Environmental Essay: Types Of Pollution


One of the consequences of human activity on the Earth is environmental pollution. Factory smoke car exhausts, dangerous emissions during fires – all these poisons the air. Dangerous for human and animal lives chemicals from factories and farms constantly flow into the seas, lakes and rivers. Land is contaminated by rubbish dumps, nuclear waste and other debris of our civilization. In this essay about environment and environmental problems we are going to discuss not only the types of pollution, but also we will give you some useful tips, which everyone should follow to protect our world.

Air pollution

Car exhausts, smoke from factories and power stations, and fires pollute the air most of all. In particular during the petroleum, gas and coal burning the atmosphere gets so much carbon dioxide that the Earth soon will start to warm up very quickly due to the greenhouse effect. Global warming could melt so much polar ice that world sea levels will rise by 1 meter. In this case some lands, for example part of the territory of the Netherlands will be flooded.

There is another factor that may cause global warming. Because of the industrial enterprises emissions into the atmosphere acid rain became more often now. Such rains are very harmful for buildings, plants, fish in the rivers, and of course for people. For instance, in Norway about 80 % of forests are on the verge of total destruction because of acid rains. For this reason, 2200 lakes were damaged d in Sweden.

Atmosphere pollution influences negatively human health as well. The doctors from Bratislava (city in Slovakia, Central Europe) stated that since 1970 because of the air pollution the number of heart disease increased by 40%, cancers – by 33%, while the number of deaths from heart attacks increased by 60%. Cities of the world just “gasp” from the car exhausts. Millions of car exhaust pipe emit a large amount of harmful gases. Megacities of the world, such as Tokyo, Mexico, Los Angeles, Athens, are always shrouded in mist. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because of the cars increased significantly over the last century. In addition, the exhaust gases contain a lot of soot particles and toxic chemicals.

Soil pollution

Huge areas of the Earth surface are polluted by human waste. A lot of the wastes are toxic and dangerous for the animal and human life. Scientists counted that every citizen throws away a ton of garbage per year! Today it is difficult to find place for keeping of such not very dangerous kind of waste as plastic.

But a lot of wastes are really poisonous and radioactive. In 1990 there were 4,800 rubbish dumps of dangerous toxic waste in the UK only. Sometimes people even do not know that there are toxic wastes kept next to them. For example there is information that in Poland annually without any control about 20 millions of dangerous wastes get in landfills. Legislation of some countries forbids and punishes for disposal of hazardous waste, so they export it to the other countries. In such a way thousands of tons of waste are sent for destruction and disposal from Western to Eastern Europe.

Water pollution

There are very few rivers in the world which are not polluted by products of human activity. Fertilizers and pesticides from agricultural land fall in the river with sewage. Also the water from sewers and drains get there. Some factories pour into the lakes and rivers the flows of dirty water. Pollution of river and lake water by nitrate fertilizers increases almost every week. In 1984 its victim became one of the lakes in the USA. Unfortunately even if the usage of the nitrate fertilizers is forbidden, the situation still will get worse. Nitrates slowly, already for many years, seep through the ground in the bed of rivers and lakes. Dirty waste water and fertilizers get into lakes and reservoirs and cause the rapid growth of slime – algae that strangle the river fauna and flora. So, in 1988 off the coast of Sweden slime killed millions of fish.

Thor Heyerdahl, a famous Norwegian scientist, writer and adventure, on the raft crossed a significant part of the Pacific Ocean in 1947. Later in his another journey on the papyrus boat he saw a huge amount of different garbage off the coast of Africa and Central America: plastic bottles, various packaging materials, and so on. He also noticed that significant areas of ocean surface were covered with lumps of black oil – another product of human activity. Thor Heyerdahl said: “If nature pollution continues, we will cut the branch we're sitting on”.

Nuclear waste

The most dangerous for all living things on the planet are the waste from nuclear production. Nuclear waste can cause cancer, DNA changes and death. For waste to become harmless and to disappear the radioactivity must pass 80 thousand years. But today liquid waste is simply pumped into the sea, and gases get into the air. Mainly radioactive waste is buried and sometimes stored in the ground in containers. This is very dangerous, because at any moment there can appear gaps and harmful substances will leak.

It is curious

What city on the Earth is the most polluted?

The most polluted city in the world is considered to be Benham in China. The city is not seen n aerial photographs, because it is constantly hidden in a fog of smoke and gases that emit 420 of its factories.

What rivers are the most polluted?

In the 1970s, the river Rhine in Germany was polluted by chemicals so much that its waters had the same qualities as the photographic developer and one person managed to create a photo in it..

Why turtles die?

Sea turtles sometimes die because they swallow plastic bags that resemble them jellyfish in the water.

Where is Greenpeace located?

International environmental organization Greenpeace actively opposes the pollution of the atmosphere, oceans and seas, soil with toxic and radioactive waste and garbage. Its headquarters is located in Amsterdam (Holland).

Simple life rules to protect environment

1. Take shower instead of bath.

2. Turn off devices (TV set, DVD-player, computer and so on).

3. Unplug the charger from the wall socket.

4. Use natural lighting.

5. Wear warm clothes at home instead of turning on the heater.

6. Wash a big amount of clothes in the washing machine; do not use it for a pair of jeans only.

7. Pay your bills online and do not print checks.

8. Buy fish with MSC-certification mark (it means that fishermen are legally permitted to fish).

9. Refuse the plastic bags, instead use bags made of natural materials.

10. Do not throw away used batteries; there are special centers of their recycling.

11. Utilize household appliances.

12. Use paper dishes instead of plastic cups and plates.

13. Do not use your car at least one day a weak.

14. It is better to use public transport or bicycle.

15. Upload applications for the phone, such as EcoChallenge, SoundNote, Greenhunter, My Water Diary, which will help you to take care of the outside world.

Environmental protection is a duty of every person on the planet. There are a lot of essays on environmental issues which everyone should read to realize that environmental protection is extremely important. If we do not stop polluting the Earth, soon there will be no place to live. So if you need to write environmental essay you can easily order it on Bigessaywriter.com. Let this essay on environmental pollution remind you that we are responsible for our planet and we must take care of it!