Empathy Essay: Putting Yourself Into The Other’s Shoes


If you look into The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, you will find that ‘empathy: 1.the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions; 2. the ability to share someone else’s feelings’.

The people’ everyday business has already made every member of our society indifferent to the problems of people, who live their lives next to us and to whom we try not to pay any attention at all. We live as if we were on the desert island and there were nobody within a radius of 100 km. The biggest part of people has already created the halo around them, which let nobody penetrate behind the closed doors of our private life. We take care only of our own problems, which are disturbing us more than the catastrophes, which happen all over the world regularly. It seems that even if a tremendous earthquake rocks the district, nobody will redirect the focus from his private troubles. 

Why have people already forgotten that it is impossible to live without supporting each other, listening to the problems of each other, and empathizing with each other that is so much important for those, who are in despair? The next essay on empathy is the cry from the depths of my heart, which aims to attract the readers’ attention to the problem, which can soon wipe off the normal human relations at all.

True Story

I was in trouble several years ago. Not even in the awful one, though my problem made me feel depressed. One could ask whether I was alone and nobody helped me. The numerous people, who were next to me while I felt perfectly, disappeared at once. It seemed that they vanished into the air. I called one of those, whom I considered my best friends, though the subscriber was out of range. The same story was with the second one and with the third one too. The fourth friend simply didn’t answer the phone. My depression was long and when it came to end, my sense of happiness was indescribable. I felt twice as happy because it was me and nobody but me who coped with the dark thoughts, which filled my head, and put them out of it.

Do you want to know how this situation influenced me and what it taught me? I just understood that I could rely on nobody and that I had no moral right to be so insensitive too.

I will never understand people, who spend hours on playing online games but who can find no minute to dedicate to his friend, relative, or a person, who needs a good conversation partner or just a listener.

Our technological century, in which the real friends are substituted by the virtual ones and in which getting of the real emotions give way to clicking ‘Like’ on photos, made us the senseless robots. We hide our feelings behind the monitors of our computers, we mask our emotions in the social nets, and we pretend that we are still the most developed, the smartest, and the kindest creatures in the world.

Empathy VS Awareness

A lot of people simply know no difference between these two terms, which have much in common at first sight. If to go deeper, it becomes evident that awareness is nothing but keeping the facts in your memory, while empathy makes you share the feelings of another person and be able to put yourself into his shoes. Being emphatic means to be ready to come to your friend at his call, listen to his life troubles, which annoy him or depress. You may even give no comments. All you need is to listen.

Empathic people take part into the neighbor’s life not because they must do this or anybody asks them to act in such a way. They do this, because they are really preoccupied with the other person’s troubles. Those, who just aware of this or that trouble, keep calm and do nothing with this info. They simply know and that’s all.

I have a perfect example of a very emphatic person, who can’t pass by a person in need. My mom, who is a very tender-hearted woman, is surrounded by friends. I don’t know how she does this, though she has a talent to allay any pains that a person has. It is even not necessary for people to tell her about their problems. She feels their inner state perfectly and she rushes to assistance. Once she even took one woman home. Can you imagine my amazement, when I stepped across the threshold of my room and found a stranger in my bed? I got know the story of this woman. She kept alive after the terrible accident, in which all her relatives died… My mom, who was a doctor, invited her to live with us. Such a rehabilitation method gave the results: Molly, it was her name, recovered much quicker than if she had been left face to face with her tragedy. She is still the most honored guest in our house. She got married for the second time, by the way, and bore a child again.

I know that living with a person, who is cold to the other people’ emotions and think of himself only is impossible. Nobody can stay in the shadow of the egoist and pretend that he has no private troubles inside him.

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