Civil Rights Essay: Movements and Leaders


Civil rights movements can be justly called political movements. These are series of campaigns which goal is to achieve equality in rights. This question is extremely tough. It touches many countries, nations, and people. Usually, such movements are characterized by non-violent resistance. People gather in order to protect or improve their rights. The world history knows enough cases of such affairs.

So, in this essay on civil rights we want to concentrate one’s attention on such movements in different countries, their influence, and people who lead a nation. Our assignment writers also offer their aid. Do not hesitate and chat with support agents. They will give answers on all your questions.

There are cases when civil rights movements are followed by armed conflicts, unrest among society, and manslaughters. In addition to this, we should mention that many times such affairs have not given any positive result. Although people were fighting for improved conditions and freedom, they received nothing.

Civil Rights Movements in Different Countries

1. The Troubles. That was the name of civil rights movement in Northern Ireland in 1967. The conflict was generally political, and it ended only in 1998. Some part of people was not pleased with the Constitutional status of their country. The side that considered itself to be British wanted Northern Ireland to remain inside England. Those people mostly belonged to Protestant church. The opponent side was consisted of Irish people. They were Catholics. They wished to live separately.

We would like to stress one’s attention on the fact that Irish Catholics were in the minority. The conflict was violent. For about 3500 people died. More than a half of killed people were nonmilitary. It was an armed rivalry.

The core problem and aspect that fired conflict was discrimination against Catholics in a number of areas of life. Catholics could not vote and get jobs. For these reasons, the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association was formed. It argued people to struggle. One of the numerous reforms that people demanded was called “one man, one vote”.

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2. Quiet Revolution in Canada. This movement indicates social, economic, and other changes that started in Quebec in 1960. Quebec was highly suppressed by Maurice Duplessis. The region differed from the rest of Canada. It was characterized by high poverty and low level of education. The population in Quebec mostly consisted of French people. They played no role in all aspects of social life. They wanted to receive the right to be equal and to get respect from other part of the country.

Thus, the movement in order to win independence from Canada began. René Lévesque became one of the key figures. He led people hoping to obtain political power from the government. The election of Jean Lesage brought changes into the country. It gave strength to the movement.

In a nutshell, the Revolution was successful. The world knows about Quebec. French language now is the second official language in Canada. French culture in Quebec was reformulated. It also stimulated the growth of middle class in the region.

3. Dissidents’ movement in the USSR. While thinking about this civil rights movement essay, we have to mention about this huge country. Dissidents were people who were not afraid to talk about their political views that were opposed to Communism regime in the country. They started civil rights movements to remind the government about their promise, about freedom in writing, speaking, and in street protests.

Dissidents were engaged in different demonstrations. They had an influence on particular part of society. But they always were roughly suppressed by KGB.  Dissidents continued to struggle. They wrote collective protest letters, they participated in demonstrations, and spread religion, social, and political literature.

All their deeds were extremely risky. Many of dissidents were imprisoned. Some of them were sent into labor camps.

Civil Rights Anti-Violent Leaders

Any demonstration and march starts from somebody’s idea. Each revolution has its leader. The most prominent civil rights leaders were Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

What is so special about these people? They managed to struggle and fight against government laws using no force. Both of them were talented, powerful, and influential people. Their strength was in their words. Mahatma Gandhi was inspired enough by teaching of Jesus Christ. Martin Luther King Jr was Baptist. He was deeply moved by Gandhi’s philosophy and non-violent movement.

The impact of both leaders on society was huge. Indeed, they brought changes into their countries. Nowadays one can see their influence.

Civil Rights Movement in Movies

This topic touches many countries, but it is very special for America. It was a crucial thing in the past century. An immense of books and papers were published talking about civil rights in the USA. Directors choose to take up this theme because they know it is popular.

Nowadays a person may watch for about 20 films about civil rights movements in the USA. Some of them are must-watch.

1. “Mississippi Burning” is the movie of 1988 year. The story tells us about agents that search for lost civil rights workers. The picture is really impressive.

2. “The Long Walk Home”. The story is about black maid Odessa who joins the boycott. It shows how her employee does not understand Odessa’s decision, but then she changes her mind.

3. “The Rosa Parks Story” reveals the true story of the woman who became the legend of civil rights movements in America. The movie tells about Rosa’s way from average person to the leader. 

4. “Remember the Titans” is a great movie. It will show you how Afro-American people were treated. How society suppressed them in many areas of life.

5. “The Help” is a 2011 American movie. The story is about young lady Eugenia. She wants to become a prominent writer, so decides to write a book. In her book she wants to emphasize the racism. She shows it from the point of view of black maids.

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