Animal Cruelty Essay: Words Hurt Too


I know that it is impossible to make the world better and people kinder by putting so small sums of money for the benefit of homeless animals. I know that my fifty dollars, which I donate weekly, won’t change the situation cardinally, though I keep doing this and I try to pay no attention to the looks full of disapproval, which bore holes in me. I am always asked why I feel sorry for cats and dogs, which are needed to nobody, and all those, who put me such a question, try to give me the ‘correct’ advice: better give some money to people! I want to tell all people, who have no compassion for helpless animals: I don’t feel sorrow for those, who have two legs and two hands but who spend their life on drinking the alcohol and taking drugs. Nobody but them is guilty in their damned destiny. Unlike people, animals deserve no cruel attitude and abuse.   

I was thinking over the cruelty to animals essay and the only thing, which came to my mind, was that it had to become my appeal to people, who are cruel towards the living creatures, which rely on us and wait for help from us. Instead of making their lives a bit easier and full, people continue using animals in their experiments and can’t stop killing them just for fun. I scorn all those, who are doing this!

Be Careful: the Murderers!

There are a lot of organizations all over the world, which are engaged in animals’ protecting, though the crimes, in which animals are involved and abused cruelly, become more and more numerous. A lot of people are sure that if they hear no news about such a phenomenon on TV and these crimes aren’t brought to attention, the animals all over the world are safe and sound. Not all the cases, when the animals are killed or neglected, are covered by mass media. Millions of animals suffer from the human cruelty and nobody is able to break this vicious circle off.

Who are those people, who think that they have such a right to determine the animals’ fates? What are the most widespread methods of victimizing the creatures, which are weaker and more helpless than people?

The statistics shows that more often the sadists, who abuse animals, are:

  • people, who terrorize not only animals but also people;
  • the tyrants, who treat their family members roughly;
  • people, who need some medical help, because animals’ abusing is a disease;
  • more often the abusers are men, who are under 30.

Animal cruelty includes:

  • Dog fighting. Forcing dogs to take part into the fights is one of the most widespread forms of animal abuse. Those, who are sure that such a pastime is a fun, give the dogs drugs to make them more aggressive.
  • Puppy mills. It means that more often people don’t think about health of the dogs and make them bear the puppies more frequently than it is allowed by the veterinarians.
  • Hoarding. Bringing home all the animals, which you meet outdoors, is a risky step. If a number of animals become too high, you won’t be able to take care for all of them properly.
  • Factory farms. Handling in such farms is usually not humane because the animals are viewed as the product for consuming.
  • Cockfighting. A cruel sport, in which the cocks are forced to fight with each other to make people laugh, is considered to be awful.
  • Euthanasia. The police dogs or the dogs, which are old and can’t take part in races or hunt any more, are subjected to euthanasia.

Don’t Stay Silent!

The investigations showed that among 2,000 cases of animal cruelty are:

  • more than 1,200 dogs, especially of fighting breeds;
  • more than 300 cats;
  • more than 400 other animals.

The investigators, who are preoccupied with this problem studying, are sure that people, who let themselves abuse animals, are able to commit any other crimes against humans easily. This is the main reason why the government, the police, and various services should pay more attention to the acts of cruelty, which are committed towards animals. The abuser can hurt a cat today and tomorrow he may do the same thing with any of us. It is a well-known fact that among those, who were arrested for animal cruelty, there were 70% of those, who committed the other crimes. We should stop closing the eyes and pretending that we see nothing. Our society should have a strong reaction and it should be quick and effective.  

My Appeal for Help

A lot of people are sure that they don’t abuse their animals. They shout at them but they don’t think that it is abnormal. They talk in a rude manner to their dogs and they think that it is just a method of training. They kick the animals and find alibi, which is able to explain their cruelty. People, who have low self-esteem, use their animals as the punching bag, which won’t hit them back. Nobody think that not only the blows are able to offend. The words and the angry voice may hurt the tender feelings of the animal, which loves you with its whole heart.

My ‘Cruelty towards animals essay’ was my small contribution to this nagging problem solving and I hope that I will be heard at least by a couple of persons. I want to believe that those, who read my animal cruelty persuasive essay, will stop shouting at their pets, forget about hurting them with no cause, and give at least a negligibly small amount of money to the animals, which are in sore need of their help. Even your good word, a slice of bread, or several pennies are able to give chance to the creatures, which are waiting for our assistance and love. I am sure that my animal cruelty essay conclusion is easy to understand: be kinder and the world will become better!

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