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In order to convince you to pay to do assignments, we wrote a new essay dedicated to the scientific heritage of Charles Darwin.

Modern evolutionary biology is rooted in Darwinism. Darwinism is a system of ideas proposed by Charles Darwin 150 years ago. He defined evolution as a process of change that occurs from ancestors to descendants, with some modifications in the process of natural selection under the influence of a constantly changing environment. Modern evolutionary biology is still under the significant impact of these ideas. That is, the scientists explain most of the characteristics of the living world through the prism of nature and in some cases sexual selection. Before getting started, we want you to get acquainted with the biography of Charles Darwin, one of the most prominent biologists of the nineteenth century.

This approach, of course, was found in the first editions of the famous "Origin of Species" written by Darwin. However, in the last version of the book, which came out in the second half of the nineteenth century, Darwin took rather an unambiguous position. For example, for a long time, his ideas were opposed to the views of another famous British scientist Darcy Thompson, who argued that the diversity of the living world was due to the laws of size change, as well as the fact that the internal genetic mechanisms and physical laws are instrumental of the nature and the basis of its diversity.

In the last edition of The Origin of Species, Darwin is clearly influenced by this idea. He no longer tries to explain everything through natural selection. Moreover, in his letters about the last edition, he wrote to his colleagues that these internal forces, the laws of growth, are likely to be just as important as his theories. He both began to consider them seriously on a par with natural selection and argued that there are several interesting natural phenomena that can be better explained by the laws of growth, rather than natural selection.

The laws of growth become an integral part of the Darwinian explanation of evolution. There are other nuances in his approach, and this is something we need to pay attention to. Only a few of us realize that Darwin paid attention to the achievements of embryology (what we call today developmental biology). He carefully studied the work of Baer, ​​Haeckel and other developmental biologists. He was clearly convinced that the internal genetic forces are as important as the changes in the environment, which he explains in his works on natural selection. There is another problem we want to draw your attention to concerning the history of slavery in the USA. Our writers prepared an essay for you on this topic

The general idea of ​​Darwinism comes down to natural selection, but even Darwin himself gave an example where natural selection was only a part of the entire process of evolution. For example, he described the preadaptation process. What is preadaptation? This is when a particular feature or organ appears before it is actually needed. The body accepts it, and evolution uses it for other purposes.

One example is a mammalian skull consisting of several parts. A common explanation is that mammals must pass through the birth canal and not to damage the skull and brain. Darwin noted that some elements of the structure of the skull, typical of mammals, also peculiar to reptiles and birds that do not need to pass through the birth canal. Therefore, such a skull is required for something completely different. Despite the fact that this feature is useful it initially appeared for other purposes. It is better to pay for college essays than to write them by your own means. Order your papers at 

He described several other examples of such an adaptation. For example, feathers, which modern birds use for flight, originally appeared for thermoregulation. They first emerged from the ancestors of modern birds to protect them from the cold and temperature changes. One can also say that later, they were used in the process of sexual partner selection. Different coloring of feathers was used for masking by female species trying to hide in the nest, and male species to attract attention. Some dinosaurs had feathers, but they had nothing to do with the ones of the modern birds. Apparently, they were not used for the flight, but in the course of revolution they were subjected to adaptation, and they acquired new features and functions including flight.

There are several examples where adaptation evolution falls under the influence of the feature that originally appeared for something else. For example, the elements of the skull, which have already been mentioned, originally was peculiar to birds which cranium consisted of several parts without being an integral bone. In the context of development, it is much more difficult to change a solid bone than separate components. It would be a very limited system. The development of several elements of the skull led to an increase in flexibility; animals could simply increase the size of the brain and change the shape of the skull. However, it appeared even before these elements were used by mammals that need to go through the birth canal. This is an excellent example of preadaptation caused by an internal factor. The best essays papers site is working for you 24/7. You are free to place an order at any time, and our support agents will answer you back within a couple of minutes. 

It is important to remember that one can’t apply an adaptation to everything; one must also take into account the genetic causes of the development of many phenomena. One of the most critical factors for the evolution of an organ, a feature or a species is a genetic program for the production, and one should understand how it works. Then the new form of the organism will be available to natural selection. The mechanism of development changes and the mechanical level of development becomes a source of evolutionary changes. Have you ever heard about Eagle Scout? The team of wants to share with you an essay dedicated to the description of this organization and the history of its development

In order to explain the incredible diversity that we see around us, all these millions of plant and animal species, especially multicellular animals and plants that take on different shapes and sizes, it is necessary to combine the achievements of evolutionary biology (influence of ecology and the environment, which today is many variables) and genetic information known about these species. In some species, the ability to change may be insignificant, in others, it is much more developed. It is impossible to explain the diversity of flora and fauna on the Earth without knowing how it developed in the past and how it is changing now. Moreover, we will not be able to explain the future changes in diversity that will arise in connection with changes in the environment. In order to preserve diversity one first needs to understand how it appeared. One needs to know how the interaction between genetic factors and environmental factors is carried out.

The primary challenge of modern biology is to combine the achievements and ideas of two very different fields of knowledge: genetics (developmental genetics, population genetics, and so on) and ecology (a better understanding of the environment and its changes). Only in this way, one can explain the current diversity and predict future changes. The genetic biology is actually an exciting field of knowledge and this article dedicated to the introduction to the genetics should tell you more about it.

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