Emancipation Proclamation Essay: Characteristic and Impact


Someone probably knows that the question of slavery in the USA was always extremely acute. This is an integral part of African-American society and the whole country. That was a tough time for most slaves, both men and women. Emancipation Proclamation did all its best to improve the living of African servants. Do you know something about slavery in America? Do you think they were treated well? Slavery is not the best time for anyone. Look at the history of the world. Time after time one nation defeated another one. People that were conquered usually were killed or became servants. A new ruler decided the destiny of his slaves.

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Slavery in the USA has a long and deep history. The most common story tells us about African people who were brought to America in 16th century. They made the folk to abandon their homes and actually forget about them. People from Africa became the property of a white race. They did not belong to themselves anymore. Slavery in the USA was based on the legal platform. So, Americans use them as a labor force. It was very easy to buy a slave. Rich Americans needed servants and those who would take care about plantations. The conditions of living in most cases were bad.

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Events and Life Facts that Preceded Emancipation Proclamation

Abraham Lincoln the author of the Proclamation and a great leader did not issued it all of a sudden. Maybe someone thinks that he got up once in the morning and thought that it would be a great idea to relieve slaves of their burden. There was a stream of events that caused his decision and birth of Emancipation Proclamation in the country. Read about leadership qualities here: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/essay-about-leadership-its-styles-and-leaders-traits Find out whether Lincoln was a true leader or not.

Do not think that African-American slaves were always alone. There were people who did not stop fighting for their emancipation. These partisans were not only black. They were also white Americans. It is impossible to judge any society. A person will surely find at least someone whose opinion will differ from most. This case did not become an exception. So, let us discuss the things that provoked the creation of Emancipation Proclamation.

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1. At the beginning of the 19th century the amount of companies and groups which aim was to finish slavery grew in amount. They spread information about cruelty of slaveholders and immoral sense of the slavery itself.

However, this theme was more popular in Northern region. People from the South supported slavery. It was a vital element of the economy. There was a huge struggle between two sides.

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2. A new movement arose. Its name was Colonization. Indeed people supported the idea of freedom for slaves. Some organizations and people caused the support among society concerning the issue of returning Africans to their homeland. Slaveholders established the organization. They set up a colony in the West part of Africa for free slaves from America to live there.

Again, this act faced resistance from several sides. African-Americans did not want to come back to Africa. By that time several generations of Africans were born in the USA. So, theirs will was to gain rights and equality. 

3. Society was influenced by words of William Garrison. He boosted the concept of sinfulness in slavery. Garrison’s addressed to society and slave-owners to repent; for they had to think things over and change their mind about African servants. His words became a safe backing for slavery opponents in Southern area.

4. The way of treatment varied greatly. It depended on such factors as region, place, and conditions. In most cases white people that had power demonstrated inhumanity towards slaves. Slaves did not face punishment only in cases of disobedience. Oversees and slave-owners whipped and beat servants to show their dominance over African people. Even though, the lives of most slaves were horrible, the history knows cases when slaves could live apart from their owners; they hired white workers; African-American doctors were able to treat white patients. You can easily continue this topic with our writing essay online

5. Slave Code was a set of rules for all slave-owners. In fact, these rules were different in every state. The Code characterized a slave as a person who had no right for a life, and his destiny was in the hand of his owner. Slaves were deprived of the right to learn reading and writing. It was impossible for them to gather in groups, only for worship cause.

The Character of the Proclamation and Impact

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It is a common mistake to think that Emancipation Proclamation was a key instrument which ended slavery in America. As a matter of fact, it was another amendment which prohibited slavery. Although it faced resistance and opposition, the Proclamation was an important step in fighting for freedom of African-Americans. It was a significant political step. The Proclamation was announced in 1863 when the Civil War was at its height. In this way Lincoln showed great resolution. He exposed the greed and cruelty of the enemy South. One of the historical documents shows the certainty of Lincoln’s verdict. Besides, one of our services which is called essay papers writing online can easily make a writing about this document.

Abraham Lincoln wrote every word in Emancipation of Proclamation. He himself told that it was a deed of justice. Someone can make a certain conclusion: there are two reasons of why the President acted in that way. The words from the document increased the support of the North among people. On the other hand, Lincoln consider it as the act of fairness. It was a radical objective to dissolve slavery. Most experts still assert that the main reason of the Proclamation was to gather more troops for the Northern army. They say that Abraham Lincoln was not sure about it before the beginning of the Civil War. Check more information about war on this page: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/essay-on-war-worse-than-hell

The influence of Emancipation Proclamation was huge. Although there are versions that it was just a hint, and no one was freed, thousands of slaves were released. They obtained freedom. The news spread very fast. It was a peaceful process in the USA. The document encouraged the slaves from the South to escape. Emancipation Proclamation had a positive international influence. Lincoln gained an approval from Great Britain while the South lost it. The Confederacy had no chance to survive.

Emancipation Proclamation influenced the attitude of the society toward the War.

With the course of time one can notice that the Proclamation was just a jeer. The lives of slaves almost did not change. You know to what extent the racism in America was developed. White people suppressed African-Americans. So, in following years Emancipation Proclamation together with its author was greatly mocked.

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