Cell Phones in Schools: Benefit or Harm?


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Here Is My Essay

… There is no use to give any explanation about what the cell phone is and what options it performs. Nowadays, even the kids have the phones and they use them successfully from the age of two.

A cell phone is really a super convenient thing, which let people from different corners of the planet connect with each other wherever they want. None of us is able to imagine how it was possible to live without these devices, though such a time was not a myth. Several tens of years ago people had no Internet, no cell phones, and they sent paper letters to each other, which could hang somewhere in the air by force of circumstances  and not reach their addressees at all. Just try to imagine how many destinies such casus ruined!

Now people have no limitations and they are free to communicate as much as possible. Phones, which are produced today, are super functional: besides their ability to make the phone calls, these devices and nearly all the other modern gadgets have an access to the Net. This function really makes these devices irreplaceable.

If I were asked to choose one thing to make it the next wonder of the world, I wouldn’t think for too long. I would give my answer at once. It is a cell phone that should become a nominee for this title. Undoubtedly, it really deserves to be given such a title.

Are such devices as cell phones so useful? Do they bring no harm to their users and provoke no questionable situations? Each thing, no matter of the benefit which it brings, has a certain array of disadvantages and the cell phone is not an exception. Despite its multitasking, it has some sides, which became evident only within some time after the phones became extra popular.

Let’s pay attention just to one aspect, which became a real stumbling block for several million people. Just a usual thing such as using of the cell phones by the students became the global problem for the mankind. I am pretty sure that all the adults, who have children, will start nodding their heads yes. They know what I am talking about. I can bet my bottom dollar that each of them met a problem, when his child got an unsatisfactory mark from the teacher, because he played the online games at the lessons. Unfortunately, using of the cell phones in school is a huge block of problems and each of them should be paid some extra attention.

Some years ago, when the phones were not so popular and only a few students from the class was able to boast of having such a wonderful device, which could be taken with him wherever he needed, the problem of chatting right at the lessons started expanding. Nobody knew that it would grow up to the worldwide dimensions!

The fact that the cell phones should be prohibited from use in schools has some grounds. The first thing is that the children stop focusing their attention on the material, which a teacher tries to explain, and instead of listening to her, they simply sink deep into the virtual world of their phones. The result of such absent-mindedness is the gaps in the knowledge and unsatisfactory marks.

The second reason why the phones shouldn’t be brought to school is just an increasing temptation of the students to use their phones as a perfect method of cheating. A constant access to the Internet, social nets, e-books, and various materials give the students good opportunities not to use their brains and get good marks at that.

The phones ringtones and various signals make both the teachers and the students distract from the educational process. The regime of vibration can’t save the situation. All the noises interrupt the audience from classes and sometimes it become impossible to set your mind on work again. It is the next problem, which is caused by the cell phones.

Smartphones bring unquestionable benefit and give the parents a chance to control their kids while the last are at schools or somewhere else. Unfortunately, most of the children use their phones not to communicate with their parents and inform them about their location. The phones are just the entertainment for them. Of course, their harmful influence may not be seen now, though it will become visible in the future. The gaps in knowledge are always well-seen!

Despite the fact that some parents may not like such a conclusion, I dare to say: the schools should be cell phone free!

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