An Essay on Climate Change – Points Worth Mentioning


When given the assignment to write an essay about climate change, we usually stop to think. There is so much to write about, but nowhere to start. It is advisable to start with something on the top. Like atmosphere. We must undoubtedly mention that the natural barrier of our planet is gradually fading away. The reason for this is not single. On one hand there is space dust and debris that ruin the protective layers on the outside, on the other one, there is pollution and air traffic that work their destructive powers from the inside. And as these spheres become thinner and thinner, with more and more holes in the ozone layer, we are more and more exposed to the ultraviolet sunrays that feel warmer with each passing year. To feel less warm and more relaxed, go to our blog and read essays on other interesting and popular topics.

Later in our essay on global climate change we go on and mention that the contribution of humanity into the warming up of our planet is essential, but not crucial. Surely, we have done everything we could to destroy our planet sooner: the air pollution, water contamination, smog, chemical waste and nuclear power. All these factors are contributing into the appearance of a so-called green-house effect.  Imagine that we are surrounded with this waste everywhere, like a glass casing around the planet. When you heat the glass, the insides of the container become increasingly warmer. And so does out planet!

We have enveloped ourselves in a pellicle and are doomed to suffocate or get cooked in the unlikely high temperatures. This process is hopefully going to take hundreds of years, but future generations are in great danger. There are theories that science will reach the most of its potential and the ozone layer will be restores as well as other parts of the atmosphere. It would be great, wouldn’t it? It means that we can still maintain hope for survival.

The Lungs Are Shrinking- The Planet Is Dying

Ironically, our last straw is rainforests, which are currently being cut out, though we hear proclamations on behalf of saving them on every corner. Tropical forests are the lungs of our planet because the produce oxygen and they do their best to work as a life filter for the polluted air. However, with the reduction of the rainforest square, we quicken the coming end. It appears that humanity welcomes it, because they remain ignorant.

It can be compared with one individual being persistent on smoking: they fully understand that it is harmful and it is killing them, but still continue doing it; they may even be on the verge of death, suffering cancer or whatnot, but refuse to give up smoking, because they believe it is the only thing that is still up to them. Sometimes, it looks like certain people believe that they can prove every scientist and doctor in the world wrong and become an exception to the general rule – suffer no consequences.

It is truly hilarious how self-destructive we are. And writing an essay on climate change, we must start with the sentence “Plant a tree!” but there seems to be no place for a tree, because it will ruin the general modern design of the territory, and when it grows, its roots may ruin the foundation. What we all forget that trees not only supply us with oxygen, but also save us from ground erosion. In the areas where rain is not the weather but a season, trees help keep it together.  If you are interested how to plant a tree properly – ask here.

Ice-Melting Is an Issue

Let’s return to the point where our climate change essay writing stopped on our atmosphere warming up. We have mentioned that climate is complex and intricate. It cannot change in one area and remain the same in the other, it is whole. The same as when you light a fire and put a bucket of water on top of it, the water will warm gradually from the bottom to top, but eventually the entire bucket of water will boil. Climate changes are greatly dependable on the movement of air masses from zone of high atmospheric pressure into the zone of the low one. These shifts bring us either warmer or colder weather, depending on the season or whether the air comes from the continent or from the ocean.

The air temperatures above the ocean depend on the warmth of the water: naturally we cannot get summer weather when the wind comes from the north. It is generally known that the Gulf Stream is the main supplier of warm winds in the northern hemisphere. But what would happen if it were to become colder? Logically – the global climate change. And it is becoming colder, but not very rapidly, so we cannot notice the changes, they do not stand out yet. Only when we compare the weather forecasts with records that date back a hundred years can we see the difference, though so slight.

Every little child knows what happens when we heat the ice – it melts. The same applies to the icebergs both on the North and South Poles. They melt because we have created a toxic shield around our planet that increases and doubles the heat. So what if a little ice melts? When the ice melts it dissolves into the salty waters of the world ocean, reduces the salt level and cools the waters, thus the Gulf Stream becoming colder.

 Maybe, for our own good, we should have stayed in caves and fed on raw meat. Progress for the sake of progress has brought us to the point of complete extinction. The problem is that the human race refuses to go down alone; we are willing to take the entire planet with us. We are selfish enough not to let anything live as long as we think we have no chance.

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