Essay about Islam: What to Include


Previously, we discussed various effects of technology on the environment. Today, we will analyze such issues as the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity, the life of women in Muslim society, the interrelation between terrorism and Islam and the essence of Islamic banking. All these issues can be referred to in your essay about Islam. There are various types of Islamic essays, some of which will be discussed below. You are welcome to use our recommendations on how to write various types of essays on Islam for your studies. Here is how to write some of the most distinct types of essays about Islam.

  • Christianity vs. Islam essay. This type of essay should reflect the differences and similarities between the two religions. Islam is currently on the rise and its influence is evident in many spheres of human life. The main differences between Islam and Christianity include their origin, religious texts, expansion and practice that provide evidence that despite Islam and Christianity are in many ways similar, there are drastic differences between them. The Islamic treatment of women also differs from the Christian perception of the female part of the population. Islam drastically differs from Christianity in its methodology for global dominance, while Christians are trying to communicate the gospel to the Muslim community, and this need is becoming more and more urgent. The Christian community is Christ-oriented and filled with faith and Spirit, and for this reason, they will eagerly share the gospel with the adherents of Islam. The Islamic nations do not accept such concepts as forgiveness and Fatherhood proclaimed by Christians so they often get involved in physical, political, social and cultural affairs that lead to nothing more than violence. However, as the Bible demonstrates, the warfare is basically not against the flesh and blood, but is rather a spiritual matter when people struggle against the authorities, rulers and evil forces. Islam embraces radical weapons, which is not common for Christianity. All these issues may be reflected in your essay. Basically, you should analyze in what ways Islam differs from Christianity and what outcomes these differences are associated with.
  • Essay on Islam and terrorism. Another type of essay is terrorism and Islam essay, which should reflect the major points of how Islamic religion affects the growth and development of terroristic organizations and facilitates the spreading of terrorism across the globe. It is especially vital in the modern circumstances of wars taking place in different countries of the world. Islamic community has had a hand in the aggravation of the situation with more and more terroristic acts being committed in various parts of the world. Today, Islam is associated with a number of ideas that are both bad and good. It is a very old religion that is to a great extent misunderstood by westerners. That is why nowadays, Islam is associated with war, violence and terrorism that are against the human nature. Islam is accused of having a hand in various terrorist acts and sometimes such accusations lack evidence. The basic explanation to this is that Muslims greatly differ from other nations, and no one can give a clearly defined answer to the question of whether Islam is a violent religion. Some people claim that it is indeed violent, while others consider that there is nothing violent or inhumane about Islam. The truth is that Islam is based on peaceful principles that are misinterpreted by the modern society. If to compare Islam and Christianity, it becomes clear that there are many similarities between these two religions. And a deeper understanding of these similarities will help to understand that Islamic religion does not actually promote aggressiveness. On the other hand, the question of what motivates Muslims to commit violent terrorist acts is still under discussion. You may consider trying to answer this dubious question in your essay on Islam and terrorism.
  • Islamic Banking essay. Essay on Islamic Banking deals with the analysis of the banking system that is based on Islamic Law. The guidelines and practices of Islamic banking are derived from the Quran as well as some secondary sources regarding Islamic law. We recommend you to include the main principles of Islamic banking into your essay. The principles include the prohibition of interest in all financial transactions. Furthermore, the undertaking of trade activities and business operations should be based on fair profit, while monopoly and hoarding are prohibited. By following these principles, Islamic banks are trying to secure the Islamic communities from specific activities that are forbidden by Islamic religion. You can also mention in your essay that Islamic Banking represents one of the fastest growing banking systems today, and many organizations are trying to follow its principles so that Islamic Banking is likely to develop even further in the nearest future.
  • Women in Islam essay. Women in Muslim communities have long been struggling to deal with the stereotypes and misconceptions in regard to the perception of women by Islam. In America, for example, Muslim women occupy a broad range of positions serving as doctors, lawyers, engineers, journalists, entrepreneurs and school teachers. At the same time, in Islamic countries women do not have an opportunity to occupy higher positions in the society. They are discriminated in many ways and sometimes face violence and abuse on behalf of men. The role of women in Islam is not easy to define. The Quran, for instance, recognizes various functions of women, at the same time strongly encouraging a harmonious family life, rather than social. As a rule, women in Islamic countries are in many ways oppressed and discriminated although this is not encouraged by the “true” Islamic religion. This leads to a conclusion that women in Islam have less rights than men, and more and more Islamic women tend to immigrate to other countries, where they would be given more freedom.

To conclude, if you follow the above recommendations, you will be able to write an essay about Islam with much easy. If you liked the essay, you are welcome to order a paper on our website. Read our blog to find out why it is advisable to order papers online.