Childhood Essay: Rewind Your Memory Back!


Just ask any adult about the best time in his life and he will give you an answer willingly, ‘How much I want to come back to my childhood… It was such a good period…’

Most often children don’t estimate their bonus and they do everything to grow up quicker. Every kid has such a tendency without any buts and ifs. To become an adult, to be independent, to stop executing the parents’ orders, to apply a make-up, don’t wear the warm trousers, and eat as much ice-cream and chocolate as you want. This is the most widespread concept of the children, who are sure that it is cool to be big. Is adulthood really such a good time? How is it possible that it attracts everybody so much? Is it really so funny to be big, or it is just a childish misunderstanding?  

Happy Childhood

If I had a chance to bring to life any of my dreams, I would pay any money to have an opportunity to come back to the trouble-free and happy time of my life at least for an hour or so.

My childhood seemed to be the best one. I was the adorable child of my parents and they loved me greatly. They did everything to make me feel comfortable. They wanted me to grow in love and peace and this cruel world not to kill these good emotions inside me even when I became an adult. Each summer we went to the seaside. We travelled around the world, get acquainted with the rare and interesting places, cultures, and traditions. My parents wanted me to see the world at its best. We visited India, where we rode the elephants. If you have never practiced such a thing, it will be impossible to understand the feelings, which such a fun is able to give. It was unforgettable and despite the fact that it was so many years ago, I still remember the thick and hairy skin of this duper smart animal. It straightened its trunk and ‘kissed’ me then, by the way. This gesture made me laugh for a pretty good time.

My parents took me to Cyprus with them, where we were laying in the sun until our bodies became of dark bronze color. We made a yacht tour to Crete then. It was an unforgettable experience to see the Minotaur’s Labyrinth. When we studied this period of history in school then, I was a real super star, because I was the only one, who saw the remains of the Minoan civilization. My childhood experience brought me real success.

My parents’ philosophy worked perfectly: their desire to broaden my horizons was super effective! The main conclusion, which I made then, was that my parents were the real pedagogues, who loved children and knew how to bring them up. I know that I will follow their model of upbringing and my own children will have the same cool childhood as me.

My parents enlightened me and spent a great amount of time with me. Their strains were not useless. I am a many-sided person now; I study in the one of the most famous universities of the world, and all my achievements are possible just due to my parents.

My childhood memories are all bright and, frankly speaking, there is none, which can be called negative or something like this. Which one is the most valuable for me? Which one influenced me and turned my worldview around? Oh, yeah! I had the most memorable childhood event and I need to mention it here anyhow!

Crashing Event

It was 14 years ago. It was Christmas and, like all the other children, I waited impatiently for a gift from Santa Claus. I guessed it had to be rollers, or bicycle. There were several long days before Christmas Eve should come. One day, when I didn’t expect for any surprises, my father came back home with a mysterious smile on his face. He put his hand into his bag and took the tickets from it! It was a trip to Finland! Yahoo! I would see Santa Claus!

Our Holidays were so cool, that when we came back home, I was under the strongest impression for a month or so. I saw Santa Claus, I touched him, and I told him about my cherished dreams! It was hard to imagine another present, which could make me feel so happy. I examined the house of Santa Claus thoroughly, made photos with all the elves, dwarfs, and reindeers.

I need to say that it was not just an ordinary trip. It was not just a fun, which was able to impress any human from the age of 1 to 70. Of course, it was a super spectacular village, where everybody felt like a child. It let people return to their childhood and forget about the world around them at all. This trip made me believe that the world consisted mostly of good and kind people; it made me remember that even the wildest dreams may come true and we just had to believe in wonders. When you sit on the Santa Claus’s lap and he embraces you gently, his kindness touches your heart once and forever. He gave me a part of his optimist and I bear it with me through my life.

Where to Get Such an Essay

I liked my childhood, though, like all my friends, I wanted to get older quicker. Twenty years passed, though nothing has changed and I still strain after any changes. I want to transform my life like when I was a kid, though now my desire is sounded a bit different: I want to come back to my childhood.

The task to write my childhood memory essay gave me a perfect opportunity to make a short trip back. I rewound the long strip of my memory back and got the colossal satisfaction from reading this essay. It wasn’t composed by me, though it didn’t matter. The childhood essay, which proposed me, was shaped ideally! I was not a skilled writer to create such a masterpiece with no help. performed its work perfectly. I reread my essay for several times and then I was ready to give my verdict: if you need a paper, buy it here! If you want not to regret about your life then, enjoy it right now and don’t make the time flow quicker!