have bases in America. Is there any spot on the map which does not have McDonald’s fast food restaurant? It is a very convenient way of having lunch or snack. Although this type of food is considered to be junk, it does not lose its popularity. Daily McDonalds serves millions of people around the world.

3. The USA invests much into European economy. The total amount of investments rises every year. This is the fact of Americanism. The aim of this is to build a well competitive structure which is based on American technology. This investment has been spread in many European countries. American dollar has obtained a quite firm position on the European market. This case always faces much of criticism from everywhere.

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4. Recent world investigations help to spread Americanism. The Internet is an excellent platform which provides an access to the most faraway points. We should mention that in some parts of the world people are hugely concerned about this access. “Youtube” and “IPhone” grab attention of people. It is very much in vogue to use such devices as well as hire our essay editor online. Even the countries which try to lead the isolated way of life, like Russia, cannot avoid the influence of America. The USA pushes forward freedom which is so necessary for people.

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