Epiphany Essay: Interesting Examples


To start right, let us figure out what is epiphany. The term literally means realization of something that was hidden from one’s eye. This interpretation has a wide spread in literature and many examples which we will examine later. Epiphany as a Christian holiday touches such a topic as the revelation of Jesus to all people. So, we will begin with it.

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All Christians have different understanding of Epiphany. Although it seems odd enough, but someone probably knows that Christianity has many branches. Each stream has its traditions, symbols, and service. For these reasons, there are several events which symbolize the manifestation of Christ.

1. Magi visit King Herod. Catholics in Rome have dedicated the 6th of January to celebrate the revelation of God’s Son. It is written in the Bible that when Jesus was born in the small town named Bethlehem, which was located in Judea, Magi came to the capital. They questioned the King about Jesus. They were looking for Him.

King Herod sent the people to Bethlehem. The star guided Magi up to the house of Jesus and his family. When Magi looked at the Son of God, they glorified Him.

This was one of the cases that considered to be the appearance of God. Since there are three more cases, one has to decide by himself whom to believe.

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2. John baptizes Christ. During that time a person named John appeared. He traveled from one place to another, preaching and baptizing. He claimed that Jews had to ask forgiveness for their wickedness. Jesus came to John. Christ told that He must be baptized to fulfill the Scripture.

When Jesus approached John, the man understood that he saw the Savior. The heaven opened when Christ was baptized. John saw how Holy Spirit was going down on Jesus. Also, John heard God’s voice. He told about Jesus as about beloved Son. People who were standing there said it was a thunder, others were confident that the Lord was speaking to Him. Thus, it is the second variant of what is Epiphany.

3. Angels and shepherds. Mary was pregnant. When Joseph and she came to Bethlehem, Mary gave birth to Christ. In the inn they found no place, so they stayed in the barn. In the field not far from them, shepherds were looking for their flocks. Suddenly they saw an angel. He said to shepherds that he had joyful news for all nations: the Lord has come.

The angel convinced shepherds of that they would find a baby in a manger. Abruptly they looked in the sky and saw a huge amount of angels praising and worshiping God.

4. Jesus turns water into wine. Jesus together with His disciples came to the wedding. People drank all the wine. Mary told Jesus about this. That is why, He ordered servants to pour water in six empty containers. Then Jesus commanded to draw up some of the liquid and give it to the host of the marriage rite.

The host tried the wine. He said to bridegroom that the wine was excellent.

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The list that has been written, is the Christian vision of what is Epiphany. You decide whether it is important or not. According to the Bible the event was significant. It is about the start of Jesus’ life and acts. The Epiphany as the historical event is of huge significance for Christians. While talking about feast and holiday, this is a wonderful reminder of what has happened long time ago.

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Common Cases of Epiphany

We have discussed the term epiphany. It is the state of a sudden clarification. It changes things and someone’s understanding of something. So, from then on a person considers everything through the new spectrum of reality.

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To clarify it, we would like to suggest you some examples that may happen to everyone and everywhere.

1. Sir Isaac Newton is a widely known mathematician and physicist. We want remind you that an apple hit his head and after that Newton uncovered the law of gravitation. The event for Newton became a time of revelation. That became his personal epiphany. Even though there are skeptics that discredit the story, we trust it completely.

2. Greek mathematician Archimedes became the owner of the most famous expression “Eureka”. Archimedes had to solve serious question. He had to find out whether king’s crown was made of pure gold or not. He was frustrated to be not able to melt it. In order to relax Archimedes came home to take a shower. When he sat down in his bathtub, a particular amount of water was out of the bathtub. Archimedes figured out that his figure removed from the bathtub the same volume of water. The hour of epiphany covered him.

3. The epiphany of an alcoholic. By the way, read more about this theme here: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/alcohol-essay-causes-symptoms-and-stages-of-alcoholism Imagine a man who used to drink a lot. Everyone tells him that it is bad, and it will ruin not only his body, but also his family and life. The man does not take care about those words. But once he sees how his little son approaches the table and reaches the glass with vodka. He tries to drink it. Seeing this, the man ceases his son, and at that very moment, he understands that drinking is a terrible thing.

4. There are many examples in literature. One can read about such moment in Alexandre Dumas’ “The Count of Monte Cristo”. At the end of the novel, when the main character revenged on all his enemies, he also lost the only love in his life. Edmond Dantès thinks that he will never love again. But then, he sees his faithful beautiful slave Haydée. He realizes that she is his new Mercédès. So, Edmond has future because of her.

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5. In John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” George understands that people will kill his best friend Lennie because he has committed a crime. He does not want let other execute him. He remembers how Candy’s dog was killed. So, George decides to do it by himself. He meets Lennie and shoots his friend. Continue this topic while reading this paper: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/mice-and-men-essay-on-friendship

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