Climate Changing or Main Problem of the 21st Century


Climate change is an ongoing process that started all because of the development and progress in different branches of industry. The majority of scientists and researchers agree that the ominous changes were brought about by the human race, so are the mundane people to disagree. The only conclusion is – we brought it on ourselves and there no one else to blame. If you are interested in writing an essay on climate change, look up some useful advice here. To order an essay on climate change and green-house effect, follow here.

According to various surveys, the average temperatures have grown almost one degree in the past twenty years. The winters are generally warmer by almost two degrees. What’s next? This only means that the weather conditions have changed and now we observe unfavorable weather like unexpectedly warm day in winter or light morning frosts in the middle of a warm season. Therefore, the trees start to bloom earlier and when the frost strikes, their blossom is lost, so there is not harvest. Trees give less and less fruit, which threatens possible lack of food.

The UNO has called the global warming the most dangerous threat of the 21st century. The most obvious consequences of this phenomenon are glaciers shrinking in size, sea level rising, constant storms, tornadoes and floods. Last fifteen years have been recorded as the hottest ones since the middle on the 19th century. These weather changes are disastrous for our health, especially for people who suffer from high or low blood pressure syndrome or have various heart conditions.

Agricultural activity, traffic fumes and incineration of the earth resources are listed as three top reasons for the occurrence of the green-house effect.  Our atmosphere does not let the warmth out, so by burning chemicals and releasing the industrial waste, we heat up our planet, thus causing its climate to change.

Global Warming - Consequences for the Humanity

The global warming is not entirely a threat to nature. We sometimes forget that we are a part of it and that we live surrounded by it. It is true that the people living on islands are the first to suffer the consequences of the climate change, but we forget that it is global. This means that the continental weather changes as well: floods and draughts take turns in ruining annual crops and destroying people’s homes.

The next generations may have little hope of survival. The mines are already exhausted and there are places where drinking water is very rare. Scientists are working non-stop on finding a solution for the alternative power problem. Power stations using solar, wind or water energy are very costly to build, so the industry continues using coal and nuclear power. This is irresponsible and irrational, because the price the humanity is going to pay is much higher. Drinking water problem is being worked on: currently there have been a few developments that help turn muddy water into drinking water, but once again these are too expensive to distribute everywhere.

The forest fires are more and more frequent. People have already done everything they could to make the square of forests smaller: cutting them out for the sake of paper, building and other industries and for personal use. Now the nature took its turn in destroying them further. It is scary even to think what would happen if the forests were to disappear, there would be nothing left to produce oxygen that we breathe.

Winter sports may seize to exist if the duration of winter season continues to lessen. The loss of tourist attraction is not the main disaster. Many countries rely on their economic income from the winter mountain tourism, so its reduction will painfully reflect on the world’s economic situation, the crisis is practically inevitable.

Climate Change Is a Direct Threat for Nature

The climate change influences all level of life on the planet. The first to experience this problem will be animals and plants. The flora and fauna are intricately dependable on the weather condition and should the latter change even a bit, the former must immediately adapt to the change or they would become extinct.

Animal that are used to the cool climate will have to migrate to the highlands and mountainous region or further north on the continent if the climate should be even warmer. This is already happening in many places: the plant that used to grow on the plains or lowlands are now to be found only in the mountainous parts of the country, or in the northern regions.

Most species just die out, unable to adapt to the change, because they have lost their natural habitat and fell out of the food chain. One fourth of the known animal world is already lost forever. Is it just the evolutional stage or are these the indicators of the changes, not so much felt by the humans? The question remains to be answered by scientists, but at the moment mane of them agree that the world is not what it used to be. Maybe another ice age is upon us, just waiting around the corner. After all it wouldn’t be the first time that the Earth’s climate changed.

If the pollution and contamination are to be stopped, it needs to be dome now. There is little time left and soon we will be past the point of return. Ignoring the problem at hand the governments put the future of humanity and life on the planet in general in danger. The international cooperation and mutual agreement on the matter would help greatly. Sadly, there are still those who believe they won’t be influenced by the global climate alternation. The entire nations refuse to work together for the greater good of the human kind.

Seeing that the climate change has started, a system has to be developed in order to protect people in the face of a natural cataclysm. As they say, people need to be prepared for every eventuality. We are curious to hear your opinion on the matter, please contact us.