Essay about Indian Culture: A Brief Story


Every culture is very special. In fact someone cannot say, “This culture is bad, this culture is good”. This is the heritage of a nation which usually has a deep and long history. Indian culture attracts many people. It is so bright, colorful, and full of life. Today we will talk about it. If you are a fan of India and its cultural heritage, follow this essay.

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In essay on Indian culture we want to start our story from some general information about this country. India is located in Asia. Its territory is large enough. One can find forests, plains, deserts, and tropical landforms here. These objects contain extremely interesting animal world. Do you want to know more about its wild world? Say to us, “Write my essay for cheap.”

The population of India is high. In every region of the country people speak different dialects. Many Indians speak English. During a recent time the role of Indian people on the world’s level has grown. Many of them abandoned traditional way of earning money and turned to computers. IT industry picks up the speed. Nowadays someone can find a huge amount of program developers in India.

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The culture of India differs from European much. In India culture is based on traditions, customs, and things that have been established long ago. There are always debates concerning these two cultures. In fact, there are elements of culture that we should learn from Indians. The mindset puts the border between India and other nations. However, America and Europe have borrowed some features of this Asian world, like yoga and food. In return, Indians have brought many aspects of traditional way of life from Western world.

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Since that, culture of India is logically divided into two: modern culture and traditional one. Traditional or old culture has been preserved in not urban areas, while new culture is flourishing in big cities. The acceptance of modern things if they are smart is good for any society. It is very wise to combine old sensible traditions with modern elements.

Everything in India is extremely specific. There is a certain division between rich and poor people. One can be amazed by the prosperity of some Indian family, and at the same time shocked by the poverty of others. While somebody has golden statuettes in his house, another has no rest room and water supply.

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There are people that are afraid of India. They say they wish not come there because of the threat of infections. Indeed, the condition of water in India is horrible, but not everywhere. Do not neglect a chance to visit it because of someone’s crazy thoughts. We will prove that this country is an awesome. One should become a guest of India to know closer its traditions, people, and culture.

So, to make the task easier, we will talk about Indian culture now. We will observe it with the help of several steps. One more word before we start: apply to the help of the cheap essay editor online, if you need it.

1. Cuisine and food. The variety of Indian dishes is huge. It depends on region and on caste how and what people consume. Surely, Indians pay much attention to rice, spices, desserts, and fruits. Very often they use raw mangoes and bananas. They often cook wheat flat cakes and rice. The last is the most frequent course. Cuisine in India has the same value as popular Indian festivals. Due to different castes and religious in India, people deny or accept some food. For example, Sikhs and Muslims do not eat pork, although they eat other kinds of meat. Traditionally people that belong to the highest caste are adherents of vegetarianism. Among all spices the most precious for Indians is cardamom. They like it and use while cooking almost every dish.

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2. Industry and trade. Indians still use the infrastructure which was developed in the country by Great Britain almost 200 years ago. The condition of the roads is very poor. Railroad for people is the main source of travel within the country. This kind of transport totally belongs to the government, like monopoly. Airlines in India are working very good. There are private airlines in the country as well as national. While speaking about the trade, we should mention that India has decreased market relationship with Asian countries.

Gender and age makes the division in labor. Although the government provides education in the country, most people in India, both women and men have nothing to suggest an employer but strong muscles.

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3. Social organization. As we have previously said, someone’s life and success in India depends on a caste. This system in the country was established long before the birth of Christ. It is one of the oldest in the world. It was about bringing an order to India. So, the nation is divided into social classes.

To the first and the highest class belong teachers of the law, then go monarchs, merchants belong to the third class, and the last come laborers. In the past this system worked perfectly. This paper goes far and far. It probably will belong to the top essays online.

People from the upper and lower classes lived absolutely separately. It was forbidden to get married to a person from the other caste. Nowadays the situation has been changed little. In urban regions people from different social classes live side by side. There is no such a strict separation, but one can find some sort of discrimination in India.

4. Family and marriage. Even now there is a tradition to arrange marriages for children. What is interesting is that most of such couples support the decision of their family. They say they are too busy to find somebody to get married. The popularity of love marriages becomes high in the cities. The same happens to a joint family. People start to abandon the tradition to live together with parents, grandparents, and children in the same house. Young couples prefer to live apart.

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5. The honoring of elders. The way of treatment parents and elders in India is absolutely amazing. Children and youth show incredible respect to their older family members. There is a tradition: a young girl or boy touches the feet of his parents, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and grandparents. Although nowadays this tradition is not so popular as 40 years ago, some Indians all over the world still follow it.

6. Clothing and ornaments in India. It remains common even in present time. Saris and shalwar kameez are as common as jeans and t-shirts among women. There are different ways how to wear these clothes. As for men, they do not wear dhori which was a traditional male clothing. In fact, dhori was another model of sari. For these reasons, in the past both men and women could wear it.

Ornaments also play a vital role in Indian culture. It concerns not only weddings but everyday life. It is a common thing to see a woman with the earring in the nose. Women of all age wear beautiful bangles and rings.

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