Education Goals Essay: Brilliant Future Is Near!


I like learning and getting some new knowledge about the phenomena, I haven’t ever heard. I am a very enthusiastic person, who has the certain future goals and who isn’t going to betray his dream about being the great fashion designer, not worse than Alexander MacQueen or Carolina Herrera. I am just the first-year student, who is trying to get his education at one of the best fashion institutions of the world. I will describe my long way to this institution and how I covered it in my essay on educational goals. I hope sincerely that my confession and some of my counsels will become the good motivators for those, who have already given up all his attempts to become famous in despair. Hey, guys! Never lose your hope and never waste your time! Spend it on making your goals closer to you and one fine day you will find yourself famous.

First Tries

As far back as I can remember, I always liked to construct clothes, sew various pieces together, and I got super large satisfaction from looking at my dolls, which changed the dresses daily. I think that I started dealing with the scissors earlier than I learnt the alphabet by heart. At the age of 4 I took a needle and sewed my father’s trouser legs together. Of course, the stitches were made badly, though it was my first reflexive impulse and my first show of my talent. It was talent, not the skills. It was amazing, though I wasn’t punished for my trick. My mom had already started noticing that I could become a good sewer in the future. I didn’t know how she could distinguish my talent, though I am still grateful to my mommy, who didn’t forbid me to operate with the dangerous tools and who let my talent develop. She is still keeping these trousers and let nobody unstitch them. She usually says that when I become a famous and high-paid designer and when I start arranging the fashion parades, she will show these trousers to her friends and will boast of my first steps towards such a brilliant carrier.

When I got a bit older, I started sketching. The new and new images appeared in my head, I sketched them on different pieces of paper. The wallpapers were my favorite place, where I drew my models. Of course, I was punished for this not once, though my striving for being a designer didn’t become smaller.

My future was predetermined. I saw no other alternative but to actualize myself in fashion industry.

Short Excursus

A lot of people, who are predisposed to any profession, are sure that they don’t need to enter any educational institution and they know quite enough to waste their time at the desk. My educational goals essay warns you that such a philosophy is too overconfident. Your talent is just one of a thousand puzzles, which are needed to make a whole picture of your professional achievements into a jigsaw. You need to get an enormous amount of knowledge, get inside the profession, which you have chosen for yourself, and reveal the secrets, which are hidden from non-professionals. Do you want to stay a dilettante, in whom no clients will confide? Being the best in your profession and building a breath-taking carrier are the main professional goals for everybody, who is striving for showing the world his potential and exclusiveness.

Shift Yourself and Never Stop!

The university or college selecting is always a very difficult mission. A lot of applicants are sure that it doesn’t matter where to study. They have one aim and it is their diploma. My point of view was cardinally different.  

When I started choosing between the institutions, where to continue my study, I found a large amount of design schools, fashion colleges, and textile universities. I thought that my head would explode with the thoughts, which tore me to pieces. The best thing was that most of these institutions had no special requirements and each person could enter them easily. It was enough to get the recommendation letter, good portfolio, and pass a language exam successfully. The fact that almost all the institutions were too expensive was able to discourage even the most optimistic students from continuing the study here. I was very stubborn and this time such a quality of mine helped me to wade through all the hardships. I found enough inner forces and money to enter University of Westminster in London, where Vivienne Westwood mastered her skills too. This institution was famous for its great graduates, who became the designers and fashion editors then. I knew that my University will not only give me the profound knowledge in my sphere, but will give me an opportunity to have a good practice in a fashion industry. I know it will be the perfect start for me.

A lot of the fashion schools have already produced the brilliant geniuses, who make our world more beautiful and who set the trends for all the stylishly-dressed people. I see no barriers, which may bother me to register my name in the list of the most outstanding designers of the world. My main goal, which I want to achieve in my profession, is to organize my own Fashion House, which will gather the celebrities throughout the world each season.

My professional goals essay lifted the veil and told you, my reader, about my future achievements, which are still waiting for me.

I hope that my paper made you believe that there is nothing impossible in our life and the only thing, which may stop you on your way to your dreams, is you unwillingness to shift yourself. I hope that you liked my essay and if you are in need of the similar one, I won’t keep in secret the place, where it is possible to get it. is the best supplier with the perfect papers! Buy your college goals essay here and you will never regret about making such a choice.