Best Way to Write an Essay on Violence


Previously, we analyzed the basic requirements for writing an essay on soccer. Today, we will discuss the specifics of composing an essay on violence, which may touch upon different subtopics as will be analyzed below. Violence essay can be focused on a specific issue such as media violence, violence against women, violence in sports and some others. Let us discuss the specifics of writing each type of essay about violence in particular.

  • Gang violence essay. This type of essay is supposed to deal with violence on the streets caused by illegal gangs. In fact, the gang existence is a sad reality, which people are forced to deal with in modern cities. In your essay on gang violence, you should mention what has made these groups of law violators emerge and why children feel that being a part of a gang is somewhat prestigious and what is more surprising acceptable. Although there are no well-defined answers to these questions, you can speculate upon them and try to find a solution to the problem by referring to the moral issues and ethics of modern societies. Basically, gangs are a result of people’s personal desires and peer pressure. This can be mentioned in your gang violence essay.
  • School violence essay. According to Wikipedia, school violence has become a serious problem in the latest decades for many countries, especially in the regions where weapons like guns are legalized. The school violence includes violent actions of school students as well as physical attacks on the school staff. Your school violence essay should reflect the idea that proper preventive measures will help to solve or at least minimize the problem of violence in schools. You should consider giving a list of factors that directly influence the spreading of school violence in various districts of the country and across the world. School violence has long turned into a serious problem of modern times, and if proper measures are not taken, the problem is likely to aggravate even further.
  • Gun violence essay. This type of essay should reflect the idea that gun violence is another serious problem faced by various societies where the possession of weapons is legalized. Illegal possession and use of guns is common for the USA in particular, and results in various negative outcomes for the community members. Gun violence has become a great issue of concern for politicians and other authorities and this issue should be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent the situation from going out of control. All these ideas should be included into your gun violence essay.
  • Media violence essay. This type of essay mainly deals with the impact of television on the development of violent behavior in children and adolescents. It should reflect the following ideas. Almost since the very inception of television, parents and teachers have had a strong desire to understand how television programs influence people, especially children. The portrayal of violence on television raised a number of concerns, and many psychologists still consider that it is among the major causes of violent behavior among children and young people as they become less sensitive to sufferings and pain of other people.
  • Video game violence essay. Your essay should basically deal with the impact of video games on children and young people and its potential to provoke violence and aggression. Violence in video games essay should reflect the idea that due to the exposure to violence while playing computer games, children become fearful of the world around and at the same time are more likely to behave in harmful and aggressive manner towards other people.
  • Violence against women essay. This type of essay should refer to the suggestion that nowadays, more and more women are exposed to violence and aggression from the side of men at the workplace and at home. Violence against women has become a serious problem of today’s global society and in order to solve this problem, the attitude towards women should be changed by giving them equal rights with men and helping them to learn how to deal with violent behavior against them. Violence against women is among the causes of a tendency to adopt feminist views.
  • Youth violence essay. As for this type of essay, it should be noted that violence among young people is another matter of concern for the global society. Many young people get engaged in suspicious activities and become part of various street gangs that violate the law and act against the society. Youth violence essay should investigate the reasons of aggression among young people including the factors that make them commit violent acts against others.
  • Violence in sports essay. This is another type of violence essay that reflects the specifics, causes and roots of violence in the field of sports. According to Wikipedia, this kind of violence refers to physical acts committed in such sports as American football, rugby, ice hockey, boxing, martial arts or wrestling. Such acts usually go beyond the normal contact expected from players in the given kind of sports. These include intentional attempts to cause damage to a player or coach, and sometimes even the threat of physical harm can be considered an act of violence. 

All the above types of violence essays can be written separately or combined with each other to investigate the problem of violence from different perspectives in a single essay. If you are tasked with writing an essay on violence, the above recommendations will give you a clear understanding of what should be included in your essay. You do not need any special skills to write an essay on violence, as such essays usually require simply describing the problem, analyzing its causes and specifying the impact it has on the society. However, if you have any doubts as for your ability to write an essay on violence efficiently and up to the point, it is better to leave this assignment to professional writers. You can order an essay on violence on our website, and we will ensure that you get it in a timely and efficient manner. You are welcome to check out the samples of college essays provided by our writing experts. Don’t hesitate to place your first order!