Eagle Scout Essay: Explanation. History. Tips


Have you heard about Scouts? Indeed, you have. Someone probably knows that there is a special program for boys in America which is called Boy Scouts. Eagle Scout is the biggest and honorable achievement of this program. Surely, not everyone is able to reach Eagle Scout. There are requirements that may set a considerable boundary between the award and the one who wants to get it.

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We also should mention that many people make fun of Boy Scouts. They do not take it seriously. Although directors have made a huge amount of movies about Boy and Girl Scouts, people sometimes criticize this occupation. Why it happens? Some say that the main reason is envy. You know all the participants of Boy Scout program are well trained. They learn things that are not taught at schools. This super training may cause displeasure from the side of other people.

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Someone who wants to be a member of Boy Scouts may expect to receive many benefits. The program emphasizes two main qualities: leadership and partnership. So, the one can easily expect for having fun, making new friends, working really hard, and growing not only physically but also mentally. How the partnership (cooperation) works? Each group of Boy Scouts is divided into smaller groups. Each of them spends time on working with other group. Sometimes there is a competition between two groups. Usually such groups are called patrols. This experience is always very useful. It serves as an excellent basement for a future life. For example, it can benefit when cooperate with business partners.

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Boy Scouts stress necessary and important values. Their attitude is all about positive things. One can understand what are main qualities for Scouts from their oath. There is a list of things that they apply to themselves. Scouts must be friendly, do good things, and assist others. They must obey, be brave, gentle, and kind. Boy Scouts must always be cheerful. Actually, there are 12 main values of Boy Scout program. All they are good. Nobody can deny it. See, it is very useful to be a Boy Scout. The program contributes much to the personal development. More information on this topic check here: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/personal-development-21-skills-you-can-learn-by-yourself

All these important things are taught to young boys and girls. Even more, they always find the time to practice their values. Boy Scouts are constant participants of community services. They help those people who do not have a shelter, clean streets and parks, help churches and other organizations that support poor and those who are in need. Boy Scouts are sent everywhere to encourage people and support community. The participation in community service is a must thing to do for every Boy Scout. Especially, it is significant for the one who wants to achieve Eagle Scout.

We have mentioned that each member of Boy Scout is taught all the time. They are very skillful in such fields as survival in a wild place, science, fishing, and of course camping. So, Boy Scouts learn new and important things. When they become experienced, they receive badges of merit. All this is very significant. Boys learn things that can be helpful in their lives. They can become brilliant teachers for others.

The entire time that a person spends in Scouts is highly vital. A boy or a girl gets knowledge and important lessons. They develop necessary qualities, make friends, and learn how to help people. What is the most significant, is that an old man who once was a Boy Scout, still remembers that he must be brave and kind.

The Eagle Scout’s History. How to Become an Eagle Scout.

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For the first time the name Eagle Scout or it is better to say Wolf Scout was described in the Handbook at the beginning of the last century. The book was written for boys. The book has the illustration of the award – an eagle. Eagle Scout always was the brightest prize for the one who was considered to be the most excellent Scout. This boy had to gather 21 merits for his brilliant work. The first award has gotten a teenage boy from Long Island. Arthur Eldred was the name of the boy.

Can you believe that for about 2,5 million of Scouts in the USA have deserved the medal? These people are amazing. Boy Scout program can change one’s life for better. By the way, among laureates of Nobel Prize, there are always some people who have been Boy Scouts.

There are several steps which can increase one’s chances to obtain Eagle Scout. Let us figure out what are they.

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1. Become the member of a troop. Someone can even choose the group of Boy Scouts. Pick the one which will fit you. It must be the troop where you will feel comfortable. Also, if it is possible, let it be near from your home. For instance, in the town you live.

2. Read the Handbook. You have already known about it. This book is very important for every Boy Scout. It speaks about the requirements which one has to complete. Someone will perform them during the camp or a meeting. The book contains essential information about Scouting. It has many tips for a fresh member.

3. Earn merits. Someone can get his Eagle Scout within several years. Everything depends on this work, and how he does it. A boy must work very hard. All in all, this job will not seem so difficult, if it is someone’s dream. The one must show himself doing well in the troop and as a leader. It is like someone has to revise his behavior, the way of treatment others all the time. It is vital. You have to learn about it. At least understand why is revising important in the writing process.

4. Achieve all the necessary merits. There is a list of all available merits which a Boy Scout can get. The total amount of them is 120. Even though this list is so big, 21 merits are enough for someone to receive Eagle Scout. Also, there is a number of required merits. They are fundamental for the rank.

5. Do not be in a hurry. When someone rushes, he has law chances to win something. Summer camp is the best time for getting merits. One can get approximately from 5 to 7 merits during this period. Pay attention to blue cards. You will get them after the accomplishment of every merit.

6. Suggest six names of people who can give recommendation according you to a Scoutmaster. This step is also important. Since eagle Scout is not a toy, they must be sure you are the right person. The best people for this work are parents, someone from your church, tutor, coach, or other close people. Remember they must be adults. These people will describe your behavior in accordance with the oath.

7. Write a paper. This must be a kind of essay about your future and your expectations. You must describe how Boy Scout program can be helpful in your life. Write about experience that you have gotten.

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8. Pass Eagle Board of Review. The best advice for you is “be yourself”. Do not wear a mask and do not be cocky. First think and then answer. The people who will talk to you know nothing about your life. Speak about your dreams. Do not be afraid. Remember all good things that happened to you during the program. Be calm. Let your head be absolutely cool.

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