Earthquake Essay: Human Lives Can’t Be Rebuilt


Everything, except the human lives, can be rebuilt. The houses can be restored, the roads can be covered with new asphalt again, and the glass in the broken windows can be replaced. One thing can’t be changed: the lives of the victims, who suffered from the severe earthquakes can’t be returned. Unfortunately, such an uncontrolled natural phenomenon as earthquake causes too much harm, a lot of destructions, and brings too much grief. It leaves people without their homes, children without their parents, and makes the entire cities disappear from the surface of the Earth.

Terrible News

The world was rocked with the terrible news on April 16, 2016: the earthquake in Ecuador killed nearly 400 people and left thousands of the inhabitants homeless. One day earlier, Japan was struck by a powerful earthquake too. The rescuers are working daily and nightly in attempt to save at least several more people. The evacuation centers are opened and the government tries to do its best to reduce panic, which seized people. In fact, the ruins haven’t been raked yet and the amount of the victims may rise.

The history of the mankind keeps a lot of powerful earthquakes, the damages of which were very serious.  The Haiti earthquake is among them too.

The extra catastrophic earthquake rocked Haiti on January 12, 2010. It killed an unbelievable amount of people: the official data claim that more than 222,000 of Haitians were killed by this catastrophe, more than 300,000 were injured, more than 3 million people were left homeless, and nearly 1,000 people were not found at all. Thousands of buildings were terribly damaged, among which were hospitals and public buildings. The country was in ruins. The water supply system was ruined, the roads were blocked with the wreckages, and the dead bodies were everywhere. Such a situation provoked the explosions of epidemics. The country was on the brink of the humanitarian catastrophe. Starvation and poverty waited for Haitians, who had been not too rich even before the catastrophe. The consequences of the Haiti earthquake were removed partially only in several years. Thousands of Haitians is still live in tent camps.  The country’s life was paralyzed and the situation hasn’t been improved yet.

If to talk about the average number of the powerful earthquakes all over the world, their number is usually more than 100 a year.  Not all the cases gain publicity and are discussed in mass media. Once in ten years the world gets know about the really catastrophic 8-magnitude earthquakes, which kill hundreds or even thousands of people and do the crashing damages to the infrastructure.

Earthquake is…

Earthquake is really one of the most terrible things, which can happen to the mankind. Unfortunately, they start appearing too often. What is the world’s tremor? What are the causes of it? The main target of this essay on earthquake is to explain this phenomenon to all the readers, who know nothing about the movements in the Earth’s layers.

First of all, it is necessary to say that the earthquakes may be of two types:

  • natural, which are happened because of the tectonic plates moving;
  • man-made, which occur because of various explosions caused by people.

As the second type needs no extra explanations, let’s examine the cases, when the Mother Nature makes us the surprises, which no scientists are able to predict.

Our planet consists of four layers. The crust, which is on the top, is considered to be something like the Earth’s skin, though it is not a huge leaf that is able to cover the whole globe. It resembles a large puzzle, which consists of small parts, and they are moving slowly almost all the time. It is evident that these puzzles, which are called the tectonic plates, bump each other. Their edges are consisted of faults. The earthquakes usually appear merely on them. When the edges of the plates hit each other and the energy begins to release. This energy has a form of seismic waves, which reach the world’s surface, then its ground and the vibration makes everything that is on the surface trembling.

The place, from which the earthquake begins, has a name of Hypocenter, while the place, which is situated right above it, is called Epicenter.

The earthquakes may be of different intensity, which is measured with a help of Richter scale.

Rules of the Game

If you meet with such a catastrophe and you begin to feel that everything around you starts vibrating, you should remember that it is necessary to keep away from the windows and keep to the interior wall. If you are driving a car and the world around you begin to tremble, stop immediately, get out of the auto and find a place, where there no electric wires, buildings, or any other objects, which can fall on you. Never keep to the multi-stored buildings, because they will collapse like a house of cards. When the concrete blocks and the parts of the roof cover you, it will be almost impossible for the courageous rescuers to find you alive. If you want to be ready for any accidents, read more about the rules of correct behavior when the earthquake catches you. Just spend several minutes on this articles and your life may be saved then.

It is very terribly to meet with such a catastrophe as an earthquake, though nobody is able to guarantee that you will never get in such a trouble. When I imagine myself in this situation, I prefer to switch to any other thought at once. I know that it is not right, though I can’t cope with the anxious feeling, which seizes me. When I was given a task to write an essay about earthquake, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do this. I didn’t waste my time and bought it at

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