Crisis in Educational System: Myth or Reality


Education is the background, the Rosetta stone for the development of a personality, the acquired skills and abilities help to reach the desired goal. The successful graduation makes a person compatible and suitable for the job hunt. The variety of modern job market makes it hard to choose the branch you would want to study, but the choice is very important and it must be made very early in life: the sooner the better. They say that without an education you are no one: it is not entirely true, but with a degree you have a better chance at living your dream life.

In most cases the education is free, but it is widely known that in some cases exceptions are made: whether officially or out of the books. Private schools and universities are considered very prestigious. However, the price of the education is not always fair, because you pay more than you receive in return, so generally, you pay for prestige. Many today choose paying for their education after the graduation. This so called education on credit is quite handy, as well as risky. There is also the factor of the social media in education that makes paying for it seem unnecessary, as everything can be found online nowadays.

The modern economic situation has created a large competition for all graduates. It is important not only to get a decent baggage of knowledge, but also to be taught how to develop market oriented thinking.  The knowledge quality is also important; it should reach the standards set by the educational establishment and by the government. Moreover, the modern education has its system constantly changed. We must learn throughout our lives in order to keep up with the growing job market and be able to fit into the dream job in the future.

The Knowledge Is Desired and Cherished

On the one hand, there are lots of scientific and pedagogical universities where hundreds of people work on new programs, methodologies, student’s books and workbooks, carry out research and conduct experiments. On the other hand, there are teachers, who come every day into the classroom and try to impact on the students the ancient knowledge, that may not be even relevant nowadays, only useful as historical source. So, after all the work done, there is actually no modernization and the process is only good on paper. Maybe we will see some progress when the actual teacher are substituted with artificial intelligence, this way there would be no need to retrain the staff, you will only have to download the latest software and be done with it.

The school system is in jeopardy: every day we wait while the decision comes from the higher power to introduce a new subject, to cancel a certain exam or to reevaluate the entire student body. Almost every country has its own education system, based on different principles and philosophies. Although, these may have different names and follow seemingly different rules, all the systems in developed countries follow one simple idea: the student’s personality is far more important than the knowledge they are able to achieve.

Some researchers agree that the rapid development of a country happens only due to the ponderable investment into the educational process. They have put their entire future on stake when entrusted it into the hands of future generation, but they weren’t wrong. There are universities that pull attention to themselves, the universities where practically everyone wants to go.  These ones make the list of the most prestigious and highly paid as their tuition fees are simply skyrocketing. The countries that invest money into education and health care systems get the best future prospects.

We may think that there is nothing wrong with the modern education in the world. However, when we look at it in general, we may see that the higher education has lost its potential. There were times when a university degree absolutely guaranteed that you were going to get a job and insurance for the future. The paradox of the modern world puts a degree on the same shelf with the lack thereof. It is not so hard to notice that people who worked hard to achieve the desired position in society are now on the lowest of the low. The luck has turned and now a college graduate with a decent well-paid job is not a rarity, but a graduate that has found a good job in accordance with their qualifications can really be found once in a blue moon.

If these occurrences do not scream “crisis” then what will? We no longer get the knowledge we will need in the future life. How many of us can say that they have learned all they needed at college? The modern system shows the need for further studying; we must always learn something new, never stop. In the pars, there were only a couple of profession that required constant up-date of knowledge, but nowadays all of them have this requirement. This critical condition of education may lead to its total destruction. Why would we need to get a degree if we have to learn more anyway? A very high percentage of school graduates never enter college, because of either the financial reasons or the lack of desire to study further.

Well, there is a certain requirement for general knowledge, but this can be achieved in a year, so there is no reason to stay throughout all four years, if only for the college experience. Majority of students choose homeschooling nowadays, because they believe in the importance on knowledge itself and do not care about the communication factor.

It seems that current educational processes have lost their importance in the eyes of students, but they still would like to go to college just for the fun of it. It can be easily said that we no longer need higher educational establishments for learning, but we certainly need them to get the necessary skills and abilities in order to fit in into the society. The mere existence of a diploma means you provoke respectful thinking. If you would like to share your opinion on the critical condition of education system in your country, please contact us.