Create the Favorable Atmosphere for Your Observation Essay


I wished I had a lot of observation essay ideas, though my head was empty. I tried to make a choice, but nothing came to my mind. I felt that I would fail soon and my desire to get the highest possible mark for my observation essay would burst like a bubble.

I didn’t want such a trouble to happen to me and I continued surfing in the depths of my imagination in attempt to hook the most interesting idea to turn it into the plot for my essay.

What Should an Observation Essay Tell About?

I knew that observation essay should be narrated super vividly to make the readers imagine themselves at the place, which was described in the text. They should feel all the emotions like the author, see the things, which the author saw, and pick up all the smells, which the author scented.

Such a task was not difficult for me. I was an experienced student and I knew perfectly how to create such an atmosphere in my essay, which would make the readers have a feeling that they were not reading the essay, but that they were doing the same things, which the author did.

My essay should be very detailed and, frankly speaking, I had the right to write on any topic. Unfortunately, choosing of the topic was the hardest task for me. I preferred to create three essays rather than to make a choice. I was such a person, for whom it was extra difficult to make up his mind. The time was going by, but I was still looking at the monitor. I was immovable, my head was free from good ideas, and I felt that my mood started getting darker and darker.

The first ideas appeared in my head, when I started feeling asleep. First, I wanted to tell my readers about my own childhood, though my phone began to vibrate and my friend’s voice cheered me up. This call made me remember about his family and little sisters, whom I adored greatly! It was the best topic for my observational essay, which I guessed I would never choose.

I started typing and soon I had the whole paragraph of rather good material. Do you want me to share it with you? I started my story like this…

The Smell of Happiness

… I had a lot of friends, who had kids in their houses. Some of them had their own babies, the others were from large families and their parents had more than 4 children. My best friend had 6 sisters and 1 brother! Can you imagine the level of noise, which was always in their house? I visited him very often as he was always asked to sit with the babies. He was so tired of this kindergarten at his house that I wasn’t able to leave him face to face with these hyperactive small girls, who seemed to have the batteries instead of the human organs. They were ready to play for 24 hours a day. I was sure that even the biggest children lover could be exhausted by these Energizer bunnies.

Thank God, his brother was five years older than he, so he needed no control. The girls were bombastic! When you set foot in their house, a feeling that it was full of children visited you at once. It seemed that there were not just 6 girls. I guessed that their number was at least twice as bigger.

Children were really everywhere and it was impossible to find a place in the house, where you could relax at least for 30 minutes. They followed you wherever you went and produced so much noise at that, that there was a feeling that you were in 3D cinema. If you liked such a pastime, you would be crazy over sitting with these small and loud kids.

Despite the fact, that this house became silent only deep at night, I liked to spent my evenings here. My friend’s mom was a perfect cooker and the cinnamon smell warmed my heart and made me hungry. Her biscuits and cakes were so tasty that I was ready to spend all my life at this kitchen. She knew my weakness and each time, when the door bell rang and I came in, she smiled at me and rushed to the kitchen. Several minutes later she appeared and proposed me super aromatic coffee and this long-awaited caloric but tasty pastry. After the first slice I started feeling like the happiest person on the planet and the world around me disappeared.

Quality Assistance for You

Thus I started my child observation essays. I reread it again and again, but then I closed the .doc file and let myself take a short break. My memories made me hungry. The description of pastry and coffee pushed me to go to my kitchen, took some instant coffee, and made a cup of drink, which resembled Arabica coffee. I started missing my friend, his mom, and her well-cooked bitter coffee…

I was at my computer again. I started my essay reading once more. The more I read it, the more I was surprised. I liked my text greatly. It seemed to be so fresh and vivid. I thought that I coped with my task perfectly and I believed that I would be praised for it.

 It was stupid to deny the fact that I was a rather good narrator, though I understood that such a task was a hard nut to crack for a pretty amount of students. What should they do if they were not good at telling the stories?

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