Black Friday: Consumption Triumph


Black Friday

Sales, sales, sales. The professionals from know everything about them! If this word has the magician effect on you too, Black Friday will make you ecstatic! The day when you are risking buying the desired pair of Italian high boots or being trampled by the furious crowd in the pursuit of these same boots at a ridiculous price, but the real shopaholic are up to the challenges! These warriors stand ready to fight to the last man to hoist the trophy in their rooms and boast of a brand-new «must-have» grabbed almost for a song. The spirit of sales and competitiveness does his things turning the people into the shopping animals, calling into the question the Charles Darwin Theory of evolution provided in this essay and coming between the best friends.

To benefit from this day in full, you should go through the numerous training to increase the rapidity of the response, ensure the speed and accuracy of movements and develop the right strategy to become the real shopping guru, who don't scare easy by mile-long lines, crowds of people and desperate fight for discounts where all is fair. Incidentally, our writing website doesn’t stay away from the Black Friday madness! It is the serious reason to ask for the discount our cheap essay writers as well and get the high-quality paper within 12 hours! So, do not miss the chance to improve the grades, dare we say, drastically.

Nevertheless, Black Friday isn’t just an amazing possibility to buy something absolutely useless that you would never pay for on other days of the year. There are the people on the opposite side who see this day not as the possibility to be in the shopping paradise but as the disaster on a global scale. They protest against the excessive consumption that, according to their opinion, leads to the global financial crisis and the depletion of natural resources. That’s why the Buy Nothing Day was set up as the alternative for those who are eager to demonstrate their commitment and refuse the over-consuming ideology. This issue has already been raised in one of our essays; follow this link to know more about Buy Nothing Day:

If you are somewhere between the fervent admirers of shopping and the real haters of excess buying or just can’t stand the crowds of people, you are welcome to join our team and spend this day together refraining from redundancies. What is allowed? We recommend you to stay in and shopping online (the clear benefit of civilization). Choose the Internet shops where you can buy the items from your shopping list (it goes without saying that you should compile yours) in advance to monitor the price reduction, order some food and try to embrace the atmosphere of Black Friday’s craziness. Still have no idea how it is better to make a shopping list? Google it, for Chrissake.

To lift your Black Friday’s spirit even higher, we have prepared something that will help you to feel being the participant without the need of paving the way through the rampaging crowd – top episodes of the favorite series about the Black Friday that will definitely help you to plunge into this atmosphere!

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So, here we go!

South Park’s trilogy of the seventeenth season, including Black Friday, A Song of Ass and Fire, followed by Titties and Dragons. As their name suggests, these three episodes are full of Game of Thrones’ motifs. These episodes are must-watch for every person, especially if this person is a fan of GoT! The plot is based around the preparation for Black Friday sales: Stan’s father Randy Marsh found a temporary job at the mall to keep one step ahead of holiday’s crowd, and the South Park’s boys split into two groups to facilitate buying bargain-priced video games consoles. You may take a page from your favorite heroes and find essays for sale online to anticipate the Black Friday’s discounts!

Scream Queens’s eleventh episode, where the Red Devil ruined the plans of Chanel girls for the excellent shopping on their favorite day of the year. In general, if you are the fan of poor black horror comedies, we think you won’t be against spending the evening in the company of Scream Queens series.

And, for last, we are eager to offer you the sweet comedy not directly about the Black Friday shopping, nevertheless, providing its spirit - Confessions of a Shopaholic, the true manifesto to shopping. The heroine is so addicted to spending money on good clothes and brand shoes that she feels free to start the real fight for the last pair (nothing extraordinary in the run-up to Black Friday, isn't it?). The real guide for those who want to perfect their shopping obsession! 

Our cheap online essay writing service wishes you first-rate shopping! Be reasonable, buy necessities! Happy Black Friday!

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