Essay About Computers: Total Upgradation


Computers have already changed the way we live, work and get a taste of life. It influenced our minds and this effect will accompany us forever. If you let computer penetrate into your life once, there will be no chance for you to feel well without its being at your hand. Our generation is hooked on electronic devices and each of us should accept this fact.

It’s Great!

The scientists are sure that very soon the computers will perform all the functions, which are done by human beings now. They are sure that the smart devices will be able to replace people even while driving the cars or any other mode of transport. There is really nothing surprising, because due to the computer technologies it became possible even to cook coffee without taking part in the process of its preparing. Computer technologies are at such a high level now that it is possible to take money from bank without dealing with a cashier. Any cash machine is programmed so that a client can receive money quickly and at any time. We become more and more computerized day after day and, frankly speaking, I know nobody, who is unsatisfied with such a state of things.

Life without computers seems impossible now. We got used to be surrounded by them and none of us wants to imagine how the habitual schedule will be changed if computers disappear from our life forever. Why did computers become so popular? Why did they capture us and continue attracting our attention?

Even if to spend several hours in attempt to remember any other useful invention of the last several decades, it will be impossible to name any other device but computer. The mankind was proposed a great amount of useful inventions, though computer will be always left unparalleled.

Computers in Our Everyday Life

What is computer? It is an electronic device, which is designed to carry out a set of functions, such as storing of info, analyzing it and making the necessary calculations quickly. The computers’ application field is extra large.

When the computers became extra popular and they appeared in every house and office, the amounts of paper work started reducing. The uncountable sheets of paper were replaced by the electronic documents, which were kept in the computers’ memory and which required no odd space on your table. It became much more comfortable to write down data and found the most important one then. The bales of papers don’t block the tables anymore and all the necessary documents take just several megabytes.

The main aspect why the computer takes the most honorable place in every house is its ability to make people closer. Even those, who are several thousand miles away from you and whom you haven’t seen for ages, can make contact with you even every minute. Computer makes us more communicative and broadens our outlook. Just several clicks and you are at any corner of our giant world. Computer and the Internet is really a super useful mixture, which makes our existence more interesting.

Do you need to book a ticket urgently? Visit an airline company’s website and do this! Do you want to buy this or that product quickly but you feel too tired to go shopping? The online shop will solve all your problems! Do you want to watch the exciting football match in real time, which is carried out at the other end of the world? Switch on computer and go online! Are you going to enter the university, which is situated in another city? Don’t waste your time and fill the application via the Internet! Do you need a job but your baby is too small to leave it without your supervision? You need nothing but a computer and the access to the Net to work online!

Computers make our hands free and let us explore the world and do this much quicker than ever.

Computer in Education

One of the most important spheres, in which computers have already become irreplaceable, is education. They were integrated into the studying process fundamentally and they:

  • provide storage of big amounts of data;
  • make audio and video accompanying;
  • help to present material better;
  • provide quick communication between students and teachers.

The modern education system is impossible without the computer technologies. The distant education became a real revolution for all those people, who were dreaming about getting education but who had no opportunity to visit any educational institution. Not all children are able to be present in the classes by force of circumstances. Some of them may be paralyzed or have the diseases, which don’t let them leave their rooms. When computer technologies were implemented into teaching process, millions of children were saved. A pretty amount of online courses give the                   special rights for such people. Computers let people get education from homes and it was a real breakthrough for the mankind.

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The debates around computers are still escalating. Our dependence on computers has become the most nagging problem, which disturbs psychologists and nearly all parents of the planet, whose children spend too much time in front of the monitors. Computers and the Internet provoke addiction and sometimes it is really incurable, though I am sure that such a minus of this great invention is miserable in comparison with the use that it gives us.

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