Best Recommendations For Book Essay Writing


Writing of a book essay is really one of the most favorite tasks for all the students. Despite the fact, that more and more young men start giving their preferences to watching the movies rather than to sinking deep into the bottomless world of literature, there is still a high amount of people, who love the books. What is it better to choose, when you need to kill the time: a sensational bestseller or a perfectly staged film? If you have no answer to this question, and you still can’t understand your own preferences, composing of a ‘Books vs movies essay’ may become a good opportunity for you to find your own position. I know for sure that an answer what it is really better to choose between these two variants will be found after that.

Start with Title

Like all the other students, a task of writing a book analysis essay didn’t pass me by. First, it seemed to be an impossible task for me because I had a firm position: reading was not the favorite occupation of mine. My relations with the books were strained. Soon after a lot of supplementary literature had been read, I formulated some rules, which were able to help any student of any skills and preferences to compose a good essay about books.

The main thing, which everybody should know, is how to write title of book in essay. Do you know how to mark it correctly? Is it necessary to underline it, to italicize it, or to mark it with the inverted commas? If such a question has never disturbed you earlier, you will face it as soon as you receive a task to make an analysis of your favorite book.

If you look through the magazines, newspapers, or any other publications, you will see that none of them has a common method: each publishing house marks the titles in the texts as they like. The authors of Chicago Manual of Style insist that all the books’, newspapers’, and magazines’ titles should be italicized in your paper, while the other linguists are sure that the title of a book should have a look of a quotation. Don’t know which style to choose and which one will be more correct? Don’t be too preoccupied with this question! Just remember one rule: follow one and the same style! If you decided to italicize your title on the first page, it should have the same form on the next one. It is right enough for you to create a really quality and errorless paper then.

I decided to write a book report essay and I chose Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief. I coped with the first step and was ready to pass on to the next stage. Thanks to the online article I got know how to build my essay correctly after that and I am ready to share this info with you.

Analyze Book Correctly

What is a book analysis? If it is your first task to analyze the book, which you like most of all, you should know that analysis is a book overview, which releases a reader of your essay from getting too many unnecessary details but which helps him to form his opinion about this literary work.

There are several steps, which may help you to cope with the book analysis writing properly and rather quickly. Read them and try to follow my recommendations. You will see that it will be much easier to write an essay, if you are forearmed with such necessary info.

  • Read the book, which you are going to analyze. Without being familiarize with it, your book analysis essay won’t be precise, interesting, and vivid enough.
  • Create a brief outline, which will help you to build the logically structured text then. Start with an introduction, follow it by the literary objective, mark the main characters of the book, and point out the positive and negative aspects of it. Expand this outline with the more detailed info and your analysis will be ready.
  • Start with the introduction of your book analysis. It should contain the main information about the book, which is subjected to analyzing. Tell about its title, author, date of its first publication, and describe its genre.
  • Tell about the main concept of the chosen book. What does it tell about? What is a message, which the author wanted to carry to the readers?
  • The main character of the book is the personage, whom you should describe thoroughly and explain the differences between him and the other characters, who are involved in the story.
  • Your analysis won’t be full if you don’t explain the main advantages and disadvantages of the story. What did you like in the book? Why did it captivate your attention? What didn’t you like in the story? Are there any aspects, which weren’t worked thoroughly enough by the author?
  • The final stage, which is considered to be the most important one, is your essay proofreading. Reread it again and again until all the mistakes are found in it. Read it aloud and ask your friend to listen to it. He is able to catch the drawbacks, which slipped your attention. 

Have you already worked out all the items and your text is waiting for being showed to your teacher? My congratulations then!

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