Andy Warhol Essay: Biography


Andy Warhol essay

It is incredible how one person may influence culture and mindset of thousands people. Andy Warhol is a legendary personality. His manner to talk and to behave was so easy, also charming and thrilling at the same time. People say that Andy was the greatest American of artists and the greatest artistic in Americans. He was very American. He was a person who changed many things.

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What Andy Warhol Essay Speaks About His Life

1. Childhood. Andy was born in Pennsylvania, 1928. In the family of European immigrants he was one four children. In the third grade Andy experienced a very unpleasant illness which was developed from scarlet fever. Andy spent most of time in bed. After recovering a little boy was scorned by his classmates. Mistrustfulness and fear of physicians were the consequences of the illness which did not leave Andy until death.

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During the period that Andy spent at home he became fond of painting. He began to gather photos of celebrities, also he taught himself to make collages from newspaper cuttings. Lately, Warhol told about that time as the most significant in the formation of his personality and artist. Andy’s father died accidentally and unexpectedly when the boy was 13. In 1945 Andy Warhol completed high school.

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He was born on the eve of the Great Depression. Andy became a man of transformation and change. He was not who most people considered he was. Andy Warhol was the one whom the artist should be.

Let us make a pause and speak little about different things. Please, be so kind to pay attention to the list below.

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2. The start of Andy’s career. While his studying at university, Andy was doing really great but often he did not find common language with professors. He finished his studying in 1949 and relocated to New York. By the way, maybe you would be interested in Higher Education Essay. Read it, if you have some time.

Warhol started working as a designer of shop windows. Also, he painted postcards and advertising posters. Later, Andy obtained a position of illustrator at “Vogue” and “Harper’s Bazaar”. His decision was to change and make his last name more American. For this Andy wrote his last name without “a” at the end. The first success came to Warhol after designing of shoe advertising. In 1962 Andy hosted his first big exhibition which brought a huge popularity. However, he managed to buy a house in Manhattan. Andy’s income averaged 100 thousand dollars per year. Such amount of money allowed Warhol to pay more attention to his favorite hobby – painting. Andrew was the first person who applied stencil as a method of painting.

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Experts say that Warhol possessed a huge power. Its power was in easiness and complexity that Andy had. He was a very impressive artists of ideas. His works always suggested something about life. Andy had ideas which he made alive through art.

3. Becoming Warhol. In 1952 his works were hosted at the showing and in 1956 Andy received the prize of artistic editors. Although he had a huge salary, he did not stop thinking of the high art. In 1960 Andy Warhol built the design of cans of Coca Cola. That was a step to the great popularity. Andy immediately obtained the reputation of an artist with extraordinary vision. At the break of the 60th Andrew was working on creating of graphics. Most of all he paid attention to drawing dollar bank notes. He became a greater part of pop culture. Check essay about popular culture on this page:

Andy also worked on making images of Campbell’s Soup Cans. In 1962 he again repeated the creation of Coca Cola cans but now they were green.

Andy Warhol worked as a photograph and painter with pictures of such well known people as John Kennedy, Mick Jagger, Vladimir Lenin, Marilyn Monroe, and others. Andy was the creator of the legendary Marilyn Diptych.

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Immediacy was one of the force elements that Andy had. It helped him to create super things. He never lost a right moment. Andy always felt when it happened and caught it.

4. “Factory”. Andy bought a building on Manhattan in 1963. He made this building a point of creativity. In 1964 Andrew hosted the demonstration of art objects which for most people had nothing to do with craft. The exposition involved the presentation of hundreds of cartons, cans of ketchup, and packets of washing powder. The walls of the studio were painted in silver. There he made parties. It always had the atmosphere of permissiveness. Often Andy together with his studio was mentioned by mass media. Warhol established his own magazine where celebrities interviewed celebrities.

Andy all the time had one idea that famous personalities should look ideally in the photos.  For these reasons, he improved the appearance of any celebrity. Andy cut double chin, made eyes and lips brighter, and retouched wrinkles and defects of skin.

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5. Cinematography. In 1963 Andy started making movies. This period lasted to 1968. The world did not see all of Warhol’s movie inventions. Besides, Andy never got a huge popularity as an executive. Only in a narrow circle people praised him. The main idea of all his movies was the sexual revolution exposure. Warhol wanted to make the notion of a traditional film much wider. He spent much time on making motionless movies. “Sleep” became the most important among them. It had no sound, the movie was not colored, and its duration was 5 hours. Some people could sit only one hour and then they went homes.

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Experts say that Andy Warhol was very different from other people. He was very delicate and fragile. Andy always had very different ideas of what he wanted to do. All his techniques testified for his individualism. Andy could make many images from one drawing. At the same time, he created things that looked printed. He always had goals and achieved them. Read, please, our Career Goals Essay.

Andy was both shy and bright. His diary is the scribing that a must read. It was published after Andy’s sudden end of life. Andy Warhol was talented without any doubt. Andy was the most significant artisan of second part of the last century. The world looked very different before Andy and after him. A supermarket before Andy looked one way, a supermarket after Andy looked another way. Andy Warhol literally changed the world. He changed it by changing what people look at, what priorities they place on it.

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