Essay about Money: Is it Prestigious to be a Moneybag?


If you belong to the category of people, who are sure that money talks, I will try to debate this in my essay on money is not everything. Money is not the biggest value of the world! It is just a way, how to satisfy yourself and do this just for several hours. An effect from spending your money and acquiring new things is not long-lasting. It is not just my hypothesis. This is the verdict of the scientists.

 I know that my words can cause a real sensation, as not a lot of people consider money the less necessary and important thing than nonmaterial benefits.

Nowadays it seems that nearly all people have a fever. They are going crazy over a desire to earn as much money as possible. The best years are passing by in a race for wealth, which often results in nothing. Is it right that the biggest part of life is spent on work? It seems that people see money and only money in front of them, and all the other values have no sense for them at all. The crimes, which are committed because of money, are shocking! A human’s life is just a coin to exchange, while the ordinary banknotes are everything.

Looking Wealthy

Everybody tries if not to be wealthy, but to look rich and powerful. It is a true chic to throw money about and show everybody that it is just the sheets of paper for you.

Modern society bases on several concepts and the main one is: it’s cool to be rich. There are a lot of various methods of getting info today and the power of mass media is really super strong. It influences people so much that they are ready to follow even the most stupid recommendations but to become slim as the TV-stars, rich as the cover billionaires, and unhappy like all those moneybags, who have nothing but dollars in their lives.

In fact, nobody, who writes the articles about the multibillionaires and their lives, knows the real state of things. What is the reverse side of such a life? Are your idols happy, or money and gold bring them no peace of mind?

I think that I will be right if I say that: it’s time to stop idolizing those, who are fantastically rich!

The propaganda of richness destroys the minds of young men, though nobody is worried over this fact. The substitution of values is well-seen today and nobody rings the alarm. Is it so prestigious to be rich but dead-hearted? Is it more important to have a wallet, which is full of dollars, rather than to have a big and happy family? Of course, you may say that your material standing is the main criterion, according to which you build your further life. It is abnormal even to think about having several kids, when you don’t stand firmly on your feet. I want to warn you: with such an attitude to life you may work and wait until your hair become grey. It is time to understand that even if you can buy attention, you will never buy true love, which is hymned in the songs and desired by every living being.  

Money Therapy

We buy, buy, and buy the things, which we really don’t need at all. Don’t try to deny this fact, because I am one of these crazy buyers, who see no barriers on the way to a big shopping center. If I have an inner demand for buying and it doesn’t matter what it is – a new lipstick, or the tenth pair of shoes, which I am really not going to wear, – I will be ready even to creep to the shop to satisfy my desire.

At first, I paid no attention to my enormous desire to buy, though it became too evident that almost all my purchases were of no use. I started thinking over my addiction. I went online then and found so much info about such shopaholics as me that my hair stood on ends. It was something like a psychological problem, which I tried to conceal with a help of the fleeting pleasures.

Money therapy – this is a term, which was given to an occurrence of constant buying and a lot of ‘patients’ insisted that such a method worked well. I didn’t know for sure, I just knew that money brought me no happiness. They just made me a bit happier for a few minutes, but then my discontent returned and my eyes started getting wider and wider, when I saw so many unnecessary things around me.

The online shops opened the buyers the doors into the new world: the measureless world, where it is possible to make purchases daily and nightly and stay at home at that. You don’t need to find time to go to the shop. Just make one click and a so desired thing is in your hands. Isn’t it a paradise for a shopaholic?

Safe Buying

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