Basketball Essay: Who Is Taller?


Basketball is one of the most popular sports. Basketball is an athletic sports game. Playing basketball you will become strong, fast, agile and brave; also you will cultivate your accuracy and have the ability to navigate quickly in a difficult situation. Emotional game lightens the mood and makes a person sociable. Therefore, we think that this essay on basketball will be interesting to read. If you want to read more about sport then visit our website, it is the best custom writing company, so you can order paper on sports topic and many others.  

Let’s learn how it all began from the history of basketball essay. The idea of throwing the ball into the ring or basket was originated a very long time ago. Similar games were known to people who lived more than 1000 years ago and to people of Central and South America. Since its inception, basketball has undergone many changes and refinements. Technique and tactics of the game were improved as the rules and refereeing, the size of the playing field, layout, and equipment. The game is widespread all over the world, there are held numerous meetings and basketball games up to the intercontinental.

It is believed that basketball originated in the USA in December 1891. It was invented by lecturer Dr. James Naismith from the training center of the Christian youth Association in Springfield, Massachusetts. He just wanted the lessons of gymnastics were fun, so he invented a new game, and even couldn’t imagine that it become such a popular sport. He attached to the railing two fruit basket without a bottom, and students had to throw the ball inward. Hence the game took its name “Basket-Ball”. This idea he had from school years when he played with his friends a game that was called "duck-on-a-rock". The meaning of popular game of that time consisted of the following: throwing one small stone, it was necessary to hit the top of another stone that is larger in size. Already being a teacher of physical education, Dr. Naismith faced with the challenge of creating games for the winter in Massachusetts, the season that is not fit for example for baseball, and football. Baseball, by the way, is a quite interesting sport, you must have read about it in essays on baseball? So, Dr. Naismith believed that because of the weather at this time of year the best solution is to invent an indoor game. After a year, Dr. Naismith in less than an hour, sitting at the desk in his office, developed the first 13 points of basketball rules. Here are some of them in our basketball essay:

  1. You can throw the ball whatever you like. Use one hand or two - it doesn't matter. 
  2. The ball cannot be beaten by the fist.
  3. You can't run with the ball. You need to pass or take it from any point. But if a player runs at high speed, as an exception, he can run with the ball in his hands.
  4. The ball cannot be held by the forearms or body.
  5. The player can’t fight with the opponent. If he does so, then after two warnings the player will be disqualified.
  6. When the ball enters the basket the goal is counted.
  7. The game has 2 halves of 15 minutes. The break lasts 5 minutes.

Such rules were published in 1894, and this year is the year when basketball was born. The first code of laws of basketball matches was adopted at the first international congress of the International Basketball Association (FIBA) in 1932. Since then, the rules were corrected many times. But since 2004, they are the same. However, there are slight differences between FIBA rules and NBA (National Basketball Association). This applies to the duration of the game and to the size of the basketball field.

Now the rules are next: traditionally the game starts with throwing the ball by the judge and one of the team’s captain hits the ball to his players and to the basket of the opponent for taking the beginning of the game in his hands. In a basketball match, there are two teams compete in an area of 26х14 meters in size. It is allowed to request up to 12 sportsmen from each team, but on the court, there are can be simultaneously only 5 of them. The main task is to throw the ball to the opponent's basket. The game can be played only with the hands, but the athlete should be able to run fast. However, to deliver the ball to another player is not so simple. An athlete can do no more than two steps with the ball in his hands. The player can't intentionally touch the ball with his foot or hit it by his fist.

The most common violations in basketball:

  1. Out (the ball leaves the basketball court);
  2. Run (more than 2 steps with the ball without hitting the ground);
  3. 24 seconds (the team has to throw the ball to the opponent's basket within this time);
  4. The zone rule (the team with the ball puts it out of the attacking zone in the defensive zone);

There are also plenty of intricacies of the rules of the game. A huge role play fouls. There are several types of it. Each of them can be differently punished. For example, the athlete can be removed for the rest of the match.

Each hit of the ball in the basket is estimated differently:

1 point is for a hit from the free throw line;

2 points are for a hit from the medium or close range;

3 points are for a hit from behind the three-point line at a distance of 6m 75cm;

The winner is the team that scores more points. In a case of a tie, there will be played overtime (usually 5 minutes). If it will not determine the winner, players play the second overtime, etc.

The size of a basketball shield is 180х120 cm; the diameter of the basket is 45cm and it should be at the height of 3.05 m above the floor.  By the FIBA rules of play there are 4 periods of 10 minutes and in the NBA there are 4 periods of 12 minutes.

Who is the highest?

If you are lucky with growth, then remember, how many times have you heard that you have to be in this sport? But who of world-famous players are the highest? The growth of Montenegrin basketball player Slavko Vranes is 230 cm, and he is one of the tallest basketball players in the world. A Sudanese basketball player Manute Bol surpassed him on one centimeter in height. Well, the title of the highest NBA player deserves Gheorghe Muresan from Romania with the growth of the 232 cm.

Among all essays on basketball we can note that basketball, as a means of physical education, has found wide application in different sections of the sports movement. It is not only the health but the education also. Basketball helps to build perseverance, courage, determination, honesty, confidence, a sense of community.

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