Critical Thinking Essay Writing: Write And Think


Speaking about such thing as a critical thinking essay, we should first focus our attention on the wider concept of critical thinking. In this day and age enormous amounts of information are being poured on our defenseless heads. Newspapers, TV-channels, web sites and dozens of other sources of information are delivering us their points of view on everything that happens (and sometimes doesn’t actually happen) in the world. The vast majority of the events, the mass media are giving us an account of; or personalities, that are being introduced to us as heroes, oppressors or victims, have nothing to do with us and so we are seldom paying them much attention at all, but among all these torrents of useless garbage sometimes comes up some valuable information. Therefore, being able to recognize and analyze these pieces of information is of paramount importance for everyone who wants to keep pace with the times. A few centuries ago it was normal to believe that in some faraway lands you could meet people with iron heads or with wings instead of hands, but the simple fact that nobody had ever seen such creatures was not considered a reason enough for taking this with a grain of salt at the very least. So why should we follow this suit, implicitly trusting all those talking heads from the news broadcast? Few media outlets are fully independent (if such thing as independent mass media exists in this world at all), and you should always remember that all TV-channels or news services have their owners. The owner of your favorite news agency may be a kind of an agent of influence or just be biased due to his or her personal preferences. Without being used to critical thinking we are at risk of putting blind trust in what we’ve been said on television.

So how can we learn to sort the wheat from the chaff? Let’s find the answer together with our essay writing service. One of the ways to up-grade your critical thinking skills is critical thinking essay writing. Such essays are pieces of writing, in which the author tells the readers his opinion on some popular and extensively discussed topic, bringing forward some arguments to support his viewpoint. How should that be done? Don’t try to analyze the reasonability and efficacy of the external policy of the United States in the Middle East at the beginning. Try it and write a short essay on why you liked (or didn’t like) the last movie you have watched in the cinema. Here are a few simple tips, which can help you while writing such an essay:

  • Carefully think the point at issue over and form your opinion on it.
  • Present your argumentation trying to turn your narratees (real or imaginary) to your own views and convince them that your opinion has its right to exist. An important point is that persuading your presumable reader you are actually trying to convince yourself, which is your primary objective.
  • Your reasoning should be sound and impartial, supported with compelling demonstrative examples. For instance, if some famous actress is starring in the movie you are writing about, you should mention her not because she is wearing your favorite bra size or her eyes are driving you out of your senses, but because of her convincing performance, explaining after this, why you actually consider her performance convincing.
  • Don’t stick only to the strong points of the movie, its flaws should be paid ample attention to as well, followed by the explicit explanation as to why eventually the advantages outbalance the shortcomings (or vice versa).
  • Summarize the above described in a few short sentences, working up your judgment and impression. Your conclusion should be based on the points you have brought forward in the previous paragraphs. An argument like “I enjoyed the movie because the beauty living next door, being asked out by me for the tenth time, finally allowed me to give her a peck on the cheek” would not be appropriate.

Such an approach seems not to be serious, but if you master these skills, you will have every right to believe that the opinion upon the topic under consideration you are adhering to will be truly yours, based upon the objective analysis of relevant facts. In addition to this, writing essays about critical thinking you are gaining a useful experience, which (not to speak about the development of critical thinking itself) may come in handy in your professional activities and under certain circumstances help you go up the ladder.

Of course, those hardly exist, who could see the only method for development of their critical thinking in essay writing; there are many other ways to help you become more critical in your thinking. The crucial aspect is that you should try to do everything in your own way, relying on your own experience, observations and understanding, as far as it doesn’t counter to common sense. In view of this, you should take a few simple steps changing your approach to information:

  • Do you remember the day when you last watched your favorite political talk show? Mark it well, because it is going to be the last time you watched it. A bunch of people trying to shout each other down while sharing their “invaluable” opinions may be a captivating spectacle, but rather then to get you used to critical thinking it is likely to wean you off thinking at all.
  • Reading newspaper or online articles pay more attention to those ones, which are just giving an account of significant events, but you should give those events estimation yourself. If you are following some famous experts or political commentators in Twitter or Facebook, unsubscribe from them immediately. Most of those “renowned experts in various fields” are undereducated or biased babblers and their third-rate opinions are not worth your internet traffic.
  • Read fewer critical thinking essays. Write them.

Besides, you might just as well use this essay as the first object to apply your critical thinking to and try to refute some (or all) of the statements you have found in it (you can get more application objects for your critical thinking skills, by making use of the services offered by our professional writers). You don’t have any reasons for taking anything its author says at face value. He is unlikely to be independent and his impartiality is not indisputable.