Children Do Not “Have It Easy”


Has anyone ever noticed how in any child observation essay you tend to come across the topic of a disobedient child? No one cares to write about the children who are regular, normal, who listen to their parent and do everything by the book. Those are, of course the rarity, but they need to get their share of attention. These children behave already like adult, while adults more often than not act like children. So why that is that every child reacts differently in a certain situation. First of all, it is because of their background and family environment, where they learn everything they know. If you would like to share your childhood experience with us, please contact us.

 The Parents Got Divorced: What Does The Kid Do?

Every child development essay features different stages of child’s life and how they are reflected in everyday life. Books on child psychology, especial the age psychology, show us a few types of child development and do not elaborate on the countless exceptions out of the rule. If the child does not fit into the general description of behavioral patterns, there is no reason to be concerned. It only means that your child’s mind is exceptional and unique, and who knows, you may even be raising a small genius.

Those development stages are influenced by the external factors, which either prompt them or slow them down. Parents getting divorced are an extremely crucial moment in every child’s life. We may expect any reaction, even the most unpredictable one, which is no reaction at all. Every individual copes differently with the stressful events, and children are not different. If the divorce happens when the child is already a teenager, to get their parents attention would be very important, thus, they may find getting pregnant a perfect attention catcher. You can read more on teen pregnancy in our previous publication.

Parents’ separation may have a positive influence on the children. They may start thinking that it is their turn to support the family and start acting more mature, become responsible. When talking about school and personal responsibilities of a child, these new qualities will come in handy. However, they also take away all the fun out of childhood: this time is given to enjoy oneself, and the adult life will come later.

If you look through effects of divorce on children essay, you find out that they are really helpful, when written after a thorough research or out of a personal experience. Dealing with this kind of issue may be difficult, but there are blogs and chatrooms where your child may find the necessary support. But let’s not forget that the child’s online activities need to be monitored round the clock, just to be on the safe side.

“I Am the Only Child and I Feel Lonely”

Being the only child has its perks and bonuses: you get all your parents attention, you ask for all you want and most often you get it. Cherished and pampered, the only child is likely to grow into a self-absorbed, egotistical or even narcissistic adult. One child policy essay tells us that parents are sometimes simply unwilling to have more children. The father may even demand that the mother terminates the second pregnancy, because they have discussed having only one child. This kind of thinking leads to reevaluation of family: if a child cannot be born into a solid family, what chance can the children from accidental pregnancies have? They are just doomed to become the victims of abortions, if we live by this one child policy.

There is no pressure to go and have another child, but if there is a chance and circumstances are favorable, you should carefully think about it. Being the only child is lonely. There is no one to share secrets with, no one to play with when you stay sick at home. Siblings often become friend and are a great support for each other in adult life. Just knowing that there is someone out there caring about you can be enough when life throws us into a complicated situation.

There is always a sibling rivalry, but if parents are smart, they will figure a way to keep it at the level of a healthy competitive spirit. The children should be taught to protect each other and the parents’ love must be shared equally between them, which are very important for the further development and future life.

Working Children – A Lost Childhood

We are lucky to live in the times, when people value the children rights and the law stand up to those who try to steal away their young years. Society now understands that children are our future and we need a happy future.

Sadly, there are still countries that haven’t reached their peak in development. In these third world countries they use children as a main work force, because it is cheaper. On the news we can observe how the whole families work together just to have something to eat. These circumstances and the tribal lifestyle make these children the lowest walk of life, deprive them of all joys and leave them no time to develop mentally or physically. As a result, many of them get sick at the early age and the death rate is rapidly growing.

Western countries are no saints either. The official and child services do as much as they can to prevent child abuse, but foster homes often turn out to be small workshops where children are working overtime and without payment. They are threatened to be left without food or water if they do not do as they are ordered.

Any essay on child labor clearly oversees the laws and show that children are indeed allowed to work. In every country the minimum working age is different, the amount of hours is not abundant and the health conditions are always taken into account. Children can start working at about 14-15, and only with parents’ or guardians permission, and the employer has to check whether the child’s health can be subjected to the kind of work he is offering.  If you would like to read an essay on legal work for children, please follow here and order with us.