Critical Thinking Essay. To Think Not As Everyone


People are always divided into those who believe false information, and those who always doubt and search for evidence. So, it's time to talk about critical thinking in essay writing.  

Let's define what is critical thinking. My essay on critical thinking gives the next definition: it is a search for common sense. How to judge and act logically taking into account both perspectives and opinions? It is the ability to abandon own prejudices. Critical thinking is able to put forward new ideas and find new possibilities. It is essential in solving problems. Critical thinking is often perceived by us as something casual. Without a comprehensive understanding of what "critical thinking" is, a person can’t think critical. Just like can't use with the maximum benefit a computer, if he or she doesn’t understand its purpose and capabilities. If you are one of such people, then read an essay on computer.

Many people think that there is nothing unusual, that it something that we always use. But we often are completely biased. However, the quality of our lives, our actions depend on the quality of our thinking. Wrong thinking costs us money and affects the quality of our lives. Great thinking can be developed systematically. By the way, these professional college essay writers already know all rules of critical thinking. So ask them to help you with your essay.

Critical thinking is forming in the preschool years. This is the period when the child begins to ask a bunch of questions and his favorite word becomes "why". The child becomes curious. If you do all in the right way, a thirst for knowledge will remain for life and thinking become critical. The problem is that the development of critical thinking automatically makes the child “inconvenient” for parents and teachers. Because this kid begins to ask a million questions instead of just listen and do what surroundings say. Such a child is difficult. If parents are ready to endure the inconvenience and understand the tremendous importance of this stage, of course, they will spend time and effort in answering the questions. But let's be honest: do you know a lot of such parents? How many of them think that to stand out- it is bad, and to be obedient is right? For developing a child’s critical thinking it is important that parents not only respond to child’s eternal "why", but also ask the same questions to the kid, talking and considering him a person who has own opinion. So that he will learn to think convincingly and make decisions in a meaningful way. As a result, he will understand what and why he wants, learn to hear his own voice, instead of following the expectations of others and in 30-40 years wondering "Who am I?" and "What do I want?". These issues — the real personal hell for those who in childhood was docile and “easy”. If it is for example literature or philosophy, it requires the ability to build logical reasoning, ask difficult questions and look for answers. Therefore, people with undeveloped critical thinking are so rarely interested in such issues. 

How to develop the ability of critical thinking

In my critical thinking essay, I want to give some advice. Here is the first. The starting point is self-knowledge. You should try to observe yourself from outside, to evaluate and analyze own decisions, identify mental errors. To begin with, you just have to “scroll” your day in imagination before going to sleep, trying not just to remember what happened during the day, but the nature of your thoughts, the influence of emotions on said words, the logic of arguments and reasoning. So you can see its value (the best solutions come after something had already happened).

What is important?

The next advice of this essay on critical thinking skills are:

  • Think independently! Critical thinking is an autonomous thinking. Many of our beliefs are acquired by us at an early age when we are most prone to the irrational formation (because we want to believe and because we receive a reward for the faith). These people thoughtfully form principles of thoughts and actions; they don’t accept everything mindlessly. They are difficult in manipulation.
  • Doubt! In order to learn how to prove and disprove hypotheses it isn’t needed to read books on logical problems. Life provides enough of a chance because even everyday thinking has the same basis that the scientific method of testing hypotheses has. Forming a view of the world, we collect the facts and conduct surveillance, which allows us to receive relevant knowledge.
  • Check the facts! You must avoid selective argumentation and use the entire arsenal of available information.
  • Don’t trust the authorities! All people in varying degrees are silly, there is no single absolute wise man whose ideas will be true at all times. Something may be out of date, but something may be controversial initially. We have to rely on the experience and knowledge of scientists and thinkers of course, but it must be only instruments of knowledge and not a substitute for your own opinion.
  • Digest the information properly! You can use the next algorithm. Take a paper and a pen. Read the text (watch the video). Write down the main points. Reproduce the information in your own words, based on existing abstracts.

A critical thinker asks questions:

  • What do I know?
  • What did I learn?
  • How did my knowledge change?
  • What am I going to do with it?

Perfect critical thinking usually involves:

  • Curiosity
  • Good awareness
  • Cause of trust
  • Open-mindedness
  • Prudence in judgment
  • Rationality in the selection of criteria

In different essays on critical thinking, there is information that psychologies consider a critical thinking as one of the most complex mental processes. It is the ability not only to interpret and analyze information but also the ability to make questions, to present arguments in defense of own opinions and conclusions. It is possible to develop critical thinking even in conflict situations.

It is clear that the tips of my essay about critical thinking will use not all readers. Also, my advice will unlikely help without practice, but it is useful sometimes at least to reflect slightly on what you heard.   

As you could ensure critical thinking is very important in our time. All our professional writers have such thinking. That is why our service is so unique and has no equal.