Best Way to Write an Essay on a Tale of Two Cities


                Many students studying English literature are tasked with writing a Tale of Two Cities essay, but this assignment proves to be overwhelming for most students because of the complexity of the novel and inability of students to conduct a full-fledged analysis of the characters and setting of the narrative. The following tips will help you compose Tale of Two Cities essay easily and efficiently. But if the deadline of submitting the paper is coming nearer, why not order a paper on our website? Check our blog for sample essays provided by our writers. If you choose to write the essay yourself, you may use our editing services to have your paper proofread by a professional editor.

                Here are some tips as for how to write a Tale of Two Cities essays.

  • Before you start writing an essay, find out more about how your paper should be structured and formatted. As a rule, such essays consist of an introduction, several body paragraphs, which form the main part of the essay, and a conclusion, in which you will summarize the ideas reflected in your paper. Your essay should also include a thesis statement in which you should give a summary of the major idea of the paper. You might consider writing that you are going to analyze the personalities of different characters or the clash between the poor and the rich described in the novel of Dickens. Anything will do if only the thesis statement is written in a proper manner and has a correct structure. To learn how to structure essays in a proper way, check our blog.
  • Since the novel describes the times of the French Revolution as well as social and economic crises as the major reasons of the revolution, these aspects should be analyzed at the beginning of the paper. Moreover, Dickens did not only depict the social problems of those times, but also vividly portrayed every character of the novel. The depiction of characters is probably one of the most striking features of the author’s work. You can describe each character in the end of your essay to help the readers feel the atmosphere of the novel deeper. Every character should be described separately to make it easier for the audience to comprehend the role of every character in the author’s narration.
  • At the initial stage of writing an essay on a Tale of Two Cities, it is recommended to provide a brief summary of the novel. The summary might include the setting where the story takes place, which stands for the time period during and before the French Revolution. It should also include the characters portrayed by the author and the major theme of the novel, which might be love and forgiveness or hatred and violence.
  • The next step would be to provide some information about the author, Charles Dickens. You can write a few biographic facts from his life like the place of birth and his family, some facts about his career as a writer and some challenges or misfortunes that he encountered on his way to success. You can also include the information about the first writings of the author and his attitude to upper and lower class as the struggle between different social classes was the major social event of those times. You may write about how Dickens felt about this struggle and how it was reflected in his writings. Write anything that will be informative enough to catch the attention of the audience. This is especially important if you are tasked with writing a literature review. Use some effective essay writing techniques and you will manage to compose a perfect essay on a Tale of Two Cities.
  • A Tale of Two Cities essay should reflect the major idea of the novel, which is to provide the background information about the French Revolution. After you have written some facts from the author’s biography, you are advised to proceed with analyzing the major idea of the novel. In fact, the novel of Dickens is meant to discover some serious problems that existed in England at the time of the narration. These include a severe disparity between the poor and the rich. By writing a novel, Dickens tries to give a warning to people indicating that the struggle between social classes will lead to nowhere. While writing an essay on a Tale of Two Cities, you should also mention that the structure of the novel is quite strict, while its plot is complicated. Basically, the story conveys the horrible events that took place during the French Revolution.
  • The final step would be describing the economic and social background of the Tale of Two Cities. It is evident from the historical data that the French Revolution has been the consequence of multiple conflicts between the old system and the new one. The old system stands for the Feudalism, which is a class-polarized social order governed by the rich. Such system is known to cause unfair conditions for common people. For instance, the third class represented by workers and farmers used to pay high taxes and was enslaved by the higher ranks of the society. As for the first and second classes represented by the nobles, they lived in more fair conditions and enjoyed extravagant life. Another duality described in the novel is the impact of the Enlightenment, which brought liberalism to France. The liberal movement is meant to pursue freedom and democracy. It was because of liberalism that a number of social changes were introduced into the old system. Therefore, you can conclude by saying that Enlightenment has had a significant impact on the period of French Revolution, as described in the novel by Charles Dickens.

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