Essay about Food: Bon Appetit!


Each of us has heard a lot about genetically modified food (or simply GM food), because the warnings not to consume it are sounded wherever we go. The TV shows demonstrate awful videos about the influence of GM food on the human organism; the billboards are shining with the pictures of big and mellow fruits and vegetables with a syringe next to them. Frankly speaking, I am beginning to think that the dangers are everywhere and they just wait for the best time to strike us a death blow. What aims does the mass media pursuit by shouting loudly about this food’s harm? Do the advertisers really want to prevent the mankind from being poisoned, or it is just the promotional campaign, which has nothing in common with a desire to help? Is it just a want to attract attention to a certain segment of products and liquidate the rivals, or there is really something terrible in eating GM food?

My healthy food essay writing was started just with one aim: to understand clearly what is GM food and which food is considered to be useful. Let’s start getting to the very heart of this question right now!

Cut-and-Paste Operation

If you still know nothing about genetically modified foods, here is the brief explanation for you.

Genetically modified organisms are those organisms, the genetic material of which has been changed with a help of genetic engineering. It helps to produce some new combinations of plants, animals, etc., which don’t exist in the nature in their pure form and can’t be taken with any natural manipulations such as crossbreeding.

The technology of gene transference is nothing more but a cut-and-paste process, when the desired gene is taken from one organism and transferred into the genome of the target plant. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this process for the scientists, who spend all the time at developing such sophisticated microbiological tricks.

Why are such tricks needed for? This question is rather reasonable. The main motive for producing such a type of organisms is to prevent the attacks of insects on the plants and decrease the other risks, which follow the farmers during the long period of cultivation this or that plant.  

There are still a lot of debates around the safeness of the GM products and none of the experts is able to give a firm verdict: GM food is not dangerous for people, or GM food is a poison, which doesn’t kill its consumers at once, but which does this slowly and actually invisibly.

The genes, which are transplanted, are different, and the methods of transplantation are different too. GM food is usually examined carefully before its coming on the international market and more often it doesn’t have any risks for the consumers. If you are too worried over your health and you want to be 100 per cent sure in food you eat, better pay attention to the non-GMO labels before to buy this or that product.

No Harm!

One thing is evident: food should be safe and bring its consumers no harm. Ideally, it should contain as much as possible vitamins and influence our organism more than positively. Unfortunately, today, when everybody suffers from a lack of time, we can’t afford ourselves a substantial meal. We prefer not to pay extra attention to what we eat and how we do this. The ceremony of eating has already disappeared from our lives and gave place to quick nosh somewhere in MacDonald’s or restaurant. We prefer not to think about the harm of junk food until we started feeling pains in our stomachs, or we can’t button up our favorite jeans. We are getting fatter, we start feeling worse, though we don’t prefer to connect these problems with food, which we eat.   

Nobody remembers that it is extra important to chew food as long as possible and instead of this we bite the large pieces and swallow them quickly. Why is it so necessary to chew food well? Such a manipulation is useful because:

  • thoroughly chewed food is better digested;
  • the slower you eat, the less food you need;
  • the longer you chew, the more saliva your organism produces and this helps to make a process of digestion easier;
  • slow chewing helps to keep your teeth healthy and strong;
  • unchewed pieces of food  provoke bloating, diarrhea, and hundreds of other problems with stomach;
  • chewing helps to enjoy your food better.

I am pretty sure that it is never late to start changing the mode of life. Maybe it’s time to try, isn’t it?

Perfect Essay

It is necessary to remember that we are really what we eat and the way we do this influences our health. If you have a lot of plans and you really want to live as long as possible, I sincerely hope that this essay on food will help you to make the step towards your better tomorrow.  

My statement may make you laugh, though a plate with corn flakes and milk is really my favorite food. I ate hamburgers like all the other people on this earth, though I found some inner powers to say ‘No!’ to fat, sugar, and starch. I started feeling as if I had been a butterfly and now I keep to my rule day after day. I eat vitamins, corn flakes with no sugar, and Japanese food. Don’t think that there is no life without donuts, cakes, and chips. Just look at me and you will see that it is possible to be positive and happy with no poison inside your stomach! Live, eat, and enjoy your life!

Bon appetit, my friends!

Perfect Essay

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