Creation Vs Evolution Essay – No Right Answer


Creation Vs Evolution Essay – No Right Answer

The moment you start writing an evolution essay, which have been assigned to you, you start feeling doubtful, because this is a contradictory question that honestly has no answer as no one was there when the world began. We all are well aware that the human evolution essay means we have to write about Mr. Darwin’s theory, but do we really feel good about it? Does it really help to agree with the theory that we have evolved from the apes, or that we were fish that came out onto the surface? The Bible says that the man was created on the sixth day, and then God rested. Many believe that this proves the creation of a perfect specimen, because it was predeceased by others, rehearsed and perfected. But the humanity is so jealous that from the beginning of times it has been set on destroying the other creature, erasing everything else but themselves. Therefore we have the results of its restless efforts – climate change, global warming, pollution and contamination. At every educational establishment we learn how industry and technology are destroying our plane, we write research papers on these topics, but do any of us realize who is behind all of that. It is us, we do all the damage, each and every one of these flawless organisms that were either created or evolved.

An essay on evolution would probably have to be agreeable with these theories, and back them up, but it is very possible that the one who writes it would be merely acting as he is supposed to. But isn’t it pure hypocrisy, writing what you do not believe in? It is much more possible and sounds far better, when we believe that the man was created. However, we cannot possibly state that a man hasn’t evolved since the dawn of creation. Just look at all things that the humanity has come up with: the technology, transportation, medicine, education and more. Isn’t it the true evolution? The medical care given today helps save and prolong lives. Human mind has managed to find a cure for the diseases that were considered incurable in the past. And this gives us a lot of hope:  the lethal illnesses of the present will be fought and suffer a defeat.

Many Christian theologians agreed on the fact that the first man was not created as he appears at modern times. The Bible says that he was created from the material that already existed, and as the Holy Book is full of metaphors and cryptic messages, why can’t the act of creation be one of them? It is a widely known thing that cryptologists are constantly working on deciphering this secret message to humanity, hoping to find some guidance and advice. And while they are working, the believers just hang on to the promise of heaven and deny even the slightest hints at the possibility of not having been created by the Almighty.

For a religious and believing person it is easier to write an essay on creation, than go into the trouble of contradicting their own beliefs with writing an evolution vs creation essay. These topics are only given to see how well a person can object to the things they most holy believe in. And here we constantly talk about beliefs but introduce no facts. You must be curious why that is so. This topic can generally be called the theory of evolution, and theory because it cannot be proved, of hasn’t been proved yet. The moment someone proves or dismisses it, it will become the fact of evolution or the fact of creation.

Search for Proof Can Be a Dead-End

For example, a researcher, who wants to write an essay about evolution, can find very little fact and evidence that this really occurred, because modern science can do only so much. We can compare and contrast the bones of our supposed ancestor, but we can never know if we should call them that. This discussion can only be resolved by a creation of a time machine, which would make it possible to bear witness to the moment of creation. But since the time machine is currently only a work of fiction and the fruit of imagination, than all we are left to do is believe that our convictions are true. It is always interesting to read others’ opinions on the topic and find people who believe as you do, so we are encouraging you to write your thoughts on the topic “creation vs evolution” and we will be grateful to read them.

The truth is there is no need to choose or stick only to one theory. Logically there has to be a grain of truth in each of them, no matter how small. People are afraid to have an open mind and remain contained with only one option, while at the same time we have so many possibilities, so many probabilities, and so many truths that need to be put together. Of course every generation gathers together its potential and gives birth to a genius that would make the history. Many of these extraordinarily gifted people now walk among us. It is as if the human genes preserve their capability up to a certain moment and sprung it all up, manifesting in one human being.

When you have to write an essay on evolution of man, take these examples. These overly intelligent people are the ones that are saving the humanity, they are the ones that introduce progress, encourage development round the clock. This small group of people is the sign of the evolution of the mankind. Whether we have come from apes or not do not really matter. These discussions must be left to those, who make it their life goal to prove or dismiss certain theories. When you wish to read about the writing techniques and learn helpful tips for your essay writing, then go to our service section of the blog.