Capital Punishment Essay: For And Against


The question of the capital punishment was relevant in varying degrees throughout the existence of states. My opinion about the capital punishment is ambiguous and I can’t define it in one word. That is why I decided to think about this issue writing this essay on capital punishment.

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Indeed, the capital punishment is a powerful deterrent for criminals: according to criminological research, this kind of punishment has the highest preventative factor – the fear of death “protects” people from illegal acts. Moreover, there are cases when a criminal having committed an attempted murder saved his victim because he knew that later he will go to the electric chair. Thus, the death penalty – is the most important and effective factor in the reduction of crime as essays on capital punishment noticed.

How it all began

Aristotle, from our best Aristotle essay once said that only when people understand the essence of things they will know its origin and development. So, I will start my capital punishment persuasive essay with a historical perspective. Even with the historical beginning the death penalty was carried out as a blood feud. Many years ago it was the pre-state society. Therefore, there was no court as we have today. Then, if the offender was not punished and if he was not avenged, it was considered a disgrace and dishonor to the victim or the murdered person and to his relatives. Over time, the murder became public. However, the list of crimes that covered this punishment increasingly expanded (public, religious and other crimes).

This trend of the 19th century led to a reduction of crimes and murders. There was no more capital punishment. The capital punishment has been abolished in many countries of Europe and America. In the 20th century, the number of lawful executions has declined even more and they have lost their terrifying appearance and its unreasonable cruelty. Common in the middle ages kinds of death: crucifixion, decapitation, the gallows, the stake, burying alive, quartering, drowning, impalement and some others were canceled. Thus, it is easy to notice that the capital punishment was an integral part of the development of any country. The question is whether it is necessary now. As for me it is impossible to give a definite answer. This is a question that I cannot answer exactly “Yes” or “No”.

The arguments for

  1. The first point of this pro capital punishment essay is a vendetta. Historically, the capital punishment arose from the principle of blood revenge: the victim’s relatives felt revenge only after destroying the offender physically.

  2. One of the principles of justice is the appropriate punishment for the severity of the offense. A couple of years of imprisonment for stealing? Okay, but what can be considered the equivalent of murder? I’m sure it is not a life imprisonment. If a person has committed a murder or he is a terrorist and on his conscience a thousands of dead lives – this method of punishment is unfair. It is therefore logical that the death penalty is the right punishment for such a serious crime. Did you read our essay on terrorism? If no, I advise you to do it because it is important today to know about it.

  3. Justice. The main argument that the supporters of the death penalty put forward is justice. It is no secret that the absolute majority of grave crimes are connected with the assassination attempt on someone’s life. In this case, there is really shown the principle of a fair reward.

  4. Supporters of the capital punishment are outraged by the fact that friends and relatives of crime victims are actually forced for many years to maintain in prisons through their taxes those who are responsible for the deaths of their loved ones.

The arguments against

With the help of term paper writers I noted the points against the capital punishment:

  1. The first point of against capital punishment essay is hypocrisy. To fight with the criminals by their methods is not only pointless but also silly because the capital punishment is protecting the right to life of one person and deprives another of that right.

  2. It is cruel. Firing squad, hanging, stoning, injection, electric chair, beheading and gas chamber – here is a list of types of capital punishment practiced in our time. Almost every one of it “gives” instant painless death, but what are the moments of waiting?

  3. There is no turning back. Opponents of the “highest measure” usually pay attention to its irreversibility. They say that this punishment excludes the possibility for man to mend or to the justice system to correct its mistake and change the wrong verdict. Although everyone knows that the law provides for the convicted the right to appeal.

  4. Further, it is indicated that experiments with the abolition of the death penalty in some countries have shown that this does not entail any significant increase in crime. This is true, no direct correlation here. But certainly does not encourage the growth of crime, the presence of “the highest measure”. Dynamics of the level of crime depends on the standard of living, social stability and the dominant social values. So, it is the last point of this capital punishment argumentative essay.

So, what do I think about this? On the one hand, I’m for the death penalty. Of, course I understand that it is inhumane and cruel. The life gives God, so people have no right to take it away. But there are cases when people have to answer for their actions. This happens in the case when the man himself takes the lives of others. For cruel crime including children abuse that describes this essay, abuse of defenseless people and torture it is needed to be punished.

Of course, I understand that the introduction of the capital punishment is unlikely to reduce the amount of crime. Many people say that life imprisonment for criminals is the worst penalty. But on the other hand, I am opposed to the death penalty will be introduced right now. If the person is unjustly in jail, he will have a chance that the real criminal will be caught and justice will prevail. I believe that applying of the capital punishment may be only in the country of well-developed justice. Otherwise, instead of punishment of evil in society – there will be another evil. Hope argumentative essay on capital punishment made you think about this issue.