Current Event Essay: The Truth Prevailed!


A great number of students are really sure that writing of an essay on current events is a super easy task. The experts can’t argue this fact: there is really nothing difficult in bringing to light the most interesting or exciting events, which are happening all over the world every second. A lot of them are reflected in tabloids and online articles and each of the inhabitants is able to get acquainted with them easily. Just choose the most convenient way for you to get the info and get it. In our world of technologies there are no more problems with being well-informed about the world events.

Some Prompts for You

Composing essays on current events requires not much from its writer: to find the most interesting news for a student and to shape it in a form, which will make the readers get interested in the article. Of course, it should be original and written in a student’s own words. If you are dreaming to try yourself as a journalist, such a task will make an impression on you.

You shouldn’t forget one important rule while writing your text: the main goal is to bring info to the readers in a correct way. Your text should be informative, clear, contain the details and conclusions. Try not to overload it with the too complex sentences: they may make your text difficult for perception.

You need to follow an easy plan and your text will be constructive and laconic:

  • Tell what the event happened in the world.
  • Inform when this event happened.
  • Mention where the event, you are going to throw light on, happened.
  • Remind who the participants of the event were.
  • Explain why such an event happened and analyze the causes.
  • Make the conclusion and tell about either the negative or positive meaning of the event, which you have just mentioned.

It is really not difficult to follow the above-listed steps. If you choose the event, which is interesting for you and you know how to make it even more attractive for others, be sure that the success is guaranteed to you. Don’t you know what to talk about? You are free to choose any political, economical, or criminal topic. Nobody abridges your rights and preferences here.

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Here Is Our Current Events Essay

News that Ukraine won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest rocked the whole world late at night on May 15. The fans of bright stars, the countrymen of the young artists, and both TV and live viewers kept the sacred silence and repeated the prayers to help their favorites win before the results were finally announced! It is hard to say that nobody was ready to hear the name of the winner. The predictions were made as soon as the contest began. The three main favorites of bookmakers were singled at once: Russia, Ukraine and Australia. These leaders really topped the list of the winners, though the main price was granted to Ukraine!

The Ukrainian singer Jamala, who is in fact Crimean Tatar, represented the great song ‘1944’, which told about the hard destiny of ethnic Tatars, who were deported from the Crimean Peninsula by Soviet leader Iosif Stalin during the World War II. Jamala’s forefathers were among the poor people, who had to leave their homes forcedly.

Despite the strained relations between some of the countries, the atmosphere of rivalry was free from politics. The Eurovision Contest 2016 became the real scene of artistic competition between the powerful participants, each of which had enough supporters all over the world and enough talent to take the first place.

Of course, the hopes of those, who wanted their favorites to make the top and win the main prize, were broken. Jamala (Ukraine) was given 534 points and took the first place; Dami Im (Australia) was given 511 points and got the second place; Sergey Lazarev received 491 points and brought the Russian Federation the third place. Everybody was satisfied with the results.

Jamala was really genial and her voice’s diapason gave all the viewers the creeps. Everybody waited for the comments of the President of Ukraine, who was usually laconic in his speech. The small post appeared in his Twitter account, which told that he didn’t wait for any other result and that the truth prevailed as usual. Nobody doubted that Petr Poroshenko, the Ukrainian people and the Jamala’s fans were happy.

Despite the fact that Ukraine and all its population celebrate the brilliant triumph of Jamala, more and more rumors start appearing on the Net: not everybody is satisfied with such a state of things. The Jamala’s song seemed to be too politicized, though the biggest part of the world thought otherwise.

Eurovision 2017 will be held in the capital of Ukraine, in ancient and super beautiful Kiev.

It should be said that any victory provokes too many debates around the winner. There is nothing amazing in the fact that the Eurovision 2016 left many people unsatisfied. All the previous years were not the exceptions too. There is a big desire to say Ukraine and its supporters not to pay attention to any dirty words and to turn to Jamala and say her to enjoy her glory hour to the full.

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