Child Abuse Essay: Crime Against Kids


It is difficult even to imagine a number of families throughout the world, which are haunting by the idea to have a baby. They can’t make their dream come true by force of circumstances and they continue undergoing the courses of treatment to get pregnant or collecting the documents to adopt a child from orphan asylum. If it is an impossible dream for some families to make a baby, the others abuse their kids and ruin their psychology forever. Dirty words, which are said to children, and the blows, which are stricken by the parents, cause the insufferable harm. I knew that my essay on child abuse should be focused on a problem, which has already touched a killing amount of families and which is spoiling the atmosphere in the world day after day. The abused and unhappy kids take all their childish problems into the future and their ability to form a good family then is under threat.

Is it possible to give your own daughter or son a slap or to give her or him a shake, which will make your child cry? Of course, no morally sane person is able to imagine how it is possible to raise a hand on a child and hurt him, though such cases are not a rarity in our society. My argumentative essay on child abuse will tell the readers, who are not indifferent to a problem, from which more than 3 million American children suffer annually. If you are too sensitive and the pain of other people is taken by you to the very heart, the following text will be able to drive you mad.

Forms of Abuse

What are the features, which help to identify an internally formed personality? Is it a successful carrier, which helps the society to identify an adult? Is it a person’s ability to live alone and be in need of no help from his parents? The psychologists say with one voice: an ability of a person to be responsible for another little human being and become a parent himself shows the level of his maturity.

Unfortunately, not all those, who become the parents, know how to bring up the children and raise healthy, smart, and law-abiding members of the society.

When a child suffers from the physical or emotional traumas, which are caused by the parents, such a phenomenon is called child abuse. The first thing, which usually comes into the mind, when this term is heard, is physical violence, though child abuse has various forms. Except the physical abuse, which is sometimes explained as an attempt of the parents to teach a child be disciplined, and which leaves the bruises on a child’s body, breaks the bones, and gives a child the fatal injuries, children may be subjected to:

  • Sexual abuse. It is the most terrible form of abuse, the fact of which is usually hidden by the children. Having being afraid that nobody will believe them, kids prefer to tell nobody about the sexual violence, which their parents commit. A terrible feeling of shame, a fear that the parents will scold them after that, and the unwillingness to break the family are the next reasons why children keep silent. Those, who are subjected to such a kind of violence, have the sexual problems with their partners in the future.
  • Emotional abuse is a form of abuse, which influences the child’s psychology super strongly. Everyday shaming, humiliating, comparing a child with the others, saying that they are bad, bullying, and ignoring leave the durable effect and make a child obtain the fears and self distrust.
  • Neglect or abandonment is the most widespread form of abuse. It happens, when the parents are not concerned about their children at all. They stop providing the sufficient meals for them, stop taking care of them, and start pretending that there are no children in their house at all. Such an abnormal behavior of the parents may be caused by the excessive alcohol or drug consumption.

Such signs as unexplained bruises, unwillingness of a child to go home, too anxious behavior, fear to make something badly, runs away from home, pregnancy at an early age, dirty clothes, unwashed hair, being late to school, hunger etc. may point at the problems, which a child has at home. Every member of society should be a bit more attentive towards each other and only in such a way the problem as child abuse can be exterminated.

Risk Group

It is not right to think that the cases of child abuse may happen in the troubled families only. The scientists warn: a lot of cases, when a child is subjected to rude treatment, may happen in the families, which seem to be happy and loving. More often children suffer from bad and cruel treatment in the families, where:

  • there are the cases of domestic violence;
  • the parents are the alcoholics or drug-addicted;
  • both the parents or just one of them suffer from mental illnesses, disorders, or depressions;
  • the parents are too young to take care of a child properly;
  • there is no support from relatives or friends.

The effects of child abuse may be really terrible and in the most awful and cruelest cases a rude attitude to a child can lead to his death.

For all people, who have noticed that some children among your friends have the signs of abuse or you know that they are treated badly at home, make a hotline call immediately! Don’t let anybody spoil a life of the helpless child!

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