Black History Essay: Facts and People


In this essay we will talk about the history of African-American people. They have a very old, packed with numerous facts history. This is the story of real people. Black people changed the American society. Some experts say that America would not have pop culture without black people. They almost redefined the idea of American dream. These people came from nothing and turned their life into success. African-Americans helped the country even when it bent them. We would like to show you several stories of some people who made black history. Our best dissertation writers can help you to prepare an excellent work on this topic, if you want or need.

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The story of African-Americans began on the Atlantic Ocean. Africans crosses the waters of this ocean with the first European explorers. When they stepped the new land from the first moment Africans nurtured dreams. These dreams never vanished. They helped them to endure during slavery and long discrimination. In 1514 first person from Africa was brought to the new world. Some say that the man was free, so it was his decision to abandon Africa with Spanish explorers. The African man helped Spaniards to take Mexico. Then they moved to California willing to find the gold. After almost 20 years the black man tried to cross the Texas desert. He was one of Spanish survivals who were wrong in their decision to search the gold. The man became the first African in the country who desired to find hope and opportunity.

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In 1619 the first British colony came to America. They established the state Virginia. Then, once appeared a big ship with slaves from Africa which landed far from that place in a small town. There was a man Antonio the Nigro. Although he was black, the man found opportunities in the town. He was making a farm on the territory. He had a master who provided the black man with necessary things and money. Antonio the Nigro soon became a prosperous man. He had a farm, servants, and even African slaves. Virginia also became a flourishing region till that time. Tobacco economy boomed in Virginia area. This event set the beginning of the rigid racial system.

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Slaves in America had no rights and no power. In each of 13 colonies slavery was legal. The Revolution brought new laws to some part of the USA. In the Northern states began the transformation from slavery into freedom. That put the beginning of religious separation and split. People declared that in the eyes of God all races were equal. Large crowds of people gathered to hear a preacher who was telling the word of God. People could see in the Bible their own story, when God wanted Egyptian king to let Israel go. God wanted to set them free.

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In America started the Evangelic movement which involved many people. The event united people and gave opportunities to African-Americans. Black people faced many cruelty and rudeness on the way to their real freedom. Many times the government offended them and betrayed their trust. There are the stories of people who always hoped and struggled. They have managed to survive and prove that they have voice and power. Do not forget about Barack Obama the first black President of America. Check more of interesting information about this person here:

Central Figures

Black people in the USA played a significant role in the establishing of its culture. For instance, African-Americans music has received a world-wide recognition. Many actors, singers, song writers, producers, and directors in America are black. They are popular and talented.

The story of African-Americans has key people who changed or provoke some big events. Let us talk about them and their deeds.

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1. Richard Allen. He was a young black slave who lived exactly during the period of Evangelic movement in America. Richard grew up on the farm in Delaware. There was a forest near the farm, where a preacher was telling about slavery. He asserted that slavery was a sin. Allen made all possible that his owner would listen to the preaching. Allen wanted to cultivate the idea of the pastor. His owner trusted him, so Richard invited anti-slavery pastor to visit the house of his master. The young slave knew the preacher would convince the master in his sinning and that he would die and go to hell. The meeting had a positive result. Richard Allen was freed. Very soon he became a preacher, for Allen wanted to spread his faith. In 1786 he arrived to Philadelphia in hope to say people about freedom and equality. Till that time Philadelphia was the right place for preaching. It was the town where people opposed slavery on the religious background. Allen started to act. However, soon he faced another problem: freedom was one thing while equality was absolutely different element. Ellen started his own church. That was the first in the history African-American church. Buy custom essay papers on other American churches here.

See, the American society treated black slaves cruelly. They spread the notion that Africans were not created, they were just the descendants of monkeys, and they had a proper body for hard work.

2. Frederick Douglass was a young man who simply told his own life story. His voice was extremely powerful. The man was raised by his granny Betsy. She was his all family during the first 6 years of his life. Betsy had to abandon him. Frederick was going to work on plantation. He never saw his granny again. He spent 14 years in slavery, but he always refused to be broken. Frederick had several attempts to escape and on the third time he succeeded. He crossed many towns until he reached the one which was a shelter for free black people. Here Frederick discovered himself in many ways. First, he was working on docks. He started to speak against slavery. Very soon Frederick Douglass caught the attention of white people who opposed slavery. They needed black voices.

The history tells that Frederick Douglas was the brightest and the most loud voice in the 19th century. He traveled through the Northern states giving speeches. He showed the audiences that every black person was the same as the white one. Frederick was speaking to the whole country and its history. The man was talking about the meaning of the USA, and how it has betrayed its promise.

3. Martin Luther King Jr. This man became the inspiration for all African-Americans in the 20th century. King Jr was a legendary person. It was the last powerful voice which put an end to the discrimination. When Martin Luther King Jr was still studying, he learned the work of Mahatma Gandhi. His solution was non-violent resistance. At the age of 26 King Jr gave his speech calling to collective refusal to cooperate against wicked system. All his attempts were successful. People and the country heard his voice. This man became the soul of Civil Rights movements in the USA.

As for Black History Month it is a ceremony that takes place each year not only in the USA but also in Canada and Great Britain. This event has been invented in the name of significant figures and episodes of Black Diaspora. The celebration is very bright. People in different ways show and speak about the achievements of African-Americans.

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