Causes Of Insomnia And How To Return Lost Dreams


Insomnia is a huge problem of the modern society. If you belong to people who suffer insomnia, we will explain how to beat it. Most of us sleep less than our bodies need. If it is three o’clock in the morning and you are in your bed but cannot sleep, it means you experience inability to sleep soundly. Nobody knows what is better to do in this case. Many people undergo symptoms of sleeplessness. So, the task of our custom writing company is to show the way out.

Insomnia is sleep disorder. It is accompanied by low quality and short period of sleep. Usual symptoms of sleeplessness are concern, irritation, bad process of falling asleep, and inability to concentrate. Insomnia may be chronic which means that it lasts several months and acute – it continues several nights on end. Every illness brings its negative effect in a life of a person. Heart attacks, strokes, even diabetes are results of insomnia. Cancer may also become a consequence of poor sleep. This factor deprives us from a normal living. For proper body functioning and work a person needs to sleep well every night.

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What Factors Cause Insomnia?

A variety of reasons influences negatively our sleep. Many things do not let us sleep well at night. Let us look at them closer.

1. Fear and stress often become factors which cause sleep deprivation. It may relate to problems at work, studying, or stressful situation at home. Maybe you are getting married and very nervous. Find out the reason which causes fear and beat it. Depression also belongs to this group of factors. You may feel good during the day but it may bother you at night. It happens because our body and mind accumulate worries that flow into insomnia.

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2. People sometimes get used to sleep a particular amount of hours. They tell it is fine and do not realize that bring harm to their bodies. Such people are too busy to sleep more. They do not lack time. They grudge time. As we have already said, heart attack may become one of results of sleep deprivation. So, do not be so stingy with sleep time.

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3. Overweight and asthma may affect one’s sleep. Health problems influence all sides of our lives. Pregnancy change not only mood but also quality of sleep. Pregnant women often go through insomnia. It happens because of the changes in body.

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4. A cup of coffee or strong tea raises the possibility of a bad night. It makes our heart works faster, so it is impossible to have a nice and soft sleep. By the way, many people cannot sleep at night when have dinner or a snack in an hour before sleep.

5. Sometimes a married couple is divided into a lark and an owl. It means that one of them will suffer from insomnia at least once in a while. This factor is also very common. In this situation one (the lark) should make all possible to block noise and light. Use earplugs, “white” noise, or just give a warning of that you are going to bed and you need a rest.

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How To Overcome Sleeplessness?

No matter what causes insomnia. One should know that he/she can beat it. We suggest the list of smart methods which can help someone in his battle.

1. Stick to one schedule. Try to go to your bed at the same time every evening. Wake up in the morning also at the same hour. This schedule will help your body to be more active next day. Also, it is important to use bed only for sleep, not for work. Otherwise, you will do big damage.

2. Make your sleep continuous. Split sleep will affect negatively your work, worsen memory, productivity, and cause sleepiness. It is better to have a block of 5-6 hours of sleep than 8 hours of split sleep.

3. Keep a diary. Put down the amount of hours that you sleep, the level of tiredness, and other symptoms. It will show what should you change, and if you will not improve your condition by yourself, your notes will be useful when you go to a doctor.

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4. Choose a good mattress. This part of bed influences greatly one’s sleep. Bad mattress causes insomnia and unpleasant feelings. For this reason, go to the department store and buy mattress for a good rest.

5. Go to bed earlier rather than later. Next time it would be easier for you to fall asleep at usual time. However, if you have decided to delay sleep, during the day you may have a very short nap.

6. Do not drink alcohol beverages 4 hours before bed. Alcohol causes drowsiness. At the same time it provokes awakening every 1,5 hour. So, during night one will shudder and turn.

7. Stop smoking. Smokers often suffer insomnia. It is a good ground to drop it. Some researches prove that sleeplessness in this case is related to lack of nicotine at night. Smoking influences health anyway. Check more information about health on this page:

8. Go in for sports. Sport is the method that improves body condition and has a positive impact on sleep. Choose moderate exercises in case of insomnia. You can exercise in any time before 7 p.m. Training raises the temperature of one’s body and keeps it unchangeable during 3 hours.

9. Air your bedroom before sleep and keep the temperature between 18-19 C degrees. It is not warm and not very cool. This temperature is ideal for a good sleep.

10. Have a walk before sleep or during the day, if you have spare time. A walk will help to relax and have some rest. When it is a sunny day, get up and have a walk. A big amount of sunlight promotes the restoration of melatonin in body. This element helps to fall asleep quicker.

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11. The light in your house must be dim in the evening. Bright light awakes. Change bulbs or avoid bright light.

12. Do pleasant trifles which will help you to sleep better. It may be a 30 minutes reading of a book, warm bath with candles, or yoga exercises which bring relaxation. One more interesting tip, if you cannot fall asleep immediately: blink very quickly during 30 seconds, then your eyelids will get tired and you will fall asleep.

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