Back to Childhood with a School Essay


My first day at school essay gave me a marvelous opportunity to sink into my childish memories, to remember about my past dreams, hopes, and people, who were so adorable by me. Who of us doesn’t like to remember the moments of so distant but nice period as childhood? Of course, it was long ago and not all the moments are kept in the head. I may say that there are a lot of things and incidents, which I can’t restore in my mind. If I had no photos, which bring me back to the past each time, when I look through them, I would never remember that these events happened to me at all. I should say thank you to my parents, who earned money and finally bought the most expensive camera to take my photos. There are several fat photo albums, which are the real treasure for me and I show them to all my new friends, who know nothing about me. My plump rosy cheeks make both them and me laugh.

My first Day at School   

Among all the episodes of my bright and happy childhood there is one, which I remember in all the details. My memory captured my first day at school and holds it tightly. Despite the years, which separate me from 2002, this day is still vivid for me. It seems that it was not later than a year ago. I remember my fair-haired teacher, whom I liked from the first sight. Her kind smile and bright blue eyes told me that she was a wonderful person, loving mother, and a good teacher. It was really so. She made my first day at school and the next several years of studying here really unforgettable. Thanks to her, I could compose a perfect essay about school and got the highest mark for it then. This A was super important for me, by the way!

Persuasive Essay about School: What to Write About

If you need to compose a persuasive essay about school, just your memories are not enough to start writing it. If you are given a task to write a descriptive essay, it is another pair of shoes. You will be free to tell all you want about your impressions, people, who were next to you during your school years, and all the events, which were imprinted in your memory. I did this and my essay was called the best one.

If your task is a persuasive essay, things are a bit different than you think. An idea to start describing your emotions is not the right choice. First, you should present any point of view and then to start convincing your readers that it is really so and your opinion is only possible one. Don’t you know what to write about? Can’t you invent any interesting title, which may hook the readers at once? Hmm, maybe you should write something like this: the first day at school is a real stress for a child. I think it sounds provocative enough to make people read your essay till the end. An idea to debate a school lunch’s benefit is not a bad idea too. Such a phrase as “Does a school lunch really have no harm for a child?” is able to cause a sensation! If you know what arguments to propose a reader then, your topic will hit the bull’s eye.

Have any interesting and delicate ideas appeared in your head? If you still hesitate, the next paragraph will help you to dispel your doubts. Keep reading!

Some More Facts about Persuasive Essay

How to start your persuasive essay? What to write about to make it correspondent to all the norms and standards which are provided for such a kind of essays?

To compose a correct persuasive essay you should understand well what is the main requirement, which you should keep to.

If you start writing a persuasive essay, you should convince the reader that your point of view is right. It means that you should conduct a close research and become well-informed about all pros and cons of your essay’s problem to be really persuasive in your arguments.

Try to remember that your task is not to inform the readers and introduce them this or that info, but to convince them to share your point of view.  

Plan your essay carefully and revise it attentively after it will be finished. I hope you will do everything perfectly and the result will make you feel satisfied!

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I hope that now you are ready to imagine yourself a lawyer and start your passionate speech in front of the audience.                 

Outside Help

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