Dental Health: Keep Your Smile Brilliant


Beautiful smile is one of the attributes of modern person that helps you not only look attractive, but also make a successful career. Bad teeth cause dislike, that is why most of us try to take care of the teeth and treat them in time.

Surprisingly but today everyone is concerned about the caries only. There are so many advertisements on this issue, which formed a firm stereotype – there is nothing worse than caries. Unfortunately it is not quite true. You may never suffer from caries but lose all the teet because of the diseases of periodontal tissues.

Rules of oral health for the whole family

Following these rules you and your family will be able to keep the gums and teeth healthy for the whole life. Being a parent you should explain your child why oral hygiene is that important and show how to take care of the gums and teeth.

4 steps to beautiful smile

  • Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day with fluoride toothpaste after breakfast and before sleep.
  • Use dental floss every day.
  • Limit the number of snacks during the day.
  • Visit dentist regularly.

It is not difficult at all to teach your family the rules of oral health. All you need is to know the main rules of hygiene and care for your teeth and gums every day.

Fluorine is the best dental protection

Fluorine is the best means of fighting tooth decay that is available to you to keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime!

How fluorine works

Every day tooth enamel is negatively influenced by acid produced by dental plaque bacteria. When fluorine gets into the oral cavity, tooth enamel absorbs it that contributes to prevention of caries development. Fluorine also helps to stop the tooth decay process.

The ways fluorine gets inside the body

Fluorine has positive impact both outside and inside the body. For the best result you should take fluorine-containing drugs and use fluoride toothpaste not less than 2 times per day, especially after breakfast and before bedtime.

Snacks and tooth decay

If fluorine is our main caries protection, then repeated snacks are the greatest enemies of our teeth. Every day you and your close ones put to the proof your teeth health by having snacks. You have to know that:

  • Your family food intake is less important that the number of snacks during the day.
  • Dental plaque formation mechanism has great importance.

Dental plaque formation mechanism

There are bacteria in the mouth of each of us. Bacteria feed on sugar that contains in food: biscuits, chips, sweets, dried fruits, sweet drinks, etc. Then bacteria start producing acid that destroys the teeth.

Most of foods you eat contain sugar and starch, which bacteria use to produce acid. Each time after having a snack your teeth are influenced by acid for about 20 minutes. At this time the teeth enamel gets thinner what may cause tooth decay.

The fight against bacteria

But you can fight dental plague bacteria! Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day with fluoride toothpaste and reduce the number of snacks. It will help you and your family to prevent caries formation.

When it is time to have a snack, do not eat too much and choose something nutritious. Do not eat the food for a long time. After having a meal once, your teeth are negatively affected for about 20 minutes. But when you eat for a long time, your teeth interact with acid up to 100 minutes. The difference is obvious!

You should also keep an eye on how many sweet your child eats

Child teeth as well as the teeth of a grown up prone to caries. Early child caries can be a serious problem. There are lots of essays on child caries written, so look for additional information.

Visit at the dentist

Dentist is your supporter on the way to perfect smile. Visiting the dentist regularly is a must for you and your relatives. Your child should visit dentist for the first time before he or she is 3 years old.

The sooner your child starts visiting dentist the better it is for the teeth health.

Advice: Take your child with you when you are going to visit the dentist. In such a way dental clinic will be usual and familiar place to the child.

Dental examination: what to expect

Fluorine treatment

To make child’s teeth enamel stronger dentist can cover it with fluorine-containing drugs. For this purpose a special container with gel is inserted into the child’s oral cavity, where gel gets inside the teeth. The drug has different flavors that children like.

Dental sealants

These are thin protective plastic coverings that dentists put on back teeth (molars). Sealants fill the deepening in the chewing surfaces of the teeth, where pieces of food and bacteria can get and cause caries. Such coverings may serve several years.

X-ray photograph

X-ray photograph shows the dentist what is going on inside the tooth and under the gum line. During X-ray examination you child will be dressed in special cloth that protects from undesirable effects of X-ray.

Early childhood caries prevention (Bottle tooth decay)

Early childhood caries can be prevented. Consult the dentists and check out some tips to protect your child from this disease.

Do not put your baby to bed with a bottle. If you still put your baby to bed with a bottle, fill it with water. Any liquids except the water can provoke caries.

You may use the bottle to feed your baby, but do not use it as a soother, it can also cause caries.

How to keep your teeth healthy: TOP 7 tips

Let’s figure out what you should do to avoid teeth problems and to prevent oral cavity diseases.

  • Brush the teeth regularly

We remind you that you should brush your teeth 2 times a day. Do not rush and brush them carefully, because this simple procedure helps to get rid of food remains and dental plague.

  • Choose toothpaste attentively

It is better to consult your dentist to make right choice. He will tell you what toothpaste you should give preference to.

What about children, they should not use adult toothpaste. So take it into consideration not to harm your child’s health.

  • Use dental floss

Dental floss helps to remove small food pieces and plaque from between the teeth, and also helps to keep your breath fresh. You should use floss every day before brushing teeth. However, this rule does not apply to children.

  • Eat less sugar

Try to reduce the amount of sugar and sweet drinks, such as soda, sweetened tea or fruit juices.

Remember that sugar is a power source for oral cavity bacteria. So if you do not want to harm your teeth, try to take under control your passion for sweets.

  • Try to eat acidic foods less

Acidic foods and drinks contribute to tooth decay and lead to enamel erosion. The same is applied to soda and orange juice. That is why children should drink them as seldom as possible and necessarily through a straw, so that the liquid gets directly into the back of the mouth.

If you eat or drink something acidic, wait at least 30 minutes before brushing the teeth. Acid makes enamel thinner, so you can harm your teeth.

  • Change the toothbrush regularly

Change the toothbrush every 3 months. If you see that the bristles are worn out you can do it more often. Choosing a toothbrush pay attention to the degree of softness of the bristles and decide what suits you best. If you want you can buy electric toothbrush, or brush on batteries. They brush more thoroughly, reduce dental plague and possibility of gum disease development. By the way, such brushes great helpers for those who suffer from arthritis.

Wash your toothbrush with water and keep it in an upright position, so that it will be dry before the next use. Do not keep the toothbrush in a closed container, it only contributes to bacteria growth.

  • Visit dentist regularly

Visiting the dentist every six months is a must. Even if you think there are no reasons to go there. Remember that regular visit to a specialist is an important part of treatment and preventive care. Only your dentist can define any potential problem before it becomes serious.

Beautiful smile is not just matter of our appearance, it is matter of our health. Just remember that no one except you should take care about your teeth. Did you like this dental health essay? Visit our website for more! And if you have some difficulties in essay writing, our team can help you to cope with them.