Apology Essay: How to Say “I’m Sorry”


All of us commit silly things. Each mistake has particular effect either on our life or on someone else’s. When a person pronounces a word, it influences the environment. This impact is invisible till some time. Things change if we speak. While talking about the impact, it can be either positive or negative. Sometimes we offend people. Some may offend us. It happens time after time. Our lives consist of different moments. They must not be only happy. Every experience can be useful. It depends on how we accept it. Since people make mistakes, they have to apology. A life is a long way during which someone asks forgiveness. Do you know how to do it correctly? In essay on apology we will show you a step by step process of how one should ask for forgiveness.

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Apology becomes a result of some unpleasant situation. Everyone of us must take responsibility for his/her deeds and words. There are situations which demand immediate upshot. These must be words of sorrows. Someone has to ask forgiveness not only when he/she is really sorrow. It is very wise. This act can save one’s life, career, studying, and future. What is wrong? Is that too difficult for you to say “I’m sorry”? Was not it difficult to hurt a person? Maybe the point is in your pride?  People must apology. It makes the world better and kinder. Imagine that some people say “I am sorry” for something they did not commit. This action resembles very good manners of an individual and an excellent upbringing. Apology leads to peace. If one strives for it, he/she will apology. A person may find several wise advices regarding forgiveness in the Bible. Jesus told Simon that he must forgive a person every time he comes to apology. Apostle Paul taught the church to stay rather offended than ruin peace with others. One of the crucial things that the Scripture claims is that we have to forgive as our God forgives us.

It does not matter whether someone is a believer or not. We have already explained you that apology can change things for better. Believe or not but forgiveness brings blessing in the lives of people.

One of the kinds of apology is a letter. For instance, a student can hurt his professor or teacher. Often students do not like comments and corrections. They may be very rude with their tutors. There are students who show disrespect. But if such a student figures out his mistake, he/she wishes to apology. The common way of asking forgiveness is a written letter. It can be addressed to anyone, and the reasons of the letter may also be different. It should take a person some time because the letter must be correct. However, someone has to spend more time to prepare for verbal apology.

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Steps which Help Someone to Say “I am Sorry” Properly

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1. Meditate on your deed that caused offence. Find out what word or act hurt a person. It is significant to identify the action which provoked sadness. It will prevent future conflicts. Find out why did you act in that way. It is of the same importance as the previous issue. Such thing helps people to take responsibility. Surely, there is a particular reason and explanation.

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2. One should establish the feeling of compassion toward offended person. If you do this, you show the understanding of the situation. It was not your desire to hurt a person.  You do understand how it hurts. The empathy will help you to say right words sincerely. Otherwise, it will sound flat and senseless. Probably you will need little time to cultivate compassion. For this, illustrate in your mind your feelings and emotions, if somebody offended you. Think over your possible acts.

3. Do not forget that one error does not describe someone as a monster or a human of poor quality. Somebody has to acknowledge that he/she has made a mistake when asks forgiveness. But does it mean that he is a bad person? No, it means nothing. Look at your resemblance in the mirror, remind all good qualities that you possess, and say them aloud. Qualified experts say that the method works great.

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4. Put down the words of apology. Maybe someone must say “I’m sorry” for many things. It would be better to write them. A person should mention all his mistakes. Usually, someone needs to hear all this to make sure a person indeed regrets for mistakes. It would be wonderful if one has the notes during the scene of atonement. It will display readiness to the honest talk. This act will open the heart of offended person.

5. Now when you are ready, say that you are sorry. Show your guilty. Do not say such phrases as, “If you didn’t say this, I would not…” or “Actually it is your lapse.” Someone’s apology will fail. Show clearly that you do upset over the past action. Just start with right words like these, “It was my mistake” or just “Sorry”. Make the assertion strong.

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6. Clarify the reasons of your rude behavior. Be caution, do not use the reason as the excuse. Just explain why have you offended a person, what thing or event served a reason for this. This piece of the speech must be brief. Don’t justify yourself. Nothing can excuse such rudeness.

7. Show compassion. So, now a person not only takes responsibility for a performed deed, but also shows regret as if he was in the shoes of the other one. Use right words which will explain the feelings.

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8. Show that you really have understood your mistake and that you will make everything possible to avoid it in future. Tell that it was an experience for you. Prove that you are not the same person any more. Improve the condition by vanishing your misstep.

9. Finally a person should decide whether to forgive you or not. This part is the most complicated. Always someone cannot be sure in the understanding of the opponent. All in all, one should know one thing: make all possible from your side. It is more important than somebody’s forgiveness.

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