Child Obesity Essay: One, Two, Three... Go!


‘Be bony and thin!’ is the main motto of nearly every second woman in the world and each of them tries to keep the diets and not let herself overeat. The most desperate girls even stop feeding their organisms at all in attempt to be as thin as the top models, which resemble the moving skeletons. The thought of being beautiful and having the heels, which protuberate through the T-shirt, is haunting a good part of people. Nobody wants to be overweight and resemble a giant sausage.

Unfortunately, both leanness and obesity are the extremities, which lead to arising of the whole range of diseases and some of them are super dangerous for a person’s life. What forms should a person have to feel well and not to overload his organism with the unnecessary burdens?

A desire to be thin shouldn’t be just a tribute to fashion as well as a tendency to swallow the sandwiches and hamburgers one by one shouldn’t become a style of your life. Every adult should remember that he sets a certain pace to all the members of his family and if he runs to extremes, his children may suffer too.

Topping Problem

Today we are going to talk about childhood obesity, which is a problem that has already grown out from the category of particular cases to the international level. My childhood obesity essay is a cry, which should be heard by all the adults, who let their children suffer from this awful problem and stay unhappy till the rest of their lives.

Childhood obesity concerns every third child in USA and it is placed on the same footing with smoking and drug abuse. The index of obese children has increased several times in comparison with the previous years. The statistics shows that in 2013 there were 42 million kids, who were overweight or obese, and if such a tendency won’t decrease soon, the number of ill children may rise up to 70 million in next ten years.

Causes of Obesity

A lot of people wonder how it was possible that a number of obese children increased so quickly, though if you think a bit deeper, you will understand that there is no wonder that this problem has widened so much.

If several tens of years ago children preferred to lead active life, do sports, and spend a pretty amount of time on the go, today their range of interests is limited by the computer and the Internet.  Not only children but also the adults start spending more and more time at home and they do nothing but stare at their monitors. The only body parts, which are still continue having the everyday exercises, are the fingers, which are tapping the rhythm on the keyboards from morning till night. Children are not active enough and such a tendency has the harmful impact on their bodies, which are overgrown with fat.

The sedentary lifestyle is made worse by the new habit of modern parents to give their kids a lift. The useful walk to school is replaced by car rides now and this nuance can’t be neglected too. If to add the business of parents, who prefer not to cook the healthy and vitamin meals by themselves, and the newly formed habit to eat out and have the snacks at MacDonald’s, it becomes evident why so many kids have overweight.

If to be more laconic, the most common causes of childhood obesity are:

  • unhealthy and caloric food;
  • lack of activity;
  • genetic factors;
  • harmonic problems.

Stay Healthy!

Childhood obesity is a problem, which happens because of parents’ inattentiveness towards their kids. If you have a child, you have no right to subject his life to dangers and you should remember that you are the only person, who is able to prevent any problem.

Obesity is a family problem. Every adult should remember: your child is your own copy and your style of life influences your son’s or daughter’s worldview.

What measures should you take to shield the rising generation from obesity?

  • Stay active and begin a tradition of spending time together with your children and do this outdoors. The more you move, the fewer problems with health each member of your family will have.
  • Cook dishes, which are healthier and do this by replacing some ingredients with the more useful ones.
  • Replace sweets and chocolate bars with fruits, berries, and cocktails. It is much better for your kids and for you, by the way.
  • Explain your children why sport is super useful for them and why it is forbidden to spend all the time in front of TV-set.
  • Start doing the morning exercises, riding the bicycle daily, or swimming in the pool. Soon your kids will join you!

Obesity Treatment

If your child’s case is neglected and your kid is at risk group, the first thing that you should do is to show him to a doctor. Obese children are subjected to:

  • diabetes;
  • cardio diseases;
  • social problems such as low self-esteem and stigmatization.

Keeping to the strict diet, leading of active lifestyle, taking special pills, and being under control of the best doctors are the main conditions, which are able to make the child feel happy again and be beautiful and healthy.

Essay about childhood obesity was my appeal to people to start being more careful and attentive to their own health. The line between health and illness is very delicate and it is not difficult to break it carelessly. Unfortunately, a way back to happy and unproblematic life may be too long and thorny.

Do you want to change your life? Go! A desire to be better than you were yesterday is absolutely normal for every person and if you were not a good writer and not the best student several days ago, it is never late to make a step towards the betterment. Nothing difficult is in this: just buy an argumentative essay on childhood obesity from and tomorrow all your friends will envy your killing success. Just remember that there is nothing impossible in this world and getting a good paper is an easy task for such professionals as we are.