Essay About Cancer: Life Goes On!


The human body consists of millions of cells, each of which has certain functions. Normal cells grow, divide and die in a regular pattern. This process is strictly controlled by the body. The rate of cell division varies in different organs and tissues. In cases when the cell structure is changing under the influence of various factors such as ecology, radiation background, nutritional habits, stress, bad habits, and heredity – there are different effects on people. Cells begin to divide uncontrollably and lose the ability to recognize its own cells and structures becoming cancer cells, they form tumors and can invade other organs and tissues disrupting their function. In this essay about cancer, we will consider different types of cancer. Also, if you ask expert writers to write a paper for you, they will do it in the best way.

The tumor cells usually produce toxic substances which lead to the deterioration of the human condition, weakness, loss of appetite and weight loss. The normal tumor is called benign; it just grows outside of the organ. A benign tumor can grow to large sizes and press on the vital organs. This tumor can be cut out and be forgotten. A completely different situation arises when mutated cells acquire another harmful ability to penetrate through layers of other cells. Such a tumor is not just growing in size, but also grows through other tissues and organs. Cancer essays usually describe different types of cancer, I will do the same.

Lung cancer

I will start with a lung cancer essay. Lung cancer is one of the most common and dangerous cancer. It takes the second place in term of incidence (after skin cancer), and it ranked first place in terms of mortality. Therefore, each person must have at least a general idea about its causes, symptoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment. The right lung is usually affected more frequently than the left and the upper lobe more often than the lower. Quite often for the growth of this cancer it is required many years. Cancer of the lungs is very dangerous for humans, as often the disease is detected too late. Treatment of lung cancer is carried out by the same methods as the treatment of other oncological diseases. Men suffer from lung cancer 7 – 10 times more frequently than women. In addition, there is a direct correlation to age. The incidence rate of 60-69-years-old men is much higher than of 30-39-years-old.

The main symptoms include: a cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, hemoptysis, loss of body weight. The identification of most of these signs should alert and make immediately contact a doctor. It should be noted that symptoms of lung cancer are nonspecific and it is dangerous because of the fact that many of the symptoms common to most respiratory diseases. The main risk factor for lung cancer is inhaled carcinogens. About 90% of all cases of diseases are connected with smoking, namely with the carcinogens that are contained in tobacco. In my essay on lung cancer, I want to underline that the longer a person smokes and the more packs of cigarettes per day, the higher the risk.

Skin cancer

The next point is a skin cancer essay. Skin cancer is a very common disease. It equally affects men and women, mostly aged over 50 and usually on exposed parts of the body. The frequency of skin cancer is about 5% of the total cancer incidence. Depending on the form of skin cancer may appear as surface erosion, a plaque or a node. It is often asymptomatic, but there may be ulceration, bleeding and pain.

To prevent a skin cancer a person has to reduce exposure of physical and chemical carcinogens on the skin (to avoid the excess of solar ultraviolet radiation, smoking cessation, to limit the exposure of carcinogens that enter the skin). It is necessary to use sunscreens regularly, to treat precancerous lesions in time, to observe measures of personal hygiene when working with substances that contain carcinogens. For persons with hereditary predisposition to skin cancer it is required regular inspections of the oncologist.

Main symptoms of skin cancer are:

  • A constant feeling of fatigue, fatigue from all activities;
  • Weight of loss without obvious physical activity and stressful situations;
  • Loss of appetite, reluctance to eat;
  • The temperature;
  • Enlarged lymph nodes that are clearly palpable;
  • Change of the color, shape or the increase in size of moles;

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common women's oncologic diseases. That is why I want to write this breast cancer essay. According to statistics, it has every 9th woman at some point of her life. Not surprisingly that breast cancer takes 16% in the overall statistics of female cancers. Age factor also plays a role. The risk significantly increases after age 40, and the woman should be attentive to her health. But now the disease is rapidly getting younger and 20-30-years-old women can detect a disease. Therefore, since 18 – 20 years women should conduct self-examination of the breast every month and every year visit mammologist. You might have read our essay on health care and know the rules of healthy life.

There are some signs that you need to pay attention:

  • Neoplasms;
  • Discharge from the nipple;
  • Change of the appearance and shape of the breast;
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes;

Doctors recommend to all women who have an increased chance of breast cancer regularly carry out self-examination. It should be done in the same phase of the menstrual cycle or just at the same day of the month. In my cancer essay, I also want to warn all women.

How to help people who have such a diagnose

At first, everything seems unreal for them. Thoughts are confused; the brain refuses to accept information. Psychologists call such a state a shock. It is experienced in different ways: someone falls into a state of torpor, someone's eyes are enveloped by tears, and someone has a hysterics. The main mistake of people is that they avoid talking with sufferers about the disease. Don't hesitate to ask sensitively about feelings; try to prompt her or him on the frank conversation. Try to listen, even if it'll take three hours. Your patience will be rewarded. If it is necessary calm your beloved person. I hope that my cancer research essay was useful. If you want to order essays then you need our services. Please, be sure that we will consider all your recommendations and answer your questions.