Ernest Hemingway Essay. The Life Of The Writer


Ernest Hemingway essay is about one of the most popular writers of the XX century. During his lifetime Hemingway became a legend. The writer was a journalist and a war correspondent in five wars. The writer was born on 21 July, 1899. Hemingway was the son of a doctor and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in a family where dominated women, including four sisters, nanny and cook. A few years Hemingway's mother made him wear clothes that he got after older sisters. She even sent her daughter Marcelino in school a year late, so they went with Ernest in the elementary school together like twins. At the age of 15, Ernest ran away from home, but returned to finish school. By the way what do you think about school uniform? Do you like it or you think that it is unnecessary? You can read argumentative essay on school uniforms. Maybe your point of view will change.

Hemingway began to write in the school years. In addition, he was a good athlete, made a lot of sports that include football and boxing, etc.  After graduating from school, he was full of energy and got a job at a newspaper in Kansas City. Through his work, Hemingway was acquainted with the darkest side of city life, prostitution, criminals and prisons, brothels and scammers. Later, his experience will be invaluable material for literary work.

Ernest repeatedly tries to enlist in the army, but he had poor eyesight. But soon he went as a volunteer in the Europe. At first, he was a chauffeur of the Red Cross in Italy and soon Ernest moved to the frontline. In war, the writer is badly injured and returns to his native America as a hero. Hemingway was twice awarded by the Italian orders. After the First World War, where Hemingway took part as a driver of the ambulance, he went to Paris as a journalist. There Hemingway developed his own literary style, and achieved initial success and literary recognition. Also in Paris, he married in September 1921. The acquaintanceship with bookstore owner Sylvia Beach played an important role in his biography, because there he met representatives of the literary environment of the art world, among whom was Gertrude Stein who convinced Hemingway to be a writer.

His first literary success came to Hemingway in 1926, after the publication of the novel "The Sun Also Rises" ("Fiesta") about French and Spanish immigrants of the 1920-ies, in which the writer expressed the mindset of a "lost generation". The novel was well received by critics and Hemingway got a solid reputation as a promising young writer.

When the novel "Men without Women" (1927) was published he returned to the U.S. and lived in Florida. There he completed his second book "Farewell to Arms". This collection caused a great furor among critics, and among ordinary readers.

In the 1930s there was a decline in the creativity of the writer. A lot of the time he spent in Africa on Safari or on bullfighting in Spain, have been fishing in Florida and many other cases that have affected his work.

A new stage of work began when Hemingway as a war correspondent was in the midst of the events of the Spanish revolution. At that time he wrote a large number of essays, stories, works of art, including the famous novel "For Whom the Bell Tolls", published in 1949. At the beginning of the Second World War, Hemingway moved to London and worked as a correspondent, and then returned to the ranks of the American army, took a part in hostilities. In particular, he led a detachment of the French partisans and was a participant in the battle for Belgium, Alsace, Paris, etc.

After the war, in 1949, the new place of Hemingway’s residence became Cuba. Among the written works was highlighted the novel "The Old Man and The Sea", that was published in 1952. In 1953 the writer was awarded for it the Pulitzer Prize. It made an important contribution in awarding him the 1954 Nobel Prize for literature.

In 1960, Hemingway returned to the United States, settled in Idaho. The writer had a whole bunch of serious illnesses, and he was treated in a psychiatric hospital. He sank into a deep depression, lost his ability to work. He was tormented by paranoia, he complained about persecution, and more often told about suicide. When he was discharged from a psychiatric clinic after a few days, on July 2, 1961, Hemingway committed suicide by shooting himself.

The Old Man And The Sea

The story “Old Man and the Sea” (1952), for which Hemingway received the Nobel Prize, led to different interpretations by critics. The creative legacy of Hemingway played an important role in the development of the literature of the last century. The main merit belonged to the style of the writer - clear and simple, based on conversation, thus unemotional, objective and perfectly worked out. In this Old Man and the Sea essay we will understand the problem.

The story, at first glance, is very simple — the parable of the fisherman Santiago. But under the pen of Hemingway, it turned into a real masterpiece, which is destined for a long life. The main character of the story is the old fisherman Santiago. He is a poor and lonely man. He lived in a hut which was built from palm leaves, there was a table, a chair, and an earthen hearth. However, the life of man was not so miserable. He saw dreams in which was his homeland, its “golden beaches and high white mountains”. The fate of Santiago is closely connected with the sea, which gives him a modest existence. But the sea gives nothing for nothing. To survive, it is needed to work hard and a lot. The life of man passes year after year between the sea and the beach. But the old man always thought about the sea as a living creature, it is capable of being both calm and excited. Another test has already prepared for fisherman by native marine element. Santiago has to struggle for a long time with a huge fish that he got on the hook. That struggle of the old fisherman with a huge fish, in my opinion, is the main idea of the story. That's when we saw Santiago in all his simple greatness of the soul: "Man was not created to suffer defeat. Man can be destroyed but not defeated." In the Old Man and the Sea essay we prove it. If you want to get more essays then use our website, where you can find cheap custom writings.

One of the main problems that were solved by Ernest Hemingway was the problem of happiness in the context of the search for meaning in life. Santiago was a pessimist, he had no illusions, and if happiness was sold, maybe he would have bought it but for what money, how much money it costs and in what currency? You can understand that the same view has Hemingway. Indeed, the writer was unable to feel free from the chain of contradictions and committed suicide. Can we consider it as a loss of Ernest Hemingway? In my opinion, the writer acted like an individualist.

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