Day of the Dead Essay: Peculiarity and Steps of Celebration


Have you ever heard about this festival? This is a Mexican holiday. Do you know that every celebration that takes place in a country is an inevitable part of its culture? Day of the Dead is a huge fest for which people are waiting every year. Mexicans of all age, both adults and children wherever they are honor dead relatives on this day. That is why we have decided to write Day of the Dead essay, because it is extremely bright and essential event.

Surely, this custom has a pagan origin. This fact confuses many people. What exactly may people to be bewildered? The main reason lies in mixing religion and heathenism. This point is a usual matter that disturbs true believers. Read more about faith here:

The believers say that it is impossible to combine two contradictory things. When somebody thinks about it logically, he/she will obviously agree with the opinion. However, while looking at the holiday as the part of the culture, it is fine. This event shows different nations what things are important for Mexicans, how they amuse themselves, and what they consider to be a real celebration.

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Now it is the time to discuss the theme. It is always very interesting to learn about foreign traditions and ways of having fun. Day of the Dead remains the event when everyone can cry and laugh at the same time. This day is a special one. It is not only about fun and joy. It is about sorrow. One can see how someone is dancing while other person may weep. This is the very time to recollect the names of all deceased people whom we knew. Every society has such a day. Surely, not every country has given it a national significance. But every person has a moment when he stays alone and dedicates his thoughts to the lost beloved people.

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What is Interesting about the Mexican Day of the Dead?

1. People in Mexico did not celebrate it until the last century. The people that lived on the territory had various traditions. By the way, Catholic church opposed to the fest with a big force. Priests persuaded people in its immorality and impurity.

2. In the second half of the past century, the government in Mexico declared the Day of the Dead to be a nationwide holiday. The basement for the decision was to boost the popularity of ancient traditions.

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3. The government also pursued educational idea when exalted the celebration. Pupils at schools were taught folklore and the history. Now everyone in Mexico knows the purpose of the event. It is vital for them as well as Passover for Hebrews.

4. The roots of the holiday lead to Aztec culture. People honored a pagan goddess. Because people around the world in the past did not believe in one God, the tradition spread all over the world. For this reason, every nation has traces of this irreligious celebration. It is a very nice line about which we would like to talk. If you will decide to write an essay about the influence of the tradition on the whole world, apply to the help of our essay editor online.

5. For Mexicans the Day of the Dead is mostly a joyful event. This shows the attitude of the nation to the holiday. People prepare fancy dresses, food, sweet-scented bread, and aromatic flowers. Bakeries work nights and days to fill Day of the Dead with nice and tasty goods.

6. People celebrate Day of the Dead at the beginning of November almost in every country. It has different names in every nation.

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How the Day of the Dead is Celebrated in Different Latin Countries?

1. In Brazil all the members of a family usually gather in a house. They spend time on praying for gone relatives. The whole day is full of positive events and nice atmosphere.

2. In Haiti people not only pray for the lost beloved ones, but they ask the ghost of all dead people for better luck in their lives. At the graveyards they leave tapers and flowers. The ceremony that takes place in this country differs from others. The heritage that was left by Africans influenced it greatly. People dance at voodoo shrines during the Day of the Dead night.

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3. In Ecuador and Peru the holiday has a huge importance for the descendants of the Inca Empire. People organize dinners at cemeteries and at the streets. Special attention is paid to the food. The classical course of the celebration is roast pig.

Some experts in history say that there is a smart explanation of half religious half pagan Day of the Dead. The Catholic church tried to do all possible to set Catholicism in every region. They perished the influence of the paganism, but they were not able to eradicate it. So, when Spanish people stepped in Mexico they saw an ancient Aztec custom, but they could not help it. In this way two traditions were mixed. Get an outstanding essay about the history of the event with the essay helper online.

Even now Mexicans use skulls for honoring deceased ones. This tradition is common in the country, but not everywhere in Latin America. The impact of heathen past is reflected in people’s acts today. For instance, some men and women believe that shaman can heal diseases. Also, they often leave such offerings as the feather of a bird at Catholic temples.

How to Spend the Day of the Dead?

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1. You can make an altar. People usually spend a year to prepare for this. In fact, the time of preparation depends on the design of an altar. One can make it chic, while another can use a table and invent something out of it. Decorate it with flowers, set the photos of people that you do not want forget. Someone can add Christian crosses and icons.

2. Cook traditional dishes of the event. If you are not interested in it, just prepare what you like. Someone can make interesting sweets out of sugar or cook a sweet pumpkin. Do not forget about symbolic bread of the festival.

3. Visit the burial place. Embellish it nicely. Use for this marigolds. Prepare good gifts for beloved ones. Think what your friends or family members liked most. Bring sweets and favorite food. One can bring alcoholic beverages for grown ups and toys for kids.

4. Set blankets and pillows in your house or apartment in a way that the spirits of your lost ones can rest for a while.

5. Try Day of the Dead make up. You can make it on yourself or try on somebody else. Wear black and white dress or some fancy clothes.

That is all what we wanted to say about this holiday. We hope this topic is interesting and the paper is fascinating. Find more information on our site. Read our blog, please. It was created by people whose aim is to help others.

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