Bully Essay: What Bullying Is


Every person in the world has the right to be treated properly and respectfully. The Constitution is the main guarantee, which provides people with this indefeasible right. A quantity of banknotes in the wallet, a color of skin, a physical strength, and the influential connections shouldn’t let anybody think that he, who possesses all these advantages, has the right to bully any weaker, poorer, or simply different person.

Unfortunately, the cases, when a group of people is offended by another one, are not rarity. The today’s development of modern technologies has made this situation even worse, because bullying has become possible not only in the real life but also in a virtual one.

What is bullying and which forms it has? In my school bullying essay I tried to push the issue of hard relationships, which arise between the kids. My essay on bullying will tell about this phenomenon, what types it has, how to stop its spreading, and what measures it is necessary to take to be protected from any interferences into your private life. So, let’s start!

Don’t Know What Bullying Is?

Just ask anybody whether he knows the word ‘bullying’ and hardly a person will answer that he has never heard it. Usually people know about the existence of this term, though not all of them have experienced it first-hand. It may be said with no exaggeration that such people can be called lucky. Bullying is a form of repeated aggressive behavior among the children of school age, which hurts a victim greatly.

It shouldn’t be explained that there are a lot of methods how to bully and dishonor a person and even to provoke an act of suicide of the last. There is a great desire to say to all those people, who like to mock others, make them cry bitterly, become unsociable, and even put a halter on his neck: all your deeds are like the boomerang. Just send this or that emotion, word, or desire in the cosmos and soon you will get it back. Think twice before to say any dirty words to the object of your derision next time. They may hurt you too very soon.

Forms of Bullying

Such a phenomenon as bullying may be of four types:

  • Verbal bullying is the intimidation, which is caused by using the rude words, dirty comments, and the threatening to commit the violence or physical attack. Any argumentative essay on bullying, which is composed by the top writing company, is able to cover this topic fully.
  • Social or relational bullying is spreading of the rumors about a person, telling others not to make friends with him, and abusing him in public. What harm can such harassments do? The effects of bullying essay can be composed by Bigessaywriter.com especially for you. Just click here to order it.
  •  Physical bullying is causing of injuries, pushing a victim, using the gestures to offend somebody, and breaking the things, which belong to the object of bullying. If you need to continue this topic and develop it even more, buying a persuasive essay about bullying from the best writers will be the best choice for you.
  • Cyber bullying, which can be called a new form of bullying, has appeared when using of the technologies and electronic devices became widespread. This form is considered to be the most painful one for the victims, because the ability to be connected to the Net for 24 hours a day, gives the offenders a perfect opportunity to bully people with no stop. Odious comments, which contain dirt, embarrassing videos and pictures, which are fabricated deliberately, spreading the rumors online, and sending a person awful e-mails and messages, are able to drive even the healthiest children crazy, whose mentality is strong enough. The essays on cyber bullying, which our service is able to write for you, may tell you more about this problem.

Despite the fact that the modern devices do more good than harm and help children to study easier and communicate with each other feeler, cyber bullying, in which the Net and the gadgets are involved, is extremely dangerous. The consequences it brings may be too harmful for children, because those, who are cyber bullied, may start:

  • using drugs and drinking alcohol;
  • skipping the school lessons regularly;
  • getting bad grades because of their unwillingness to attend school, their low self-esteem and disbelieving in their own powers;
  • developing of new problems with health, which are caused by constant emotional upset.

Who Are Bullied and Who Bully Others?

Any child despite of the place, where he lives, his parents’ social status, and his age group, may be put at risk of being bullied or bullying others, though it is possible to mark several factors, which help to identify the potential victims and the abusers. Among those, who may be subjected to bullying, are kids, who are:

  • overweight, underweight, wear spectacles, have the different worldview, or just the new pupils at school;
  • depressed, unpopular, have not many friends, weak and is unable to fight back their offenders;
  • don’t agree to do things, which are considered to be forbidden by teachers or parents.

Children, who are more self-assured and stronger than others, who are more popular and who tend to dominate, who have the same friends and who feel that they won’t be punished for this, who see nothing positive in the other children and who can get anxious quickly are able to start bullying the other kids.

Easier to Prevent

Like all the other serious problems, bullying should be identified and stopped at the earliest stages of its development. It is even better not to let it arise among children at all. It is really much easier to take some special measures rather than to root out this ‘virus’, which makes the atmosphere among the kids awful and non-productive. It is necessary to:

  • assess whether the cases of bullying happens at school or not;
  • unite the teachers, the parents and the special committees, which should work at the bullying prevention programs;
  • create a climate, in which bullying will be unacceptable;
  • teach children to respect each other and be tolerant.

The parents should know that if they entrust their children to the school teachers, their kids will be safe. It is really not difficult for every participant of the school life to be a bit more attentive towards each other and towards the kids, who are taken under the control of professionals. If you are more attentive today, more children will be happier tomorrow.

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