College Vs High School: What’s worse?


College Vs High School: What’s worse?

When we start talking about high school and college, the opinion differ greatly. There are those who are always for college degree and encourage others to make academic achievements, but there are also the people who do not believe in the system and reject higher education altogether. While writing a college vs high school essay it is always more interesting to research the latter, and to hear their opinion. In case you would like to read about High School Vs College salary statistics, please let us know.

First argument for the college education would be the salary you get afterwards: even the Bachelor’s Degree doubles your salary when compared to the salary of a high school graduate. Money is the key to a good living in the modern world: if you cannot make enough money, you cannot afford the things you want and you must make all possible restrictions for your expenses. Is that the life you crave? If the answer is positive, then you can absolutely go ahead, get your high school diploma and be done with your education. However, the system leaves you a chance to get a college degree later in life when you really need it.

While a college degree becomes more and more valuable, the high school diploma is less so than ever. While you want to make a point in your high school vs college essay, you must mention that college graduates now are increasingly underemployed and working the jobs that used to be occupied only by high school graduates. If a guy with three Bachelor’s Degrees works as a barista, what’s left there for those who have only one or none at all? Of course, they can work for less money, but the employer is obliged to pay either one or the other the minimum wage. If you like to share your point of view and tell us about the advantages and disadvantages you think college and high school have, please press here and we will be happy to read your essay.

College Is No Longer Worth Attending

The many polls conducted in recent years show that there is no such thing as average college graduate. Every employer would surely choose an Ivy League graduate rather than other one. So, these prestigious colleges pay off and you can cover your tuition after graduation when you get a prestigious job. The issue here is that these colleges are awfully expensive and not nearly everyone can afford them. The less well-off kids have but one option – they must attend a regular college and be satisfied with it. These may be extraordinarily smart kids that deserve to have their dreams fulfilled, but possess minimum financial resources.

You would probably say that there is always a chance to get a scholarship and enter the Ivy League. The truth is, there are not so many scholarships to go around and a lot of applicants get disappointed after having been rejected. Although we must always be prepared for the negative outcome, we are created to expect only positive one. So, the bitter disappointment sets in and the kid loses interest in the learning process, because they are not able to get the best, and so they may not want any at all.

Following the Rules or Choosing Your Own Path

You must make a little comparison when you write a high school versus college essay. While going to high school is mandatory for everyone, going to college is mostly optional, unless your parents pressure you into it. High school is all about the rules and following them, while in college you learn to take care of yourself and make your own decisions that you are later responsible for.

In college you are free to manage your own time and to do what you please as long as you get the necessary amount of hours, you can make your schedule really tough or you can relax and take the studying easy. In high school you do not get to choose, your timetable is already prearranged and you have to follow it if you care about your grades and staying at school until graduation. If you are ready to apply to college, you can find a lot of useful advice for your college application essay in our popular topics section.

During high school you have to get a permission to participate in extracurricular activities and when you have it, you must see that your grades are not affected by them, because otherwise you will be banned from these activities until your grades improve. College life implies that you take on as much extracurricular activities as you will; you just have to want to do them.

College is, however, difficult for those who are used to being prompted by others, for instance you get used to being reminded of your responsibility to study, so you study only when you are told to. But here no one tells you when to study anymore, because college is all about self-discipline and responsibility. Here also applies the issue of subjects: the subjects you take in college decide your future profession, while at school your subjects are chosen for you.

Naturally no college professor will call your parents and inform them of your bad behavior, playing truant or low grades, you must understand that every your action is followed by consequences and these are not always pretty. You must seek the information you need, work out your own personal studying pace and keep up with the curriculum in order to pass the exams at the end if a semester. The key principle is: the more you study, the more you know, and the more you know, the better your grade.

At the end, it is worth mentioning that most young adults are afraid to go to college as they had not so great experience at high school. In college students do not care about bullying and establishing the social order, as there are too many people. Everyone eventually find their group and fall into the routine of college life. Some will become better at it, while other will keep the low profile, but, all in all, the college is what prepares you to a new chapter in your life, it is like the right of passage into adulthood, and when you haven’t live through it, you cannot understand the others. If you are scared that you will have no friend in college, you may seek other college applicants online.