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People know that English colleges are among the best in the world. Studying in UK costs a lot but it is not all about it. Some students struggle while studying in England and others take huge pleasure from it. In this paper we will discuss several issues that concern studying in Great Britain.

English Writing Site Explains Problems That Foreign Students Face in UK

Let us start from the struggles that some students face. People come to UK from all corners. When they start studying in Great Britain, they have to overcome several things like foreign language, other food, rules, customs, and traditions. Is everyone ready to this? No, not every student can manage to get used to a new life abroad. For this reason, they experience a kind of cultural shock that reduces their chances to gain significant goals.

Now we will look closer at points that confuse some students who study in UK. Sometimes it is so difficult for a student to adapt to new environment that it prevents him/her from achieving educational goals. Check Education Goals essay on our website.

1. Food is an obvious reason for some students to struggle while studying in UK. People in England like to add spices into foods. Students from different countries who have not used to it may suffer from it.

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2. Clothes are another confusing factor. Many people in the world say that Englishmen almost never wear casual clothes. They are too picky and always try to look attractively. This issue is extremely a big gap for many students.

3. Transportation is different in UK. There are so many lines especially in big cities. Not only students but common tourists are bewildered about it. For some person it takes enough time to get used to English transportation.

4. Many students say that the weather in England is one of the worst in the world. It is so cold in January that a student has to wear several coats. Also, it rains almost all the time. Such weather conditions do not fit everyone.

5. Money exchange. It is about shopping. In UK shopping costs much. So, when a student who is studying in England but has come from another country starts to calculate how much a thing costs, he usually says, “I’ll better buy the same good at home.” Everything is expensive in UK. However, here you can buy cheap essay papers online.

In spite of all these struggles, many students find studying in UK the best experience in their lives. Each year British colleges welcome foreign students. Indeed, studying in UK is attractive. This education opens for a person so many doors. It gives a chance to become a successful worker. Studying in UK changes life in many ways. People believe that education in England is the best, so they are not sorry for all money they spend on studying.

Before we will proceed to the second part of our paper, please look at the list below.

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Why Students Should Study In UK

1. The first reason why so many students move to UK is the history of education. Teachers and professors in UK know how to teach. Almost any college or university in Great Britain has a Nobel Prize winner. All teachers are more than skillful. They are talented and know how to hand in knowledge to students.

2. Length of the course is the reason number two why students choose UK colleges. As compared with other countries you can get a degree in England much faster. It takes only three years to get a bachelor degree and then one can obtain a master degree in one year. All studying seems like one beautiful day. It will pass quickly.

3. In UK a student will have less lectures hours than in other countries. Only four times per week a student will attend lectures. They are not the main source of information. So, you will have time to get from us online essay proofreading tips.

Nevertheless, forget about it, if you study chemistry in UK university.

4. Diversity is a significant reason that attracts students. Even more, it is a favorite reason for many people. Universities and colleges in UK are super multinational. On average 40% of your classmates are international students. It is a great way to unite people from all over the world and find out more about different nations.

5. Modules are definitely another reason. Modules are subjects within your course of studying. A student can pick his selective modules as well as our company and order here the best essay online. It means that you have compulsory subjects but can shape your education according to your interests.

6. British culture becomes the next reason that captivates students. Double-decker buses, the Queen, tea, and other things attract people. Englishmen are polite on the street. British literature is well-known around the world. It is a place of Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes.

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7. British education gives students a chance to join societies. It is more than a great way to meet new people. Someone can also learn useful skills. Ballroom dance, for instance, sometimes becomes helpful in life after college. It is a good way to learn and experience new things.

8. Social life while studying in UK is different and enormous. Expect to have a lot of social life in Great Britain. It is an integral part and inevitable thing here. Student life in UK is very different. It differs from one that students have in the USA, for instance.

9. It is not a secret that graduates from UK colleges and universities comprise a huge amount of employees. First of all graduates get enough support from their university like interview preparation. Often representatives from big companies come to universities to catch students. That is what makes UK education the best.

10. Although it is a surprising fact, but the weather in England attracts students. While some students consider it bad and say that it always rains, other say that it is mild and calm.

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