Cyber Bullying essay: How To Stop Cyber Bullying


Living in the world of high technologies gives us not only advantages, it also provokes new kinds of problems. In this essay we are going to talk about cyber crime, in particular cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is a phenomenon when internet communication is used for threatening or humiliating. Generally speaking it is an ordinary bullying transferred into electronic form. The consequences of cyber bullying are not better at all than of ordinary bullying. In this essay we will tell you how not to become a cyber bullying victim.


Method 1: What you should pay attention to

1. Pay attention to the signs of bullying. As we have already mentioned cyber bullying is transferred into electronic communication. According to this a cyber bullying victim can be contacted with the following ways:

  • Through the threatening or humiliating verbal statements. This could include sobriquets, tries to control one’s behaviour via the threat of disclosure of personal information or the threat of the use of force.
  • Humiliating or threatening pictures.

2. Pay attention to the signs of public bullying. public bullying is another common form of cyber bullying, when a person is being humiliated not face to face but in a friends circle. In this case the following tactics can be used:

  • Writing of disparaging messages in the Internet.
  • Rumors and gossip spread in social networks or via other channels of connection.
  • Spread of the pictures that humiliate a victim’s dignity.
  • Creating of a site where information that humiliates a victim is collected.

3. Pay attention to the cases of imposture.

  • Sometimes hooligans try to fake a victim’s name and profile.
  • Also there are cases of account hacking and further sending of humiliating messages.

Method 2: Take measures immediately

1. Try to determine the cause of bullying.

  • It happens that a victim often knows well that person who bullies him or her. In this case a problem can be solved by talking to a person face to face and not via electronic means of communication.
  • Unfortunately very often bullying happens without any reason. Humiliating other person in such a way a hooligan tries to cope with his own problems. Anyway you should remember that bullying is not a victim’s fault.
  • If a hooligan’s personality is unknown or if a couple of people bully, probably a simple talk will not help. In these cases you should take drastic measures.

2. Stop answering the hooligan’s messages.

  • It is a known fact that hooligans try to provoke their victim and every answer on their provocations they treat like a victory.
  • Do not threaten the hooligan that you will find and punish him. This will only aggravate the situation and the bullying will continue.

3. Keep the proofs of bullying. Write down time and date when you get the messages, keep all the letters, files and pictures used for bullying. The more you will know about the hooligan, the easier it will be to stop him.

4. Block the hooligan. Put an end to the hooligan’s threats by banning his access to your pages in social networks and so on. Do not forget to keep all the messages you have received and:

  • Delete the hooligan from the list of your e-mail contacts, and block receiving text messages from him;
  • Delete the hooligan from your social networks, deny access to your pages;
  • Block the hooligan’s phone number.

5. Limit others’ access to your personal information. Take the following measures:

  • Change the profile privacy settings so that only your close people, whom you can believe, have possibility to contact with you.
  • Think about changing the name or nickname in the social networks. If you use one and the same nickname for a long time, it will not be difficult to find you. So you can change your nickname, avatar and other data to avoid the cases of bullying.
  • Create new account and let your relatives and your friends know about this.

Method 3: Ask for outside help

1. Do not wait till the last moment to ask for a help. When you do not act, the hooligan realizes his impunity. Do not think that the problem will disappear, take measures as soon as possible.

If a bullying victim is a child or a teenager, you should ask adults for a help. Parents and educators can help you.

2. Discuss the situation with school administration.

  • Every school has its policy in a struggle with bullying and cyber bullying.
  • Appeal to the educators is a right step. Quite possibly other children also suffer from cyber bullying and thus a school should take certain measures.
  • Parent should discuss the problem with school administration.

3. Inform website administration about the hooligan.

  • Usually cyber bullying contradicts the rules and policy of a website. Read the rules and inform administration.
  • Perhaps you can be asked to prove your words, so do not forget to keep the messages.

4. Contact law enforcement authorities. In certain cases cyber bullying can be classified as a crime. You can call police when bullying gets the forms of:

  • harassment and threats;
  • threats of death or violence;
  • use of erotic or pornographic pictures of an underage (i.e. child pornography);
  • videos taken without victim’s knowledge;
  • expression of hatred.

Method 4: How to prevent cyber bullying

1. Never spread on the Internet information that can be used against you.

  • Do not tell everything about you in the social networks. Never spread on the Internet something that only you should know.
  • Do not take discreditable photos yourself and do not let others do it.
  • Personal information sent via Internet can get into wrong hands. So try to avoid discussing something personal or intimate in the social networks or via other electronic means of communication. The more you control the information, the better.

2. Follow your manner of behavior in the network. A conflict can be caused by misunderstanding. Try to be always polite. Do not answer when you are mad or angry. There are more chances that emotional messages can be understood wrongly.

3. Never take part in cyber bullying, even if everyone else do it.

  • It is the herd instinct that makes cyber bullying so powerful and dangerous. Show others that you are against; try to be a role model of reasonableness.
  • Do not take photos or video without permission, it is illegal.
  • Even when you have permission, do not spread the material you have. Furthermore never spread such information that can compromise a person.


  • Save and print text messages. Sow these profs of cyber bullying to your parents and police. Remember that cyber bullying is a crime!
  • Be careful downloading photos, files, etc. You can never know who can get them.
  • Never show your personal information in network: your home address, phone number, birth date and so on.
  • Ignore cyber bullying messages, do not answer them, and do not show that they hurt you.
  • Only you can know your passwords and no one else, neither friends, nor your best friends or even relatives.
  • And of course never hesitate to ask for a help.

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