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Through centuries, a few professions have remained as important as they were in ancient times one of which is nursing. Health care is one of the essential things humans are in need whatever advanced and highly developed an epoch is. This is why currently nursing is included in the list of top jobs in demand worldwide. High-quality health care is in shortage in many places on earth, particularly in those where fighting or natural calamities are taking place. African least developed countries are also in short supply because they are limited in access to quality care. Nursing as a career appears versatile because skilled and well-learned nursing specialists are welcome at any point.

To this effect, thousands of students apply for various nursing schools, colleges, and universities, most of which being international, to get competent and versed in delivering health care and assistance. Our assignment writing company’s main goal is to support these students in entering a desired institution as well as in their further learning and developing. It is at times challengeable to provide an ideal application letter or a well-grounded nursing case study, but this is not the reason to worry.

Big Essay Writer team has a huge background in the scientific field to assist in any kind of academic writing. It helps us to provide perfect nursing papers online, as well as other types of texts. To date, our service is one of the ‘good companies for assignments’. This is how our loyal clients call us since we are ready to work at any hour if there is any urgency. 

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Looking for online nursing essays? 

With nursing as a major field of research, our service is a leader in the number of completed papers, tests, and letters in the UK & US market. Big Essay Writer Company is the 2017 Choice of nursing colleges in California because none does understand better the sensitivities of health-care education than our best custom writing company. Besides, our online assignments company is a reasonable and advantageous solution due to a set of bonuses:

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  • Client-oriented approach. Given that nursing education is tied closely with practice, our papers are based on actual, up-to-date, and peer-reviewed studies or are accompanied with individual experiments and research.

Do these benefits seem luring? Get in touch with our support agents to learn more about the best assignment help company and the benefits coming from the trust and cooperation with us.

A qualified assignment help company

We are top-one of all online assignment help companies to be truly competent. A complex of circumstances formed historically results in present-day high demand in nursing assistance. Since nursing is the most required profession, let’s explore deeper why choosing nursing as a career will never lead you to a dead end.

1. Medical care is a global need

Research has shown that by 2020 year, over 800,000 qualified nursing specialists will be in shortage worldwide. The world population does not cease growing, and daily more and more medical assistants are required in both highly and poorly developed countries. Medical facilities need skilled and learned personal to continue their activity. This is the reason why there are no barriers for health-care specialists. In addition, some hospitals are ready to pay above-average salaries for hiring trained and reputed nurses. Therefore, the flexibility of nursing jobs is extraordinary. Those who are ready to overcome language difficulties can change their country of work with ease. Big Essay Writer Company, for its part, is benevolent to contribute to your success by providing fast and high-quality academic services: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/buy-academic-essays-and-receive-study-routine-tips

2. Nursing is strongly respected

nursing is important

Despite the honor nurses get for providing medical help and saving lives, this craft is not up to every other. A special mindset, mental strength, and humanity are what defines the ability to be good at nursing. This is the reason why only 60% of all entrees manage to make it to graduation. However, their future is full of perspectives: medical facilities, urgent health-care assistance in war zones, and participation in different international humanitarian organizations (for example, Médicins sans Frontiers). Their contribution to global development is priceless. Frankly speaking, not a lot of people are ready to risk their lives for the sake of humankind. This is the big difference of medical professionals from ordinary citizens, and this is what they are respected for.

Keep pace with the times:

3. Broad career choice

It is silly to understate the importance of nurse’s role in operation of any facility. They are an essential chain between patients and doctors. In most cases, it is a nurse who is responsible for arranging and providing medical treatment for patients. Nurses administer medications and conduct procedures to alleviate patient pain. Unlike specialized doctors, nurses are welcome in any medical workplace since their skills are a basic part of any health care. Besides, there is always an opportunity to continue studying and get the qualification as a medical specialist. The range of specialties as well as patient populations to deal with is quite vast.

4. Nursing is also #1 as a second career

Nursing is also the most chosen field as a second career. Many people having a diploma in nursing are not obliged to build their life strictly as a nurse. Knowledge of the human body and first medical aid can never be odd. This is what we are and what any person should know to act in various emergencies in a correct manner so as to avoid losses.

At last, the main benefit of choosing nursing is relatively a younger retirement age. Yes, this job is not a bed of roses: ongoing stress, responsibility for human lives, and a big burden of providing on time and correct health-care aid. Nursing assistants are well aware of how vital it is to stay cool-blooded and patient: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/essay-writers-in-uk-explain-how-to-beat-stress

However, governments are trying to make up for these excessive tensions by ensuring decent payment as well as various privileges to those individuals who have sacrificed most of their life for humankind’ well-being.

5. We are nurse’s assistants

As you see, the nursing field sets high demands for all its members; for this reason, nursing education includes intense theoretical and practical trainings aimed at teaching students basic concepts of health care to apply further in medical practice. As a rule, nursing students are to master numerous disciplines of medicine, each being of high significance. At times, some tasks or topics are complicated to handle alone. This is the very case when the best solution is to call our professional essay American writers!

Big Essay Writer team has one big advantage compared to other academic-related companies. Our staff numbers a total of 125 members, 25 of whom having experience and background in nursing. Their expertise serves the ground to be guided by doing all types of nursing papers. Whether you need an impressive application letter or a proposal to research, our expert team is highly qualified to provide truly a unique and well-grounded paper. Our reputation has been spotless for the last 7 years because our only motto is ‘Fast and top-rank academic assistance within less than in a day’. Put your trust in Big Essay Writer team to discover new horizons in nursing on our English writing site.

The way to a nursing degree may last from two to six years. It depends on the level of expertise you need: entry, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate. Whatever your decision is, Big Essay Writer is always ready to give competent help in this sphere.  The popularity of nursing paper writing is so high that our agency established a separate section for these purposes. 

Some facts about our nurse projects department

Our professional writers specialize in:

  • admission essays,

  • nursing lab reports,

  • research papers,

  • nursing capstone projects,

  • term papers,

  • argumentative essays, 

  • nursing dissertation writing and much more. 

In-depth grasp  

We really understand the meaning and seriousness of the nursing stuff. Our employees have theoretical knowledge in its following areas: 

  • women's health,

  • neonatal and pediatrics,

  • communities and public,

  • mental health,

  • family and individual care,

  • gerontology,

  • informatics.

Fascination with nursing

Our specialists are fond of medicine. It is not only a matter of job but also the philosophy of life. We are fans of “Call the midwife” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” This vivid interest is one more argument in favor of our writing service. 

Our research methods:

  • literature reviews,

  • conceptualizing,

  • statistics,

  • testing hypothesis,

  • description and analyses of practical experiments,

  • theoretical research based on virtual materials.

Peculiarities of a medical research essay

A nursing paper is not the same as a simple school essay. Here are some of its characteristics. 

  • Value of the research. The noble mission of nursing is to contribute to the wellness of humankind. That is why the results must be helpful and significant. For instance, we would like to learn more about “The Future of Nursing In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence” or “Advanced Nursing Technologies.” Let these findings push medical science forward.  

  • In-depth research based on precise calculations and relevant data. When it comes to health one has no margin for error. The tiniest details can play a decisive role in the nursing survey. 

  • Awareness of the advanced methods. Up-to-date statistical and analytical instruments let carry out nursing research effectively and fast. It is about special computer programs and applications, as well as common algorithms of data processing. 

  • Nursing ethics. Fairness and justice are called the primary principles for a medical practice. The respect for a personality and confidentiality are crucial too. Health… there is nothing more important. The nursing experiments put physical and mental wellness first. 

first  do no harm

Aims of nursing projects

Any research paper is written with a particular purpose, and it is not about money and popularity. A high grade or fame cannot be the ultimate goal in this situation. Rest assured that you bear in mind at least one of the following points. 

• Fewer diseases. Eternal health is a cherished dream of the humankind. Every research makes this idea more real. Young and old, bold and humble, rich and poor, — everyone can face illnesses. Sometimes a young age, a solid financial status, and a positive mind do not work. They cannot guarantee full protection. Science is our only hope.

• Increase health awareness. Blind prejudice and ignorance often result in fear and misconceptions. In the case of medicine, a lack of information can even cost a life. Nursing papers contribute to the development of general knowledge.

• Promote a healthy lifestyle. Preventing illnesses is one more crucial task for nurses.  It is not only about good habits to eat proper food and to do physical exercises. It also deals with a psychological balance and a special philosophy. 

• Practical benefits. With the help of nursing papers, one can also establish recommendations for further investigations. The first-hand experience and a base of evidence are valuable for medicine and science, in general. 

Admission essay | unpublished manuscript

Our privacy policy does not allow to show our samples. Yet, we have some never-released materials. Check out this abstract from an admission nursing essay.

“…A voice of vocation has never been so confident as that day when I decided to become a nurse. This idea arose from my deep and sincere wish to do good. 

The modern world is often so cruel and unfair. Being a volunteer in Iraq, I saw so much desperation and hopelessness in people’s eyes. Children exhausted with diseases, old people dying in pain, women giving birth in unsanitary conditions. All of them needed and deserved qualified assistance. 

At that time, I ran errands and encouraged injured people with words of support. Meantime, I realized that compassion and kindness are not enough. Nursing is what brings practical help and real impact. 

This need to care about human beings is natural. It comes from the bottom of the soul. Nurses do not wait for thanks. Absolute love for humanity and devotion to the chosen job drive their professional life. 

 It is not compulsory to obsess money, power, or magic to improve the world. Big things can be done by “little” people, someone, like nurses, for instance.

These are my thoughts and feelings concerning this profession. My choice is not spontaneous. It is dictated by a strong decision and years of thinking on this issue.  I believe I have enough enthusiasm to become a nurse. The only things I lack are knowledge and skills. I intend to get them here, at N* College…”              

The final thing to consider

Before you decide to devote life to nursing think about all its aspects. As a rule, students coming here for admission essays are only at the beginning of their careers. If you are one of them read this “food for thought.” 

Nurses: who are they really? 

These people saw so the greatest variety of emotions: tears and smiles, cries of agony and words of the warmest gratitude, love and hatred, fight for life and quiet death. 

A person in a white coat with a red cross is associated with peace, help, and hope for better. Nurses keep calm and stay confident in emergencies.  They are the ones who meet newborns and stay with a person to his/her dying breath. 

This profession is connected with risks: danger of infection, psychological stresses, professional burnout. The main point is that it is not restricted to awareness of science. Generosity and kindness are of the same importance as the professional skills and knowledge. That is why you must be strong enough to stand it. 

The decision to become a nurse deserves the utmost respect. As a rule, it is dictated by a pure impulse to help people without regard to nationality, age, religion, social status, etc. We bow our heads in respect for those who take part in this noble struggle. If you feel power and eagerness to make this step, keep studying. And our team will assist you in your endeavors.

Why not buy a medical paper right here right now?

We comprehend that paperwork often distracts from great things. Yet, these assignments are still present in the syllabus of medical schools, colleges, and universities. It is a very common situation when a nursing student takes such papers as a crucial issue. Medical practice and volunteering take much time. Luckily, you can always count on our agency if you need a nursing essay or a research project. 

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